Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C282 Rescue His Parents(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C282 Rescue His Parents(2)
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C282 Rescue His Parents(2)

Her parents have always been her untouchable bottom line, and if anyone offends her, she'll make them pay with blood!

In an instant, Lan Xuehan's body was already covered in colors, but the other party also did not obtain any benefits. Out of the seven, three of them had already lost their breath.

At this time, Yin Qianying stood at the door with a pale face and saw the situation. Her tone was clear and shallow as she instructed Yin Yue, "Yin Yue, you go!"

Yin Yue complied and also joined the battle. When Lan Muhua, who had regained consciousness, saw this situation, he immediately became anxious.

He looked anxious and worried as he said to Mo Xing, "Tell the two of them to leave quickly! They can't defeat him."

As a member of the Lan family, how could he not know the true strength of the Lan family? Yin Qianying grew up with him. He naturally knew how many trump cards she had!

Although Yin Yue was a maid, she was a top expert. Furthermore, Yin Qianying's subordinates were far more than that.

Mo Xing was also anxious at this moment, and he heard Lan Muhua's words. He immediately said loudly, "Princess, the Right Minister, Patriarch Lan told you to leave quickly!"

Yin Qianying heard this and looked at Lan Muhua. She smiled and said, "What do you think this place is? Is it a place where you can come and go as you please?"

On the other side, Lan Xuehan also clearly knew that she should not linger in battle. However, the other party was really too powerful.

Just as she was thinking about what to do, Yin Yue saw this and the sword in her hand was already stabbing towards Lan Xuehan.

When Shangguan Lan saw this, his expression immediately changed drastically. But at this moment, he was surrounded by a few other people. He could only loudly say, "Han, be careful behind you!"

In a split second, Lan Xuehan could not dodge in time. However, the expected pain did not appear. She focused her eyes and saw that Yin Yue's attack had already been blocked by a green-clothed man.

When this man appeared, everyone stopped. Lan Xuehan immediately flew to her parents' side and took out a white jade bottle from her waist. She poured out the pill and fed it to them.

After she was done with her work, she looked at the man who saved her just now.

He was dressed in green clothes and looked graceful and graceful. Her fair skin carried traces of sickly paleness, and her eyes were extremely deep. She seemed to be covered in a layer of mist and carried a hazy and misty color. Her thin lips were slightly red, and her lips were slightly curved. She was as enchanting as a jade orchid in the morning. Her entire person was like a flower in the mist, as misty and ethereal as the moon in the sky. Zijin was noble and elegant.

However, although his eyes were blurred, when he looked closely, there was a cold Yin flame dancing in the depths of his pupils. It was like a thousand year old ice, strange and heart-palpitating!

Who exactly was this man? He was as elegant as Dongfang Jin.

Xiao Mingyu smiled faintly when he saw the doubt in Lan Xuehan's eyes. Then he turned to look at Yin Qianying, but the words he said were directed at Yin Yue.

"Yin Yue, she is the next heir of Lan family. If you kill her, aren't you afraid of the order to kill her? Or is it that the people behind you can protect you?

You are too naive. If she dies... Not to mention you, even the people behind you will not have good karma!"

His words were clear and simple, as if he was gossiping. However, for some reason, he revealed a cold intent.

Yin Qianying's expression was silent, and her eyes contained a fierce look. Her tone was rather disdainful as she said," Xiao Mingyu, who do you think you are? You dare to stop this lady's matter? Don't think that just because the patriarch values you, you treat yourself as someone important.

Although you are a genius among the younger generation of Lan family, you are just an outsider in the end!"

When Xiao Mingyu heard this, he didn't show any signs of embarrassment on his face. The smile on his face didn't change at all.

"Young madam, we are the same! However, she and I have always had an inseparable relationship. Naturally, I will not watch you hurt her!

I have already reported everything that you have done here to the clan head. You should think about how to report to the Family Head. With such matters, even if you're the daughter of the Yin family, I don't think it's appropriate for you to do so!"

After saying that, he no longer looked at Yin Qianying but turned his gaze towards Lan Xuehan. He slowly walked over and looked at Mo Xing and Shangguan Lan's vigilant movements. He smiled faintly and stood in front of Lan Xuehan.

"The descendants of the Lan family will still have to return to the Lan family in the end. Your parents have already been exposed in front of Yin Qianying. You can protect them for now. But can't protect them forever. Plus, your father has already lost all of his martial arts, so your mother is also very weak. The best way now is to return to the Lan family!"

Lan Xuehan refused without thinking," Impossible, how can I let my parents go to that kind of place where tigers and wolves lurk around! "

Xiao Mingyu laughed lightly, and it contained endless coldness, "The place where tigers and wolves lurk around is your family. Inside is your grandfather and grandmother, your brothers and sisters are your roots!"

Lan Xuehan could not refute his words. Her face froze.

Indeed, what Xiao Mingyu said was right. The ancient people had always paid attention to returning to the roots of the fallen leaves. Even if she did not care, she could not ignore her parents' thoughts.

"Father, this matter is up to you. No matter what kind of decision you make, my daughter will support you!"

At this time, Lan Muhua's handsome face was clearly hidden, although he hated that place very much. But in the end, his family was still there. After leaving home for so many years, he had never returned.

No matter how wrong his father was, he was still the father who raised him. His mother was still alive, and he had never shown filial piety. Now that the sixteen year agreement had arrived, it was time for him to return!

However, he was determined to not allow his daughter to become the patriarch of the Lan family.

"Han, father left the Lan family for his own happiness back then. But in the end, he was still a descendant of the Lan family. Your grandfather and grandmother are still alive. No matter how much hatred you have for them, your father will go back and do his filial duty!

Don't worry, that place is my home after all. No matter how dangerous it is, my mother and I will be fine. The sixteen year agreement with you will be resolved eventually. Father and mother will be waiting for you in the Lan family.

When the time is right, you will naturally go to the heavens. However, there is one thing you must remember. Don't give up the bottom line you have in your heart under any circumstances!"

Lan Xuehan listened to Lan Muhua's words and said with a hoarse voice," Okay, dad, I respect your choice. Don't worry. After I settle my own matters, I will go there to pick you and Mom up! "

Only now did she understand that no matter how wrong the Lan family was, her father still had a relationship with that place! After all, that place was his root!

Lan Muhua could see the meaning in Lan Xuehan's eyes. His eyes were silent. He said solemnly, "Han, person in positions of power should be decisive in killing. Father has complex feelings towards that place, but this cannot become a bargaining chip for you to be soft-hearted.

You have to know that if the Lan family endangers you... Dad won't show mercy either. So, if the Lan family endangers your interests in the future... You don't have to worry about me showing mercy! In some situations, your kindness will become a sharp sword to you!

When the time comes, you can do whatever you want!"

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