Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C256 Phoenix Shift(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C256 Phoenix Shift(1)
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C256 Phoenix Shift(1)

The party is at its end, and the sky is turning dark. Lan Xuehan was accompanied by Su Qingyi at the banquet and was not as bored as usual. It was just that she had always thought that this banquet was not simple, so she was secretly on guard. But at this time, they did not do anything.

Lan Xuehan naturally did not know that they had scruples this time, so they naturally did not dare to provoke her!

Until night time when she returned, Lan Xuehan still had doubts about such an unusual thing today. But she also did not dare to easily mention this kind of thinking to Dongfang Jin. After all, this was his aunt. If she said such words, inevitably cause a rift between the two.

When Dongfang Jin returned at night, Lan Xuehan smiled and revealed what happened today. Dongfang Jin had people from the sect beside her, so he naturally knew what had happened to her in the past few days. So, according to her intentions, she did not mention what had happened today.

It was just that he knew in his heart that today's peace was only the calm before the storm!

Late at night, the cool night breeze blew. In the quiet and luxurious mansion in the capital, formations were densely packed. Even the hidden experts were innumerable.

Soong Xiaoyou's expression was solemn, carrying a hint of fear. She carefully pushed open the door and bowed towards Yin Qianying before respectfully asking, "May I know what orders does Madam have for me?"

Yin Qianying lightly opened her eyes and a light flashed in her beautiful eyes. A sharp voice sounded in the quiet room, "In a few days, it will be their wedding. Once again. Do not let anything unexpected happen. Make sure that their wedding goes smoothly, and then wait until after the wedding. The plan that we mentioned earlier will be implemented!"

"Yes, Madam." At this point, there was no way for her to retreat.

"Mm, when the time comes, you don't have to worry about anything. I've already arranged everything. You just need to cooperate with my plan and act properly. Do you understand? "

"Xiaoyou understands. Madam can rest assured."

"There is one more thing. On the day of the wedding, you have to pay more attention to the Lan's couple's movements and come back to report to me." When mentioning them provoking people, deep within Yin Qianying's eyes, intense hatred and jealousy surged.

Although she did not understand why, she knew Yin Qianying's temper very well. She could not tolerate any disobedience. Following her intentions, that was the best plan. "Yes, Madam. Xiaoyou knows."

"Alright, you can go!"

Year 22 of Wenjing, 7th of June. This was the son of the Linfeng Country, the night before Dongfang Jin got married. The Imperial Palace, the Ministry of Rites, the capital, and the Duke of Xu had been busy for a long time, all for the grand wedding tomorrow.

At this time, in the palace. Beiming Yu sat alone in the pavilion, looking at the rippling water. For some reason, he only felt his eyes swell and sour.

He raised his head and looked at the stars in the sky, but a pair of eyes that were as bright as stars flashed in his mind. That pair of eyes seemed to be like nothing in the world could enter it, but it also seemed like it contained the long flow of time, and it was even more ancient!

He never knew that one day, he would also think of this. Withdrawing all of his cold and arrogant disguises, revealing his heart that was full of grief and indignation!

He hurriedly drank another mouthful of wine. Even though his nerves had been paralyzed, he still felt the fluctuation in the air. His gaze turned cold and he shouted in a low voice, "Who is there? Why aren't you coming out?"

The one who answered was Lyi Beichen, who had rushed back in a hurry. He looked at Prince Beiming, who had always existed in his heart like a god. With his current appearance, his heart felt like it was stuffed with a ball of cotton. A suffocating pain invaded his entire nerves.

"When has His Highness not been like this? Even this official's aura was not felt?"

When Beiming Yu saw that it was Lyi Beichen, he covered up the killing intent in his eyes and did not look at him. He just continued to drink a large mouthful of wine. It was as if he did not hear Lyi Beichen's words.

He should have guessed that tomorrow would be her wedding. How could Lyi Beichen miss it?

Seeing that Beiming Yu did not intend to answer him, Lyi Beichen had no choice but to stop talking about this topic. He walked in front of Beiming Yu solemnly and said in a low voice, "Your Highness, I will return this time. This official found that His Majesty had already allied with many of the members of the imperial clan, including the Right Minister, and was waiting for His Highness to return. We will seize the power in His Highness's hands and support the Second Prince, Northern Underworld Dust. "

Hearing this, a trace of loneliness flashed across Beiming Yu's eyes, followed by endless hostility and killing intent. He smiled coldly, as if he had broken through the light in the darkness, carrying with him an alluring bloodthirst.

Lyi Beichen was shocked by his smile. In his memory, His Highness had never lost his composure like this before. Perhaps there were too many things that happened tonight. No matter how strong a person was, they could not withstand such cruelty!

"He wholeheartedly wanted to support his second brother to become the next leader. This action is only within our expectations. It just so happens that it would be best for him to unite all of his forces in one go. That would save us the trouble of finding each and every one of them when we go back.

Go and prepare. Once tomorrow is over, we will immediately set off to return to the country. When we return this time, after the bloody storm, it will be the true king chasing the deer!"

Lyi Beichen understood the meaning behind it. His eyes flashed and the corner of his mouth curled." Yes, Your Highness. This subordinate will go and prepare now!"

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