Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C259 Golden Age's Wedding(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C259 Golden Age's Wedding(2)
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C259 Golden Age's Wedding(2)

In his past life, this broad back carried her several deaths, bringing her back from the brink of death. It was the same in this life, the aura on his back was warm and moved.

When Nangong Feng heard this, his body paused, and his face stiffened. After that, he returned to normal and said with a smile, "I never thought that I would have the chance to be your elder brother and send you off for marriage. Sure enough, the world is unpredictable! "

"Feng, thank you!" Thank you for not abandoning me, thank you for always protecting me. Thank you for appearing in my life, for seeing through the sorrows and sorrows of my life. Thank you for accompanying me through the lofty years, thank you for accompanying me through the maze of life.

Nangong Feng did not expect Lan Xuehan to suddenly say this. His mind instantly went blank, completely in a deadlock state.

Actually, he also did not know where he had placed Lan Xuehan. Whether it was love or love, perhaps both were a little bit. However, it was a little heavier than love, and a little lighter than love. This kind of feeling should be a type of habit, a type of natural disposition!

From the moment he saw this girl who was covered in wounds but was quiet and never said a word of pain. He had a firm belief in his heart. From now on, he would protect this girl until she could obtain happiness.

Now, he finally saw her protect happiness and happiness. He was happy for her in his heart. He hoped that his previous life was like dust and that he had never experienced it in this life. In this life, she would be able to obtain the happiness that she truly wanted.

"Hehe, Lan Xuehan, it was really not easy to hear these three words from your mouth! This young master has waited for these two lifetimes. It did not mean that you would be able to express more than half of your gratitude. What? It's rare for you to have a conscience during your wedding today, right?"

It was still the same tone of asking for a beating, but for some reason, he could hear a kind of grief that pretended to be free and easy.

Lan Xuehan lowered her head and did not answer the words that he deserved a beating.

Nangong Feng smiled and did not speak. The silence at this time was much more comforting than the bickering between the two of them.

After passing through the small path in the mansion, Nangong Feng finally carried Lan Xuehan to the entrance of the Duke Xu's Mansion. From afar, he could see that peerless figure, as if it was going to seize all the light from the heaven and earth. It was extremely gorgeous.

Dongfang Jin's eyes had been fixed on that beautiful red figure. When he saw Nangong Feng carrying her over, he would have used his Light-body Technique to bring her over if it wasn't for Su Qinglan standing in his way.

Nangong Feng carried Lan Xuehan and walked to Dongfang Jin. He said in a loud and clear voice, "Dongfang Jin, I will give her to you today. I hope you can protect her for the rest of your life. I will not let her down. Otherwise, I will not let you off lightly! "

Dongfang Jin looked at the seriousness in his eyes and nodded solemnly." I will. Don't worry! In this life, she is my only wife. I will love her, protect her, and never let her down! "

These words made Su Qinglan, who was beside him, dumbstruck. He did not expect Lan Xuehan to have such a relationship with Prince Chen. From Prince Chen's tone, it was as if he treated Lan Xuehan as his younger sister. No, even if his own sister was not so important.

At this moment, Lan Xuehan's heart was filled with endless gratitude. Her eyes were red and the corner of her mouth was tightly pursed. Fortunately, there was a hood covering her face. Otherwise, she would definitely lose face today.

Through the seams of the veil, she saw a pair of slender and white hands holding her soft hands. Her skin was like suet jade. Under the contrast of the bright red wedding dress, it seemed even more alluring.

With a pull of her wrist, Lan Xuehan was already in Dongfang Jin's arms. Dongfang Jin carefully placed Lan Xuehan in the sedan chair. This sedan chair was made up of glass muslin as the curtain. There were four octagonal lanterns in the surroundings. A gentle breeze blew past and the crisp sound was very pleasant to the ear.

The greeting team was very long and everyone had the appearance of one in a thousand miles. The formation was neat and imposing. There were also dozens of beautiful women wearing red veils in the sky, holding flower baskets. Petals with a fragrant scent drifted down from the sky like a rain of petals.

Dongfang Jin sat on the white horse in front of him, and it changed from its usual light white color. With the red wedding dress on, he looked like a landscape painting carefully drawn by the heavens. Every move he made carried an intoxicating elegance. His features were like a painting, and his black hair fluttered in the wind. The wedding dress had a faint dragon pattern drawn on it by golden threads. It carried an imposing aura.

In front of him was a formation formed by a dozen or so children. The children were so beautiful that they looked like they had walked out of a painting.

Such an imposing aura, such a stunning world, such a huge amount of money, it caused everyone in the capital to have a new understanding of this young man, Young Master Wushuang, who had made a name for himself.

Going around the city three times, this kind of line-up had caused tens of thousands of people to go into an empty alley. Until the group reached the palace's entrance, the crowd behind them had yet to disperse.

Dongfang Jin was the son of the first wife, and Lan Xuehan's home was not in the capital. Therefore, they made the palace the hall for the two of them to worship the heavens and earth, and let Lan Xuehan marry in the Duke Xu's Palace. This kind of special favor made people's eyes turn red again.

It felt like after walking for a long time, they finally arrived at the place. Lan Xuehan carried an apple in her hand and sat upright in the sedan. She heard the ceremonial officer outside loudly shout, "Invite His Highness to open the sedan door."

That Zhizhi Dongfang Jin only glanced at him lightly and then ignored the bow and arrows sent over by the people beside him. He directly leaned into the sedan chair and carried Lan Xuehan out.

This kind of non-standard etiquette made the ceremonial officer stunned! He had never hosted such a wedding before. What was Prince Xu trying to do?

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