Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C254 A Noble Lady(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C254 A Noble Lady(1)
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C254 A Noble Lady(1)

Mrs. Soong's eyes flashed and her face stiffened. Obviously, she did not think that the proud Lan Xuehan would be so obedient. She originally thought that if Lan Xuehan gave her face in front of everyone, then tomorrow, the public opinion of her disrespecting her elders would spread in the capital. Even if Dongfang Jin wanted to protect her, he could not do anything about it.

However, this Lan Xuehan really made her understanding of her deepen a little!

Mrs. Soong naturally would not pull down the scenes and friendships that should be present. She stood beside Lan Xuehan intimately and then said to the noble ladies with a smile on her face, "Ladies and gentlemen, this is Miss Lan. I think you guys should also know each other, right?

Now that Lan Xuehan and Jin'er are about to be married, it can be considered to have fulfilled one of my wishes. When I heard her call me aunt, I had been looking forward to it for a long time! Everyone, please be more forgiving in the future. After all, Han is a natural and unrestrained person, so it is inevitable that she would be rude."

These words, on the surface, were good words for Lan Xuehan, but in reality, it was just to say that Lan Xuehan came from the Jianghu and did not know etiquette. This kind of sarcasm, could not be heard by those present?

However, before Lan Xuehan could say anything, a sharp-looking and mean looking madam lightly laughed. Her brows were filled with jealousy and hatred.

"Yo! Mrs. Soong, your words are serious. Who on the scene did not know about this Miss Lan? Prince Xu was so fascinated that he was lost in his thoughts. He also made a name for himself in the Four Nations Banquet. How could we, ignorant women and children, understand such a great talent? Even if she doesn't follow the rules, you see, she won't say goodbye when she comes here. Even you didn't pay your respects. This way, we won't dare to say anything. "

The ancient women had always adhered to the principle of 'no talent is virtue', so they learned to manage the benefits within the estate. For open-minded people like her to bear the gazes of everyone in the world, this was a great talent. However, for these women who were going to cause trouble, this was an insecurity. To appear in front of the crowd and show off.

Moreover, the most important thing was that this woman was clearly saying that she was using seductive means to confuse Dongfang Jin, which was why Dongfang Jin fell in love with her. In fact, he had already thought of this as a way to target and attack Lan Xuehan.

She looked at Mrs. Soong's face that was in a dilemma, but her eyes were filled with schadenfreude. Lan Xuehan smiled. She leisurely said, "This madam does not need to flatter me like this. I have been in Skysnow Mountain since I was young. Because of my master, there are many people in the four kingdoms and the world who pay attention to me. So this really wasn't much.

Furthermore, my master, my senior brothers are all renowned heroes of the world. Even the disciple that master casually mentions is a rare genius. If my direct disciple is too inferior... Wouldn't that be a disgrace to the two of them? As for the matter of the salutation, it is likely that aunt is unaware. When I first met the Emperor, I received a special permit. I don't need to bow to anyone, including the Emperor. If I bow to my aunt, doesn't that mean that my aunt is even more honorable than the Emperor? However, could it be that this madam has just returned to the capital? Why isn't she aware of this?"

Hearing Lan Xuehan's leisurely but incomparably proud tone, this lady's face alternated between red and green. Her expression was conflicted, her brows were tightly knitted, and the corner of her mouth was tightly pursed. The handkerchief in her hand had already changed shape.

Her eyes were filled with unwillingness as she looked at Lan Xuehan and muttered, "But Mrs. Soong is Prince Xu's elder. It is only right and proper for you to bow to her!"

After saying such words, Lan Xuehan really did not know why she was so stupid!

Lan Xuehan's eyes were sharp and cold. The lazy Qing Hua on her body was instantly replaced by the pressure of an expert. Her tone was filled with endless coldness as she looked at this madam. She said word by word, "Could it be that this madam wants to say that Prince Xu is not the Emperor's biological son? You have to think about it carefully. Scolding the Imperial Family will result in the death of nine generations. "

Her tone was like it had been soaked in ice, making one's heart tremble.

They had never seen Lan Xuehan like this before. All along, she had always given people the impression that she was a high and distant Tsinghua University. A person who smiled languidly. However, today, they saw an imposing person who did not get angry. He carried an endless amount of nobility and the disposition of a natural expert who looked down on the world.

What kind of inner energy did this madam have to resist Lan Xuehan's pressure? Her legs went soft. Immediately kneeling down, her face was pale and bean-sized beads of sweat rolled down from her forehead. Her lips trembled as she urgently pleaded, "Miss Lan, this servant did not mean to borrow this servant's hundred guts. She also did not dare to recklessly discuss the matter of the Tian family! Just now, it was just this subject's wife making a slip of the tongue. Please be magnanimous, Lord Miss Lan. Don't take into account the crime of this official's wife making a slip of the tongue. "

As she spoke, she looked at Mrs. Soong for help. She hoped that Mrs. Soong could help her plead for mercy. Lan Xuehan's words also carried Mrs. Soong's hint that Mrs. Soong could not accept her bow. So, the two of them were on the same side. It was still better to place her hopes on her.

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