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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C281 Save Your Parents(1)
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C281 Save Your Parents(1)

Mo Lan's expression was serious as he replied, "Reporting to the Princess, this news is indeed true. His Majesty has already given the order. I believe that in a short while, this news will be known by the entire world!"

Lan Xuehan's expression was solemn and her eyes were filled with an indelible ink.

She was the goddess, and it was that old man who said it. Naturally, there was no mistake. Furthermore, even Dongfang Jin, Shangguan Lan and the others knew about this matter.

She knew about all the unusual phenomena in Song Prefecture. At that time, she had ordered Mo Xing and the others to investigate. The result was naturally just some people trying to deceive her, so she didn't touch Soong Xiaoyou. She wanted to see what she wanted to do next.

However, Mo Lan told her that Emperor Wenjing had already confirmed Soong Xiaoyou's identity.

This news undoubtedly shocked her!

The old man had once told her that the things used by the four kingdoms to verify the identity of the Goddess were sacred items that had been passed down for hundreds of years, so it naturally could not be faked.

The imperial palace was heavily guarded, and Emperor Wenjing was also a shrewd person.

Therefore, the only explanation now was that Soong Xiaoyou had really caused the thing that verified the identity of the Goddess to have a reaction.

Thinking of this, Lan Xuehan thought of the sky.

She did not believe that Soong Xiaoyou alone could do such a thing as deceiving fate. If it was in the world, who could make this kind of thing falsify? Other than the extremely strange spirit technique in the sky, she could not think of any other reason!

She thought of the news that Mo Xing had found about her parents and the news that Mo Lan had brought back. She had a feeling that there was some kind of connection between these two things, but now, no matter what kind of connection they had, the most important thing was to save her parents!

At night, after Lan Xuehan had arranged everything, she went straight to the place that Mo Xing had told her about.

Looking at this exquisite and elegant courtyard, Lan Xuehan's expression was heavy. Because she understood in her heart. The seemingly peaceful courtyard was actually filled with secret guard.

The moment Lan Xuehan landed, Yin Yue appeared in front of her.

The female in front of her had a beautiful face but her footsteps were light and slow and her breathing was long. From these few points, it could be seen that her strength was definitely not low.

At the very least, she was not much weaker than her!

It turned out that the heavens she had never come into contact with were actually this powerful. Even ordinary maidservants possessed such formidable strength. Then her chances of success in rescuing this time were a few points lower!

Thinking of this, Lan Xuehan pursed her lips tightly and traces of heaviness slid across her eyes.

Yin Yue walked in front of Lan Xuehan and her expression was neither servile nor overbearing. After bowing, she said lightly, "Greeting Miss Lan, my wife has been waiting for you for a long time!"

When Lan Xuehan heard this, she smiled lightly and a cold voice sounded.

"Where are my parents? What did you do to them?"

"Miss, if you wish to know, please follow this servant!"

At this point, Lan Xuehan naturally had no reason to shrink back. Following Yin Yue all the way to Yin Qianying's room, she looked at the beautiful but sinister woman in front of her.

A trace of killing intent slid across Lan Xuehan's eyes!

Yin Qianying sized Lan Xuehan up and down and then smiled coldly. Her voice was soft but it made people feel an infinite chill.

"She is indeed his daughter. It is hard to find a few people with such a beautiful appearance! It's a pity that you're the daughter of that slut! "

Lan Xuehan sneers and says sarcastically, "I have always thought that the sky is a hidden family and thus my etiquette is naturally not low. But now the truth tells me that I was wrong!

Putting aside the framing and the conduct of the despicable people behind the scenes, just how is there any difference between you being vulgar and that shrew from the city? You're simply acting like a young lady from an aristocratic family! "

Upon hearing this, a ruthless look flashed across Yin Qianying's eyes.

"Since childhood, I didn't have parents by my side. No wonder I was so uncultured! Today, let me teach you properly what is called respecting the elders!"

" Elders? You think you're worthy? Today, I'll avenge my parents! "

Just as Lan Xuehan finished her words, she flipped her sleeve and the soft sword on her waist was pulled and stabbed towards Yin Qianying! This lightning-fast action made Yin Yue who was by the side unable to react for a moment.

She really did not think that Lan Xuehan was actually so cunning. Without any warning, she attacked!

Yin Qianying also did not expect that she forcefully supported her body to receive Lan Xuehan's attack. But when she turned around, she spat out a mouthful of blood!

When Lan Xuehan saw this, her eyes flashed. Just now, she could already see that Yin Qianying's neixi was unstable. Now, it was obvious that she had suffered a very serious internal injury.

However, in the blink of an eye, Yin Yue had already blocked her attack.

Flying out of the courtyard, the guards in the dark all came out. Seeing this, a bloodthirsty look appeared in Lan Xuehan's eyes. The anxiety and worry that she had been feeling recently had all turned into an endless chill at this moment!

Wherever her sword light flashed, blood spilled everywhere. Specks of blood stood on her blue dress. It was exceptionally alluring and eye-catching.

After about an hour, more than half of the secret guard had been cut down. Yin Yue's eyes narrowed when she saw this. These secret guards were the top secret guard in the Yin family. Their martial arts were strong, and their skills had all been honed by the Hell Style.

However, these people could not last more than a few moves under Lan Xuehan. It seemed that they had underestimated Lan Xuehan! With such a cultivation level, they were considered the best of the new generation in the Lan family!

Looking at Lan Xuehan who was like a god of slaughter, she lightly clapped her hands. The seven men in black who answered the call, all merged into the night sky. Their bodies were condensed with the deathly aura of dusk, making it so that no one could feel their breathing!

When Lan Xuehan saw this, her hand that was holding the sword hilt slightly exerted force. Her expression was heavy and a burning fighting spirit rose in her eyes.

In the time it takes to breathe, the few of them moved. The eight of them moved so fast that no one could see their movements.

In the inner courtyard, Shangguan Lan had already brought Mo Xing and found Lan Muhua and the others. After finishing off the people in the inner courtyard, Shangguan Lan and the others went straight to the front courtyard.

When they arrived, they saw Lan Xuehan fighting with these seven people. The evil look in the corner of Shangguan Lan's eyes disappeared, and what replaced it was an endless darkness.

"Mo Xing, protect Patriarch Lan and the others, I'll go and help her!"

"Yes, Lord Right Prime Minister, don't worry!" Mo Xing's eyes were also filled with killing intent.

Shangguan Lan flew forward. When Yin Yue saw this, she immediately understood. No wonder Lan Xuehan came alone and used the tactic of creating a diversion!

Seeing Shangguan Lan appear, Lan Xuehan lightly laughed and said, "If you still don't come, I'm afraid I won't be able to walk out today!"

"You saying this, you really aren't afraid of losing your master's face! Your parents have already been rescued, but..."

Lan Xuehan blocked one of the people's attacks and said angrily, "Shangguan Lan, why are you stuttering? What happened to my parents? Quickly say it!"

Knowing that Lan Xuehan must be in a hurry, Shangguan Lan said in a deep voice, "Although your parents' lives are safe, your father has lost all his martial arts. Your mother is also unconscious now!"

Hearing this, Lan Xuehan's eyes turned scarlet. The corners of her mouth tightened, and the moves under her hands became more and more fierce.

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