Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C250 The Zhao Family Was Wiped Out(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C250 The Zhao Family Was Wiped Out(1)
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C250 The Zhao Family Was Wiped Out(1)

Dongfang Jin saw the seriousness and seriousness in her eyes and immediately reacted. Perhaps, in her world, this ring represented love and marriage.

And now, she gave him this love and promise! How could he not be moved by such a promise? Lan Xuehan, these three words were Dongfang Jin's poison. It was a poison that he could not and did not want to quit for the rest of his life.

All the feelings and love had turned into a deep kiss. Although the cool breeze on Emperor Qi's Mountain was blowing, he still felt an unprecedented warmth!

In the Song Mansion, Soong Xiaoyou stood straight. Her head was lowered, and she did not look proud at all. In front of her, Mrs. Soong was just leisurely sipping her tea and playing with the flowers and plants. She looked relaxed and relaxed.

After a long time, she put down the teacup in her hand and slowly asked, "You-er, do you know where you are wrong? "

Soong Xiaoyou softly said, "Daughter should not underestimate her opponent."

Outsiders all said that her mother was the younger sister of the late Empress Xianjia, so her appearance was also devastatingly beautiful. Her temperament was very gentle, and she had great talent. However, they did not know that their mother seemed to be gentle and modest. She was the model of all the noble ladies in the capital. However, in reality, she was a cold and calculating woman.

She pretended to be smart, and even her father didn't notice her at all. If not for the fact that she had always treated him that way when he was a child, she would have been trained in extremely cruel ways in all aspects of literature, martial arts, and martial arts. She probably wouldn't be able to tell that her mother had such a side to her, so... Since she was young, she had always respected her mother.

However, she knew very well that her mother loved her very much. All along, as long as it was what she wanted, her mother would do her best to satisfy her.

Mrs. Soong lightly laughed and then lightly sighed, "This is only one of the reasons. Secondly, mother taught you from a young age that if the enemy doesn't move, I won't move. But you exposed yourself too early. Thirdly, since Lan Xuehan can become Old Man Tianshan's disciple... There must be something special about her. Unfortunately, you've had a smooth sailing since you were young, and you haven't experienced any setbacks. Therefore, you can't keep your temper in check."

After a pause, Mrs. Soong's eyes were cold. She looked at her and said slowly," But it is also good to suffer some setbacks this time. It just so happens that you can change your character. "

Soong Xiaoyou only let out a sigh of relief when she heard that her mother's voice had eased up a little. Immediately, she went forward and squatted by Mrs. Soong's feet. Her face was full of grievance and coquettish attitude.

"Mother, Jin actually snatched my title for Lan Xuehan. A few days ago, Crown Princess from the Zihua Country came to the marriage alliance, and she was married to the entire country. But Jin did not agree. He even declared that he would only marry Lan Xuehan for the rest of his life!

He really did not know what method Lan Xuehan had used to make Jin fall in love with her. Mother, her daughter had liked Jin since she was young. Being able to marry Jin was her daughter's greatest wish in this life. But now, everything had been ruined by that Lan Xuehan. The reason why I invited mother back to the capital this time is to let mother help my daughter fulfill her wish."

When she heard this, a cold glint flashed across Mrs. Soong's eyes. Then, she lightly patted Soong Xiaoyou's shoulder. "You-er, don't be anxious. You have been childhood sweethearts with Jin'er. It was a predetermined Princess Xu. Mother will definitely make your wish come true. It is just that the wedding is just around the corner. Jin'er was also someone with a heavy heart, so this Imperial City had probably already been taken over by him a long time ago.

It's not appropriate for us to make any moves now, so as to avoid arousing Jin's wrath. There will be a long time, and Lan Xuehan, this Princess Xu, will not be able to sit for long. When the time comes, we will see who laughs last. Do you understand!? You must hold your breath."

When she heard Mrs. Soong say such words to her, Soong Xiaoyou was extremely happy in her heart. She was very clear about her mother's position in Jin's heart. If her mother supported her without hesitation... Then the plan will be more likely to succeed!

She replied obediently, "Yes, Mother. You-er will definitely obey Mother's teachings!"

Mrs. Soong looked at this daughter who made her extremely proud and then said, "Alright, it is not early anymore. Quickly go back and rest! Prepare for the banquet tomorrow. Do this earlier. "

"Yes, okay, Mother. Your daughter understands, then your daughter will retire! "


After Soong Xiaoyou's figure disappeared at the door, Mrs. Soong got up and walked to the bedside cabinet. After opening the cabinet, she took out a box that had been there for a long time. Inside were some scattered things that could be seen. The person who saved it was very attentive.

She looked at a lotus flower packet, her eyes flashing with various complex emotions. She fell into a distant memory, and her eyes were deep and amiable.

Back then, the Zhao family had been so glorious. However, in just a single night, their entire family had been slaughtered, and their entire family had been wiped out. It made her turn from a young lady of an aristocratic family into a sinner whose backbone was poking and cursing; it made her pride trampled under the feet of others, and she was ridiculed by her in-laws; it forced her to stay far away from the capital. To avoid the limelight, it made her full of darkness and despair during that period of time.

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