Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C260 It Was a Huge Disturbance in the Bridal Chamber(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C260 It Was a Huge Disturbance in the Bridal Chamber(1)
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C260 It Was a Huge Disturbance in the Bridal Chamber(1)

In the midst of the fluttering petals, the peerless Dongfang Jin carried Lan Xuehan out in such a manner. Everyone's eyes were instantly shocked. Such a unique and heart-warming wedding ceremony. It really made the girls in the room extremely envious.

Lan Xuehan also did not expect that Dongfang Jin would ignore etiquette like this. She took the opportunity to hug his neck. A faint surprised look flashed across her beautiful eyes, but it was mostly happiness and warm smile. A clear and bright voice sounded in Dongfang Jin's ears, "Didn't you want to shoot the door? Why didn't you shoot? Furthermore, it seemed like the bride was going to walk down on her own during the wedding. There are still a lot of programs, right?"

Even if she wasn't an ancient person, there were still many people who imitated these things in modern times. She has seen a lot, so she naturally remembers some of the general programs. However, Dongfang Jin, this proper ancient person, why did he not know as much as she did?

Dongfang Jin's elegant and gentle laughter rose in a low voice, and with a mocking tone, he said, "Shooting the sedan door is a show of strength for women. Are you sure you want me to shoot it? If you promise not to shoot me in the future, I will go through this procedure once!"

Hearing this, the corner of Lan Xuehan's mouth under the cover of her big red hair slightly curled up, and her eyebrows secretly raised. She immediately stopped talking.

If that was really the case, then forget it! She really did not know that this aircraft carrier had this intention. If Feng and the others knew, this would probably be another joke that they could tease her about.

Dongfang Jin seemed to see Lan Xuehan's silence through the cover, and his clear and cold laughter rippled with boundless gorgeous colors. He held Lan Xuehan's arm horizontally and tightened it, as if he wanted to merge her into his bones and blood. However, it also carried a fatal gentleness.

Walking into the Jing Wen Hall, Lan Xuehan felt that there were a lot of people present. Before she could react, she heard the ceremonial officer above loudly sing, "Today, the direct son of the Emperor, Prince Xu, Dongfang Jin, is getting married. Receiving the grace of the heavens, receiving the blessings of all citizens, bowing and submitting to filial piety. The quiet room was pleasant to the ear. As the ancient saying goes, the Qi family cultivates the body, ruling the country and pacifying the world! After Wan Wang's wedding, after Wan Wang's wedding, he took on his responsibilities and did his best to benefit the people. With that, the filial piety of the An clan is the duty of the entire world! "

At this moment, all the ministers in the hall were silent. Some of them quietly raised their heads to look at Emperor Wenjing. They wanted to see something from it. However, other than the deep and cold emotions that flashed across Emperor Wenjing's eyes occasionally, he could not see any other emotions in his eyes.

Some of the smart officials had smiles in their eyes. However, before the smile reached the bottom of their eyes, there was a hint of gloominess. They were either deep in thought or staring at the gorgeous red figure in the hall. The gaze in their eyes was clearly extinguished, and no one knew what they were thinking.

Dongfang Jin's picturesque face carried a rare sincere smile. He pulled Lan Xuehan over and bowed. He said loudly, "This son obeys the holy mandate! He must use his own strength to comfort the people of the world."

Then he heard the ceremonial officer say, "The daughter of the Lan family, Jingwan, virtuous and virtuous, is the king of the world. It is a match made in heaven for Prince Xu. Today's wedding, I hope that in the future, the quiet room will be a place for all citizens to live in peace with the children of the future generations! "

When Lan Xuehan heard this, a solemn and solemn feeling rose from the depths of her heart. After today, she would officially stand by Dongfang Jin's side. Accompanying him to shoulder the heavy burden of a country and to experience the ups and downs of a lifetime with him. The glorious years.

"Xuehan obeys the sacred decree! Do your best to ensure the safety of the Qi Family."

A trace of sadness flashed across Beiming Yu's eyes as he sat by the side. He lowered his eyes. He covered the sadness in his eyes. Nangong Feng and Xi Moyao, on the other hand, had smiles on their faces as they looked at the woman who took up most of their lives with blessings in their eyes. Lyi Beichen, who was standing in the crowd, had a flash in his eyes and the corner of his mouth was tightly pursed. No one knew what he was thinking.

However, Shangguan Lan's expression was not the same as his usual unrestrained and gorgeous peach blossom eyes. There was a slight fluctuation in the depth of his eyes, and the depths of his pupils were dark and obscure. If one looked closely, there was still a little bit of worry. He frowned slightly, and his gaze was tightly locked onto that wisp of red.

Unfortunately, everyone was looking at this pair of rookies that everyone in the world envied, and no one noticed his expression.

The time was up, and the ceremonial officer shouted loudly.

"The auspicious hour has arrived. New people, please pay your respects!"

"First bow to the Heavens and Earth!" This bow was a reflection of the Heavens and Earth, and they held hands for the rest of their lives. There was no doubt that they were lovey-dovey!

"Second bow to the high hall!" This bow was backed by his parents, and they supported each other, spending the rest of their lives together!

"Husband and wife, bow to each other!" With this bow, their hearts would be connected, and they would never be separated for the rest of their lives!

"The bow is complete!"

This' Rites complete 'carried the sound of how many people's hearts were broken, how many people's eyes were filled with jealousy, how many people were sighing with admiration, how many people were currently wishing for this.

This grand wedding, the wedding that drew the attention of all under the heavens, in the end, ended perfectly. This type of ending did not disappoint Dongfang Jin's painstaking planning for so long!

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