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C284 Plague(2)

"What happened?"

Liuyun replied with red eyes, "Princess, there will definitely be an epidemic after the disaster. It is said that there is a plague in the village ahead. The local officials had already ordered the entire village to be quarantined. But for some reason, a few refugees escaped. At this moment, they were kneeling in front of Princess Ping Ting's honor, hoping that the Heavenly Lady could save their entire village.

However, the Patrol Inspector ordered people to beat those people to death, in order to prevent the epidemic from implicating Princess Pingting."

Hearing Liuyun's narration, Lan Xuehan pursed her lips. She threw down the book in her hand and coldly said," Let's go and take a look. "

At this moment, the heavy rain washed over the muddy road and there was a lot of blood mixed with mud flowing under people's feet.

Under the messy sticks, there were wails. They all looked at Soong Xiaoyou with despair in their eyes. They all said that the Goddess was a person who brought happiness to the people. That was why they risked their lives to come here. They hoped that the Goddess could save the people of their village, but they didn't expect that... She could actually watch them get beaten to death without saying a word!

At this time, Lan Xuehan came over. When she saw this scene, a cold light flashed in her eyes. With a flip of her blue sleeve, a stream of vital energy shot out. The soldiers who had hit her were all thrown onto the ground.

She berated coldly, "What are you doing?"

The Imperial Inspector who was standing by the side wanted to scold which blind person dared to obstruct the official's work, but when his gaze touched Lan Xuehan, it immediately trembled.

He hurriedly turned his horse over in fear and quickly walked in front of Lan Xuehan. He bowed respectfully and said, "Greetings Princess Xu. Reporting to Princess, these refugees escaped from the village with the plague ahead. For the safety of the Princess and Princess, this official ordered people to kill them. In order to prevent the epidemic from spreading, it will cause more harm."

Such an act of disregarding human lives made Lan Xuehan furious.

With the epidemic, the local officials did not carry out treatment, but instead chose to let the villagers fend for themselves to prevent the epidemic from spreading.

It was simply outrageous!

"After the disaster, there will definitely be a plague. This kind of logic, could it be that the Patrol Inspector doesn't know? If the people of a city were to be infected by the plague at this time, could it be that you still want to massacre the entire city?"

At this time, the pressure of the experts on Lan Xuehan's body was released, and the Patrol Inspector's face was naturally ashen. He was trembling, but he did not know how to reply.

He only replied softly, "This official does not dare, this official does not dare!"

Soong Xiaoyou who was in the limelight along the way naturally did not want the person who kept flattering her to be scared like this by Lan Xuehan. She sat in the carriage and said in a lovely voice, "What is the meaning of Princess Xu's words? The Patrol Officer is naturally doing this for our own good. These lowly peasants came from the place where they got the plague and might have already been infected by the plague. If we don't kill them, what if they infect us? What should we do then?"

Lan Xuehan sneered when she heard him.

"Soong Xiaoyou, the name of the Heavenly Lady is an insult to everyone's expectations when it comes to you!"

Other people could not understand the meaning of these words, but Soong Xiaoyou understood it very well. She naturally knew that the real Goddess was Lan Xuehan. Her words were undoubtedly mocking her!

But she understood. It was inappropriate to have a falling out with Lan Xuehan in front of everyone. It was just that she would not let it go just like that!

"I have long heard that Old Man Tianshan's medical skills are the best, and he is an extraordinary doctor. I think Princess Xu must have learned a lot. Since you feel sorry for these refugees, why don't you treat them? How about it?"

Unfortunately, Lan Xuehan did not put her in her eyes from the beginning to the end. Lan Xuehan acted as if she did not hear what she said.

With light steps, she walked towards that group of people. Liuyun, who was by the side, called out worriedly, "Princess!"

Lan Xuehan tilted her head and smiled and said indifferently, "It's fine!"

Walking in front of the group of people, she ignored the mud on the ground and squatted down to diagnose the pulse of one of the men.

That man had seen such a beautiful woman before and had even heard that it was Princess Xu. With such a noble identity, his face was red as he retracted his hands. He was at a loss as to what to do as he muttered, "The lowly lives of the peasants do not dare to taint the noble body of the Princess!"

However, Lan Xuehan would not care about these mundane formalities. She smiled and said, "Everyone is the same. What is there to be ashamed of? When people live in this world, their hearts are calm, but they are fearless! "

Her tone was clear and shallow. Her beautiful smile made that man stretch out his wrist in a daze. Lan Xuehan did not look at him with disdain as she took the man's pulse. Her brows were relaxed, and her expression was solemn.

When the people behind saw this scene, they were all stunned on the spot. Lan Xuehan had such a noble identity, such a peerless woman. She did not show any disdain towards lowly commoners, even though the mud had wet her Luo Qun. In their eyes, it was indeed the most beautiful scenery they had ever seen in their lives!

After a while, Lan Xuehan said softly, "You are not infected by the plague, so I am unable to determine for the time being that you are not infected by it. What kind of illness are you suffering from?!

But if you take me to your village, I think I should be able to find out the cause of the plague! "

As soon as these words came out, Liuyun, who was at the side, was the first to lose her composure. That was a plague! One careless mistake could result in death. If there was a mishap with the Princess, she would not be able to explain it to the Royal Highness even if she were to die ten thousand times!

"Princess, you'd better not go! That place is a plague after all. If you have a ten-thousandth chance, this servant will not be able to explain it to the Royal Highness!"

The Imperial Inspector also woke up from Lan Xuehan's words. He immediately urged with an anxious expression, "That's right! Princess, you have a body of tens of thousands of gold. It is really not suitable for you to take risks!"

He was clearly aware of the importance of Princess Xu in Prince Xu's heart. If she had a ten-thousandth chance. Prince Xu would definitely not let them off lightly!

"Alright, I have my own ideas. You guys don't have to say anymore. Liuyun, send a message to your Royal Highness and explain the situation to him clearly!"

Knowing Lan Xuehan's character of not knowing what to say, Liuyun could only not persuade anymore. She only hurriedly ordered people to report this situation to the Royal Highness, hoping that the Royal Highness would quickly make a decision.

When these refugees heard Lan Xuehan's words, they simply did not dare to believe it! They did not expect that Lan Xuehan, with her status, was actually willing to put herself in danger for them.

They hurriedly knelt on the ground and were moved beyond words.

"Thank you for saving my life, Princess!"

Lan Xuehan smiled and said, "Alright, lead the way quickly!"

When the local officer and the Imperial Inspector saw this, they knew that the matter was already set in stone.

Soong Xiaoyou, who was sitting in the carriage, had a vicious look in her eyes.

Lan Xuehan, since you insist on pretending to be a Bodhisattva, I hope that you will die like those lowly peasants!

When Dongfang Jin received the news from Liuyun, he immediately ordered people to investigate the situation there.

"Reporting to Your Highness, that village is called Nameless Village. A plague had broken out three days ago, but the local officials were afraid that the plague would not be able to control it. He had lost his black veil hat. They ordered people to seal the village and let the people inside run their own course! "

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