Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C255 A Noble Lady(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C255 A Noble Lady(2)
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C255 A Noble Lady(2)

Sure enough, Mrs. Soong received her gaze and smiled. Her tone was gentle as she said, "Alright, Han. Madam Li also did not mean it. How could she dare to have such intentions? Today is the banquet held by your aunt. You should at least give your aunt some face!"

" Of course. How could Han lose Aunt's interest? It was just that some people always liked to use identity and background to talk about things. It really made people feel disgusted. I've never liked to use power to pressure people, but there are some who don't know what's good for them. They always like to provoke me. I'll let this matter rest on my aunt's account. But if there's a next time, you better pray for yourself!"

Lan Xuehan felt that every time these wealthy and influential people in the capital liked to use their own identity and background to mock her, they would always say that there was always a time when there was a time when there was a time when there was a time when there was a time when there was a time when there was a time when there was a time when there was a time when there was no more time. However, she discovered that they had never stopped regarding this matter. She did not want to be annoyed to death by this kind of trivial matter. So... She would use this opportunity to kill the chicken to warn the monkeys, and the work would be done once and for all!

Sure enough, everyone present saw Lan Xuehan like this. All of them also became more obedient, and their words were also very normal. No one dared to touch her brows again.

After a while, Soong Xiaoyou finally came over. Her steps were light and slow. Every step she took was like a lotus. It was a completely standard posture of a young lady from a big family.

The ladies all flattered, "Mrs. Soong is really lucky to have such an outstanding daughter."

"That's right! Who in this world did not know that the Linfeng Country produced a "Linfeng Juexie" with both talent and beauty? "

"That's right. Miss Song is so outstanding, but she has attracted many talented and heroic people to fall for her!"

... ""

One word from you, one word from me. It simply praised Soong Xiaoyou to the point that there was nothing in the world. But they did not know that praising her in front of Lan Xuehan like this... To her, it was a kind of humiliation and a slap in the face. Because everything that she was proud of was stepped on by Lan Xuehan's feet.

Mrs. Soong smiled as she accepted the flattery from the crowd. From the corner of her eye, she saw Soong Xiaoyou's expression was fierce and sinister and her brows furrowed. She stretched out her hand to pull Soong Xiaoyou over and her hands were secretly exhausted.

But her face was still smiling like the wind. "I'm sorry! Everyone, my family's You-er is young, so she is rather shy. Please do not mind! The world is so big, there are countless peerless beauties that do not show themselves. My You-er only has an undeserved reputation. Ladies, please do not praise her like this, lest she becomes arrogant! "

Soong Xiaoyou received the hint from her mother and forced a smile as she dryly said, "I am indebted to the praises from the ladies, Xiaoyou is not afraid! The banquet is about to begin, the ladies should quickly enter the banquet!"

"How is it? Is this woman enough?" The sudden voice made Lan Xuehan raise her eyebrows.

She turned her head to look at the person who came. Her eyes were like a torch as she sized her up from head to toe. She smiled and said, "Your concealing technique is also considered to be one of the best! Even I did not recognize it."

Su Qingyi raised her eyebrows proudly, "That's right. This is my best exclusive skill. Up until now, there is only one person that I can hear. No, that's not a person! Even my brother can't hear it. "

"The one who can tell is Dongfang Jin, right?" The only person they knew who was extremely powerful was Dongfang Jin.

Su Qingyi giggled and said without any pretentiousness, "No wonder Jin that brat treated you as a treasure in his heart. You are indeed very smart!"

Just as her voice faded, Mrs. Soong's elegant voice sounded, "Miss Su is really a rare guest! After not seeing her for a few years, she really could not recognize her! As expected, women change eighteen times, and they become more and more beautiful! "

Su Qingyi smiled and said, "Mrs. Soong is too polite! Today at the Madam's banquet, Qingyi was invited and is very honored!"

The noble madam by the side saw Su Qingyi and her eyes were filled with obvious respect. This was the heiress of the King Qing's mansion. Naturally, she was not someone an ordinary aristocratic lady could compare with.

"Miss Su has returned to the capital. This is truly a joyous occasion! Old Madam was afraid that she would be extremely happy this time."

"Yes, yes! After not seeing each other for a few years, Miss Su has become more and more graceful and elegant."

... "" Each of them was full of praise and the flattering expression on their faces was obvious. However, Su Qingyi only had a leisurely smile on her face and did not have the slightest intention of being friendly.

After a while, she pulled Lan Xuehan and said with a smile, " Xuehan, let's enter the banquet! I'm afraid that the ladies are also thirsty."

Lan Xuehan laughed involuntarily. After saying so much, how could she not be thirsty in this weather?

The person who heard these words had an awkward expression and his gaze was very unnatural. They all dispersed and returned to their seats.

The start of the banquet was actually no different from an ordinary banquet. They only found a reason to let this bunch of idle officials and ladies have some fun.

Su Qingyi looked coldly at the banquet of the Wealthy Class and snorted coldly. She said unjustly, "The conditions at the border are tough. Soldiers throw away their heads and shed their blood to protect the country. However, the capital is so extravagant and shameless. It is simply despicable!"

When Lan Xuehan heard this, she looked at the ladies who were whispering to each other. They were pointing at each other's gestures and clothes. There was not a single fluctuation in her heart.

It was not that she did not agree with Su Qingyi's words, but that she had long gotten used to all of this. In her previous life, they risked their lives to protect the country, but there were still people who did not care about the country's interests.

The wine and meat of the Zhu Family were smelly, and the road had frozen to death!

Whether it was the special forces in the previous life or the soldiers in this life. It could only be the nameless hero, the nameless monument!

This was their destiny!

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