Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C258 Golden Age's Wedding Dress(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C258 Golden Age's Wedding Dress(1)
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C258 Golden Age's Wedding Dress(1)

After Lan Xuehan changed into such a dazzling wedding dress, her black silky hair that had not been pulled up poured down. Combined with the bright red wedding dress, it was simply a visual impact. It carried a soul-stirring splendor.

The people in the room were all stunned by such an extreme beautiful scene, and their eyes revealed an incomparably envious expression.

After Liuyun's expression eased up, she smiled and said, "Miss is definitely the most beautiful bride in the entire world today. It will definitely shock the Royal Highness to the point of being fascinated!"

Lan Xuehan smiled and said, "Liuyun, this small mouth of yours is simply like a sweet person who will not pay with his life! With this flattery skill, presumably no one under Dongfang Jin will be able to match up to you, right?"

"Hehe, young miss really knows how to make fun of me!" She was now more and more fond of Lan Xuehan, this mistress, so her words had long regarded her as a mistress of the same height as Dongfang Jin, and also had an additional friendship.

When it was time to put on makeup on her hair, servant girl's wives behind Liuyun brought over many plates and took off the cloth on them. Colorful gold and silver jewelry, each and every one of them was a rare treasure in the world.

Without waiting for Lan Xuehan to say anything, a face full of smiles. The kindly looking old granny walked up and respectfully bowed, "This old servant is wet nurse from the Palace. I was ordered to come and apply makeup on the young miss. I wonder if young miss wants this old servant to come and say your hair or ask the madam to comb your hair?"

Lan Xuehan did not understand the rest but she was still clear about the matter of combing her hair. It was said that when a woman was getting married, it was her mother who combed her hair, and when she said the words of blessing, this kind of wedding could be considered perfect.

"Let Mother come. You just need to guide her by the side!"

"Yes, Miss. Madam, please!" After saying that, he gave the seat to Lau Mianyue.

Tears filled Lau Mianyue's beautiful eyes. Her eyes were filled with unconcealable joy and melancholy. She was happy that her daughter was married to love and that she would be able to obtain happiness for the rest of her life. She was worried that she had not stayed by her side for a few years. She was going to marry a woman. This kind of understanding always made her feel guilty towards her only daughter.

Touching her silky black hair, Lau Mianyue's eyes carried a smile. "My daughter has grown up. Today is your wedding day. In the future, you must learn to be a good wife, a good mother. I see that Jin's child is sincere to you. You must not be willful in the future. Do you understand?"

Lan Xuehan helplessly curled the corner of her mouth. She once suspected that Dongfang Jin was the biological son of her parents. Was there anyone who treated their own daughter like this?

But these words, she only dared to secretly criticize him in her heart. If her mother heard it, she could not guarantee that it would be another verbal order!

"One comb to the end, two combs of white hair to the eyebrows, three combs of children and grandchildren all over the floor..." One sentence after another, Lan Xuehan's black hair was combed and she wore a phoenix crown.

Lan Xuehan originally did not want to put on makeup but she could not tolerate Lau Mianyue and Liuyun's persuasion and could only let them put on makeup on her face.

Roughly two hours passed before they finished packing. Lan Xuehan looked at herself in the mirror and almost did not dare to admit it. The woman in the mirror was no longer as indolent as she usually was. Her face was facing the sky. Instead, she wore exquisite makeup, and every frown and smile was filled with a spirit that made it difficult for people to look away.

The red wedding dress was dazzling under the heavens, and exquisite makeup could topple all living things. This kind of exceptional beauty was simply a monster born to confuse the hearts of people. The people in the room also found it hard to suppress their stunning gazes.

Lan Xuehan naturally looked at it with delight. This was the only time in a person's life. She hoped to welcome the new life that belonged to her and Dongfang Jin with the most beautiful attitude. Thinking of Dongfang Jin, a trace of anticipation rose in Lan Xuehan's heart. Ever since she knew him, she had never seen him wear clothes other than white, so she was quite looking forward to Dongfang Jin wearing red this time.

It was about the time of day when Mo Xing's voice came from outside the house.

"I wonder if Miss is ready?"

Liuyun heard and smiled as she whispered to Lan Xuehan, "His Royal Highness really can't wait anymore. He came to urge us so quickly."

Following which, she loudly said to the outside, "He came, he came, don't be anxious!"

After Lau Mianyue covered Lan Xuehan's head with a red veil, Liuyun and the rest supported Lan Xuehan to the door. But just as they reached the door, a pair of hands with clear joints was placed on Lan Xuehan's arm. Following that was Nangong Feng's carefree and uninhibited voice.

"Your young miss doesn't have an elder brother. It just so happens that this Crown Prince and your young miss are old friends at first sight. Today's journey, let this prince carry your young lady on his back!"

After saying that, before Liuyun and the rest had any reaction, Nangong Feng slightly turned his wrist. With a coincidental force, Lan Xuehan had already landed on his broad back.

Nangong Feng carried the girl who took up more than half of his life and walked out step by step. Lan Xuehan obediently lay on his back and did not move at all.

After a long time, she lightly sighed and said, "Feng, your back is still the same as in the past, warm and safe."

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