Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C253 Evil to the Nangong(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C253 Evil to the Nangong(2)
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C253 Evil to the Nangong(2)

Feng Ziran sat there leisurely sipping his tea. From afar, he could sense Nangong Feng's aura. He smiled and said, "Cousin, come and taste this new tea."

However, he didn't expect Nangong Feng to ignore him. He used his Light-body Technique and went back to the bedchamber. Following that, Nangong Feng's loud shout came from the restroom. Feng Ziran looked at his cousin, who was always like a god, with great interest. This was a rare mistake.

Didn't he go to the Duke Xu's Palace to see the future Princess Xu? Did his old friend go? Why did he come back in such a sorry state? No wonder his face turned black when he saw him just now. That expression of his was as if he wanted to eat someone.

Feng Ziran thought that he had to ask for something from him later. However, he had completely underestimated the viciousness of the person who drugged him. Nangong Feng did not stop for an entire afternoon.

In the end, his entire face turned sallow, and his footsteps were weak. There was still the unparalleled elegance and nobility of a crown prince?

Later on, the entire palace knew about Crown Prince's joke. When it was spread to Lan Xuehan, it made her laugh so hard that she could not even straighten her back.

At night, when Dongfang Jin returned to the manor. Lan Xuehan told him about the invitation that she received today. When Dongfang Jin heard her, his eyes darkened slightly. Then, he pursed his lips and looked at Lan Xuehan.

"Lan Xuehan, I..." He really did not know what to say to her at this time!

Lan Xuehan heard that Dongfang Jin wanted to say something but did not want to. She smiled faintly, "Dongfang Jin, I know what you want to say. Forget about these words. She is your aunt. She is your only loved one. So, of course, I will do it for your sake. I will treat her as an elder.

However, if she steps on my bottom line, then your face will no longer be of any use. At that time, I will definitely not show any mercy! "

Lan Xuehan's words instantly moved Dongfang Jin. Being touched by her tenderness and affection, he reached out and pulled her into his embrace, then softly muttered, "Lan Xuehan, Lan Xuehan..."

Again and again, as if he wanted to merge this name into his bones and blood!

To be able to meet her, to know each other, and to love each other was the greatest fortune in his life!

Two days later, Lan Xuehan would attend the banquet as promised. Looking at the solemn and solemn front door of the Zhongyi Manor, which did not lose its extravagance and elegance, full of horse carriages and messy hair, there were beautiful and talented women of different ages, as well as the noble wives of various families, Lan Xuehan's lips curled up into a faint smile.

The carriage of the Duke of Xu's Mansion was extremely low-profile, but it also had a representative status. When Lan Xuehan arrived, she naturally saw everything that she needed to see. All of them shifted their gazes to her.

Looking at the beautiful woman who was slowly walking over, everyone was shocked by her distant and elegant temperament and unconsciously made a path for her.

Soong Xiaoyou, who was standing at the door to entertain the guests, naturally saw this scene as well. A thick jealousy flashed in the depths of her eyes. But when she thought of what her mother and that woman said to her, she did her best to suppress this jealousy. She changed into an affable smile of a young lady from a rich family.

"Miss Lan is here. Quickly come in. Mother had been talking about Miss Lan for a long time. She told you to go in as soon as you came. She is inside chatting with the other ladies!" As she spoke, she even went forward to greet them.

Lan Xuehan looked at her hypocritical face and faintly curled her lips and smiled sarcastically.

If this woman was born in modern times, it would be a waste if the Oscar was not given to her!

"Miss Song is too polite. It is Xuehan's fortune to be remembered by Mrs. Soong like this!" Lan Xuehan also put on a fake smile. Her eyes were filled with sarcasm and coldness.

Soong Xiaoyou suddenly realized that she was actually very afraid of seeing Lan Xuehan's eyes every time. Because, her eyes carried a cold light that made people's heart palpitate. It was as if she had seen through people.

"Miss Lan is too polite. Quickly invite her in! Someone come and bring Miss Lan to the garden."

Servant girl who answered and came over led Lan Xuehan towards the garden.

Before they arrived, Lan Xuehan heard a burst of laughter. It was just that the content inside was disgusting. Other than the gossips among the nobles, it was also about the comparison between the noble women.

Lan Xuehan frowned, but she braced herself and walked forward. Lan wet nurse, who was beside Mrs. Soong, saw Lan Xuehan. She quietly leaned over to Mrs. Soong's side and whispered a few words.

Then Mrs. Soong turned her head over and the rest of the husbands also looked over.

"Han is finally here but she made me wait for a long time! Quickly come. These are the wives and young ladies of the various prefectures, quickly come and get to know each other!" Her words did not conceal her enthusiasm, if one ignored the coldness between her brows. Lan Xuehan really thought that this was a perfect aunt!

"Haha, Madam must be joking!" As Lan Xuehan finished speaking, she had already walked in front of everyone.

Such an impeccable and exquisite face, such a peerless and unparalleled temperament, instantly made the eyes of the young ladies and husbands present reveal a look of envy.

Mrs. Soong's eyes flickered slightly, then she smiled and said, "Child, why are you still calling me madam? We are about to marry Jin'er, then we will be a family. I am Jin'er's biological aunt, you should also change your way of addressing me as' aunt '. "

When Lan Xuehan heard this, the corners of her mouth curled up into a faint smile, making it hard for others to guess what she was thinking. After a long time, just as the atmosphere was somewhat stiff, Lan Xuehan smiled and said, "Aunt is right, Xuehan did not think it through at the moment."

There were so many officials' wives and daughters here. If she did not follow Mrs. Soong's words and change her words, then at that time, there would be people who would say that she relied on Dongfang Jin's indulgence to disrespect the elders and had no manners!

So, she called them. Anyway, she would not lose a piece of meat!

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