Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C251 The Zhao Family Was Wiped Out(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C251 The Zhao Family Was Wiped Out(2)
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C251 The Zhao Family Was Wiped Out(2)

She even wondered why she didn't kill her if it was a whole family of plagiarists. Yet she was left alone to suffer in this world!

But she had always been very clear about who caused all of this. The Emperor's suspicion, the instigation of others, and the interference of the Lan family. Such a violent storm, no matter how powerful the Zhao family was, they wouldn't be able to withstand it.

Back then, Lan Muhua had asked for help from Zhao Jichen, that bastard son. Why was that bastard son doing this for the sake of his friend's morality? He actually didn't hesitate to block everything that was happening in the Zhao family. The most ridiculous thing was that her beloved elder sister... Empress Xianjia, who was renowned throughout the world, was actually willing to help.

She was the Golden Phoenix of Zhao family. With her help, the patriarch would naturally not reject her. However, he never expected that the Wen Jing at that time would be so rich. A cunning rabbit would die and the dog would be cooked. The Zhao family at that time was no longer a helping hand to him. It was a hindrance, so he naturally had to deal with it quickly.

Therefore, after the two of them joined forces, they completely destroyed everything in the Zhao family!

When she thought of what happened in the past, her heart was filled with hatred. She loved and hated Zhao Yi. Therefore, all these years, she transferred all her feelings towards Dongfang Jin to him.

When hatred came, she could watch others push him into a dead end, but when it came to love, she couldn't see him get hurt.

Such twisted friendship had been torturing her, and she knew it the best. The main culprit behind everything that happened in the past was the Lan family. When she saw Lan Muhua and his wife again today, the hatred in her heart was ignited.

What she did not expect was that Lan Xuehan was the daughter of Lan Muhua and his wife. What kind of karma reincarnation was this? What kind of Heavenly Dao and ethics were these?

Dongfang Jin had been very smart since he was a child. She knew that Dongfang Jin had been investigating the past. With his power, he should have found out the truth of the past long ago.

In that case, she didn't believe that he could let go of the grudge of extermination. He could let go of the hatred of killing his mother?

She just waited and watched. In the end, she saw Lan Xuehan paying back the debt for her parents!

The next morning, Lan Xuehan received an invitation from the Zhongyi Constabulary early in the morning. The invitation said that the noble ladies in the capital would be invited to the banquet at the Zhongyi Constabulary two days later to celebrate Mrs. Soong's return home. The most important thing was to invite the females, and even her mother along the way.

She did not feel that Mrs. Soong genuinely wanted to invite her. Looking at her expression that day, she knew that this was definitely a Hongmen Banquet. Since that was the case, she could not let her mother go.

However, this matter wasn't something that could be discussed with Dongfang Jin. She could tell that Dongfang Jin still respected this aunt in his heart. If she told him, it would make things difficult for both sides.

In the end, Lan Xuehan still decided to attend the banquet by herself. At the very least, she did proper etiquette on the surface and did not embarrass Dongfang Jin. As for when the time came, if there really were any demons, she would not believe it. With her ability, she still couldn't handle these small matters!

In the evening, Nangong Feng and Xi Moyao came to Bamboo Garden together. Seeing Lan Xuehan who was still leisurely reading on the soft bed, the two of them looked at each other.

Walking over slowly, Nangong Feng said in a sarcastic tone, "Since ancient times, getting along with the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has been a big problem. They originally thought that Dongfang Jin had lost his mother. You will be able to escape this disaster. But! A man's plan is not as good as a god's. It's probably because the heavens don't want you to be too perfect. That's why I sent you a Snake Scorpion Aunt to make things difficult for you."

Seeing Nangong Feng and Xi Moyao appear at the same time, Yi hurriedly bowed and said, "Greetings Prince Chen, greetings to the Second Royal Highness." Liuyun was transferred to Lan Muhua's side during this period of time. Liuyun's martial arts were very strong. She was also familiar with the situation in the capital. With her by Lan Muhua and his wife's side, Lan Xuehan could more or less be at ease!

Nangong Feng waved his hand, indicating that she should not be courteous. Lan Xuehan did not seem to have listened to Nangong Feng's words just now, and did not even move her eyes away from the book. She lightly ordered, "Yi, go and make tea!"

After Yi left, Xi Moyao started to mutter again, "Boss, I saw it that day. That old witch was clearly deliberately making things difficult for you, but the most important thing now was that Dongfang Jin was actually very respectful towards that old witch. This was simply a realistic version of the problem of an evil mother-in-law and daughter-in-law! Furthermore, I think that old hag isn't simple at all."

Lan Xuehan finally could not take it anymore. She put down the book in her hand and turned her head to look at the two people in front of her who did not have the slightest bit of worry for her. She resisted the urge to fan them with the book and then her eyes became cold. But her face was especially bright as she asked, "Are you worried that I can't deal with her? Or do you want to watch me play? "

Nangong Feng said dryly, "Of course I'm worried about you! Although you're not weak, you're still on the battlefield. This is a high wall courtyard, much more open and aboveboard than those. These are even more difficult to guard against, plus Soong Xiaoyou who covets your position. You are really lively here!"

Seeing the gloating look in Nangong Feng's eyes, Lan Xuehan made a note for him in her heart. Then she laughed lightly and said, "So what? Would I be afraid of them? We haven't seen each other for eight years. Could it be that you've forgotten my true nature? " They actually rushed over to see her make a fool of herself. In a while, she would let them laugh enough.

Xi Moyao was more observant and she could clearly see the slyness and evilness that flashed across Lan Xuehan's eyes. Suddenly her heart felt a chill and she only remembered this woman's means in a trance!

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