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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C283 The Plague(1)
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C283 The Plague(1)

These words undoubtedly told her that if the Lan family were to harm her or Dongfang Jin's interests. She could do whatever she wanted, there was no need for her to estimate the family relationship that existed in name only.

However, with her parents there, she was still worried!

"Father, you will go this time. Even though that is your home, you have lost all of your martial arts, and danger lurks everywhere there. My daughter is still worried!"

As soon as he finished speaking, Xiao Mingyu said, "You have underestimated your father! He was the eldest son of the Lan family, and he was given the order to transfer the top tier secret guard of the Lan family from the moment he was born. Even though he had lost all of his martial arts, the force in his hand was still there. These people were enough to ensure their safety.

Furthermore, since I dare to ask them to return to the Lan family... Naturally, I will escort your parents back to the family. With me along the way, no one will harm your parents! If that's the case, are you still worried? "

Lan Xuehan looked at him suspiciously, her eyes cold.

"Why are you helping us like this?" Looking at his appearance, it was obvious that he was not the kind of person who would show his goodwill. If she were to say that she did not have any intentions of helping them with all her effort, she would never believe it!

"Heh, there is a reason, but I will not tell you now! In the near future, you will know! If you don't believe me, just ask your father! "

" Han, he is right. Father indeed has the Lan family's secret guard, it is your Uncle Lan Yan. When we return to the Lan family, he will return with me. So, don't worry! "

As for Xiao Mingyu's identity, he was only guessing, he wasn't sure. Therefore, it wasn't too late to tell her after he returned to the Lan family and found out about it.

Lan Xuehan naturally did not have any objections when she saw Lan Muhua say so.

She nodded and said, "Okay, in that case. I will also send Yi to you guys. It will definitely not be convenient for mother to stay in Lan family. Dad, you can't always worry about Mom. With Yi by my side, I can be more at ease!"

Lan Xuehan's words made sense, so Lan Muhua agreed.

As for Yin Qianying, she did these things this time. In addition, she was currently seriously injured, so she had to follow Xiao Mingyu back to the Lan family.

Even though Lan Xuehan wanted to take her life now, there was a huge difference in their strength. She could not touch this woman now, so she had to remember this debt.

When she becomes strong, she must pay for today's matter with her own blood!

At this moment, in the darkness. Although Yin Qianying's face was pale and weak, the hostility between her brows became stronger and stronger.

"This time, I will return to the Lan family first. Yin Yue, you stay behind. I will leave all the hidden forces to you. You must help Soong Xiaoyou carry out our plan."

Yin Yue had clearly guessed the situation. There was not the slightest bit of surprise on her elegant face. She replied with a solemn expression, "Yes, please rest assured, miss!"

At this moment, Yin Qianying's eyes were flickering with a cold flame, even though she had left. But the chess game that she had set up had already begun. Now, she only needed to help in the dark to achieve the effect that she wanted.

Everyone was busy for several days, and the matter of the Lan's couple was finally safe and sound. However, the only unexpected thing was that Soong Xiaoyou had actually become a goddess.

After announcing her identity as the Heavenly Lady, Emperor Wenjing immediately gave the order to restore her position as the princess and send all kinds of rewards to the Song Prefecture. For a moment, Soong Xiaoyou was in the limelight!

In just a few days, this news had already spread across the four kingdoms. The civilians were all celebrating because the goddess in their hearts meant peace and harmony.

Because of this, the people who had previously been affected by the flood had also been suppressed. Dongfang Xuan and Dongfang Lyi could finally calm down in the disaster relief land.

On this day, Lan Xuehan had already prepared everything and was about to bring Liuyun to find Dongfang Jin.

But she did not expect that just as she was about to leave, an Imperial Decree was sent.

After a few days of recuperation, Liuyun was no longer in any big trouble. At this time, her handsome little face was full of surprise.

"Princess, why did the Emperor let you and Princess Ping Ting go together to find His Highness?"

Lan Xuehan looked at the bright yellow paper in her hand. Her eyes were cold and there was a mocking smile on her lips.

"Since some people cannot see the current situation clearly, then let me teach her!"

Liuyun did not fully understand what he said. However, she understood one thing. This trip would not be peaceful.

Lan Xuehan originally planned to only send Liuyun and herself on the road. Riding on a fast horse, they would arrive at Dongfang Jin's place in a few days.

But now, Soong Xiaoyou followed. They had no choice but to ride on the horse carriage. However, the road that had just been flooded was muddy, and the horse carriage was very difficult to walk on. This would delay their journey.

What was more worth talking about was Soong Xiaoyou's actions. Along the way. She did not keep a low profile at all and revealed her identity along the way. It attracted people to come and pay their respects wherever they went.

Soong Xiaoyou naturally would not let go of this opportunity to establish a good image in front of the people. She distributed food, raised funds, and organized a great deal.

Looking at all of this, Lan Xuehan suddenly remembered what Shangguan Lan had said to her when she left the capital.

"This time, a disaster will descend upon Linfeng. To Linfeng, this was the misfortune of the country, but to other people, it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Most likely, there would be someone who would make use of this opportunity. It would completely destroy the situation of the four kingdoms.

The appearance of this goddess would bring a glimmer of hope to the Linfeng Country. You don't believe in the words of the goddess, I don't believe in the ethics of fate. However, the people of the world believed that in their hearts, the goddess represented their welfare.

I'm afraid the meaning behind Emperor Wenjing asking you to travel with her this time is intriguing."

Now, looking at what happened along the way and Soong Xiaoyou's actions, Lan Xuehan could easily guess.

Emperor Wenjing's actions were undoubtedly for the sake of the hearts of the people.

And Soong Xiaoyou's goal was even simpler, Dongfang Jin!

Thinking of this, the corner of Lan Xuehan's mouth drew a cold sneer, and her eyes flashed with a cold light. Let her see exactly how much leverage Soong Xiaoyou relied on?

After about half a month of travelling, Lan Xuehan and the others finally arrived at the An Xi City where Dongfang Jin was.

Early in the morning, the rain was still pattering on the ground. Lan Xuehan was currently sitting in the carriage and watching the disaster that Dongfang Jin had brought. Obviously, the disaster this time was much more serious than they thought.

The rain kept pouring, and the flood was flooding. Especially Anxi City, which was originally a place surrounded by river water, and the natural disaster this time directly turned this place into a place filled with floating corpses.

Just as she was thinking about how to deal with this situation, she suddenly heard a commotion in front of her.

She originally thought that it was those civilians who came to pay Soong Xiaoyou a visit, but hearing it carefully, it was not like that.

"Liuyun, go and see what happened in front of you."

"Yes, Princess!"

After a while, Liuyun returned. However, her eyes were red and there was anger in her eyes.

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