Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C257 The Wedding Dress of the Phoenix(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C257 The Wedding Dress of the Phoenix(2)
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C257 The Wedding Dress of the Phoenix(2)

Just as he was about to turn around and leave, Beiming Yu's charming voice stopped him. "I talked to her. Your sister is not like what you think. You should find a chance to have a good chat with her!"

Hearing this, a trace of silent sadness condensed on Lyi Beichen's brows. He closed his eyes and covered the sadness flowing in the depths.

"Your Highness, where do you think we will be next time we meet after this wedding?" His tone was filled with sadness and loneliness and helplessness towards fate.

Beiming Yu was the one who cut off the world, how could he not understand the meaning in his words. He suddenly understood, raised his head and took another big gulp of strong liquor, the corner of his mouth overflowing with a suffocating bitter feeling.

His voice was low and deep, like he was talking to himself, but also like he was saying to Lyi Beichen, "I can't go back! I can't go back!"

Whether it was the relationship between him and her brother, or the friendship between the two of them, they could not go back!

When war broke out, they were enemies. Even if such a situation was explained clearly, so what?

The next day, the sky was not bright yet. Lan Xuehan was pulled out from under the covers by her mother. In a daze, she felt that there were many people in her room.

She forcefully opened her eyes, allowing herself to regain some consciousness.

Yesterday morning, Dongfang Jin had already returned to the Imperial Palace. Therefore, she was the only one in Bamboo Garden. Last night, when she thought about the day she and Dongfang Jin got married, she was so nervous that she couldn't fall asleep. She turned her body over and over again. She just couldn't sleep. Just like that. He didn't sleep until the later half of the night.

However, she felt that she had not slept for a long time! She was pulled out from under the covers. She grumbled, "Mother, when is this? So early?"

Lau Mianyue saw her precious daughter's appearance and scolded, "You really don't have the slightest intuition to be a bride? Look, which family's bride would be like you? The palanquin is almost at the door but you still haven't bathed and changed your clothes. Wash and dress up!"

When these words came out, even servant girl and wet nurse, who were in the room, burst out laughing.

This time, Lan Xuehan would not be able to stay awake even if she did not wake up. She looked very embarrassingly at the people in the room and looked over. They were all bright red. Lan Xuehan suddenly felt a little tired of her sight. She asked speechlessly, "Who made you dress like this? So bright, is it to blind other people's eyes?"

Liuyun heard and immediately went forward and replied with a smile, "Miss, this was specially instructed by the Royal Highness. Today is your wedding day and His Royal Highness had already instructed. Today, everyone must wear new clothes and smile freely! It is not only the people in the Imperial Residence. Even the people of the Imperial Palace and the capital must do so.

The Royal Highness had already given orders to the main pipeline from Fenshui City to Heavenly Saint Capital. They were all covered in red silk. His Royal Highness had said that although Miss would not take this road outside of the capital today, but this was Miss's way into the capital, so he would definitely use red silk to welcome her. Announce to the world to express his heart.

Also, the Linfeng Country will hold a banquet in the name of the young lady to calm the people down!"

Liuyun's words were very relaxed, but it carried obvious excitement and pride. The people next to her had been excited for a long time. So when they heard it, naturally, it was still relatively calm. However, Lan Xuehan never would have thought that Dongfang Jin would prepare for such a long wedding. It was actually such a world-shaking grand ceremony.

She carefully recalled the records she had read. Since ancient times, there had never been a wedding ceremony like this. Dongfang Jin's actions were enough to shock the world.

But in her heart, it was as sweet as honey, as if happiness was about to spill out. Dongfang Jin attached so much importance to this wedding, which naturally showed how much he cared about her. That woman didn't want such a grand wedding? Even if she was cold and lonely, she wouldn't be excluded.

Lau Mianyue who was by the side also had a look of shock. She looked at Lan Xuehan's dazed look and understood in her heart that this matter was probably not known by her daughter!

She was actually even more shocked by Dongfang Jin. She knew that he loved Han but did not think that this love had already reached such a height! This wedding was already enough to leave a name in the world and cause the world to be filled with endless praises!

After the burning incense bath, Liuyun took out the wedding dress from the tray beside her. When the bright red wedding dress was unfolded, everyone narrowed their eyes.

This eye-catching bright red did not have any vulgarity. Instead, it was like a peerless beauty flowing down from the horizon. It carried a unique elegance that could not be looked down upon. It made people unable to resist the feeling of worship in their hearts at a glance.

The material of the wedding dress was extremely soft. It was like a veil, but also like ice silk. It had an incomparably smooth touch. Colorful butterflies were embroidered on the bridal gown, every one of them outlined with golden threads. However, these colored butterflies seemed to be worshipping something. When everyone focused their eyes on it, only then did they discover that this wedding dress was embroidered with a phoenix that spread its wings and flew high into the sky.

As the flowing light circulated, the phoenix seemed to be about to fly out. It was vivid and lifelike. This realization caused everyone present to suck in a breath of cold air. Everyone knew. This phoenix was the symbol of the mother of the country. Therefore, ever since Empress Xianjia passed away, this phoenix pattern dress, no one's ever worn it again. Including the Imperial Concubine from before.

However, Lan Xuehan actually wore such a dress a few days ago. Liuyun hesitantly looked at Lan Xuehan and her eyes were perturbed, "Miss, look at this?"

Then she knew that Lan Xuehan only smiled and said, "Bring it over and wear it!" This was his intention, so why couldn't she wear it? Even if it was shocking, so what? In a person's life, there was only one wedding, so she naturally had to be happy!

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