Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C285 Ao Gu Fenghua(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C285 Ao Gu Fenghua(1)
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C285 Ao Gu Fenghua(1)

When Dongfang Jin heard this, a sharp coldness instantly appeared on his picturesque face. His voice that was cold to the bone slowly rang out, and it was filled with an endless chill.

"Mo Feng, pass on this king's words. All the officials involved in this matter will be removed from their posts and are to be dealt with! After this king resolves the matter of the nameless village, I will settle this score with them."

When Mo Feng reported this, he knew that this matter would definitely cause the prince to be furious. After all, such disregard for human life was under the prince's nose. This was the first time he had seen such bold actions.

"Yes, this subordinate will do it right away!"

"Also, prepare the horses immediately! Bring our own men."

"Is Your Highness going to Nameless Village?" Mo Feng asked.

However, Dongfang Jin's indifferent gaze made him want to bite off his tongue. He was truly foolish. The Nameless Village was currently plagued by a plague. His Royal Highness would definitely personally investigate this matter. Furthermore, the Princess was also there. His Royal Highness was burning with anxiety!

He did not dare to delay and immediately went to prepare!

Soong Xiaoyou saw Lan Xuehan bringing a few people to Nameless Village and was very happy in her heart.

She wished that Lan Xuehan would also be infected by the plague and die there. Even if it was not, she still had a chance to be alone with Jin. How could such a situation not make her happy?

Just as she was fantasizing about what she should say when she saw Dongfang Jin, she heard people greeting outside.

"Greetings, Prince Xu. Your Highness is blessed with good fortune!"

Soong Xiaoyou was overjoyed and quickly lifted the curtain.

The man in the eye was wearing a bamboo hat. The thin rain wet his hair, but his picturesque face did not lose any of his elegance.

Her eyes were filled with love and she shyly called out, "Jin, are you here to pick up Xiaoyou?"

That person knew that Dongfang Jin did not even look at her. He only looked at her immediately. His clear eyes were filled with the coldness of stars as he looked at the Patrol Officer and the local officer kneeling in front of him.

His cold voice slowly rang out, "As the parent of the people, he treats human lives so lightly. If it wasn't for the urgency of the situation, I would have taken your heads as a tribute to those who died in vain. "

When the Imperial Inspector heard this, cold sweat began to form on his forehead. His voice trembled as if he wanted to say something, but under Dongfang Jin's powerful pressure, he couldn't even utter a single word.

When Soong Xiaoyou heard this, she knew that Dongfang Jin was definitely doing this for Lan Xuehan. A trace of jealousy and hatred flashed across her beautiful face, and then she changed into a weak and tearful expression.

"Jin, don't blame the Chief Inspector. The Lord is also doing this for Xiaoyou's good. After all, those peasants came from places with plagues. The Lord was afraid that the plagues would scatter. For our safety, he ordered us to kill them. After all, Xiaoyou's identity is different now. If there were any mishaps... We won't be able to help Jin! "

She originally thought that these words would be able to move Dongfang Jin, but Dongfang Jin didn't even look at her. The alienation between his brows was clearly visible. It seemed gentle and elegant, but it was bone-chillingly cold.

"There are some things that you and I know very well. Since Royal Father asked you to do some things. Then don't insult your current identity. Otherwise, drawing a tiger and turning it into a dog will only make you more of a joke.

Send Princess Ping Ting back to the city! "

After these ruthless words, he did not wait for Soong Xiaoyou to say anything and rode away. Soong Xiaoyou's face was filled with shock, and her eyes were filled with jealousy, shame, and unwillingness.

When she saw the direction Dongfang Jin was riding in, she immediately understood. He must have gone to find that slut. She remembered what he had said to her just now.

A trace of determination surfaced in Soong Xiaoyou's eyes, "Let's go to that nameless village!"

When the servant girl behind heard this, a trace of struggle flashed across her eyes and she wanted to say something. But looking at the expression on Soong Xiaoyou's face, she tightly pursed her lips and swallowed the words that she wanted to say.

The matter that the princess had already decided, if she were to speak too much, there would definitely be no good outcome!

When the Patrol Officer and the Prefectural Magistrate heard this, they were very unwilling to go. But thinking of Prince Xu's anger just now, coupled with the fact that the Goddess had already given such instructions, they could only bite the bullet and order the team to turn around!

After Lan Xuehan and those people returned to the village, they found out that the person leading the way was called Li Yan, a scholar from the village. It was no wonder that his actions carried a scholarly air.

She looked at the people along the way. Muddy rain splashed in all directions. Some people hid under the shabby roof, while others did not have anywhere to hide under a few stalks of grass.

It was very clear that there had been large amounts of water here, and the houses had already been destroyed!

She asked in confusion, "Didn't Prince Xu come here to treat the flood and rescue the disaster? Why is it that no one cares about this place even though it has already become like this?"

Li Yan had a helpless and resentful expression as he replied, "The Princess does not know that Prince Xu came to rescue the disaster in An Xi City. We are only a remote little village, His Highness naturally cannot care about it.

So it is managed by the local officials, but when the local officials heard about the plague that happened here, afraid that this matter will implicate his black veil hat, they let the soldiers guard this place. Forcing anyone to enter and exit is equivalent to letting us fend for ourselves!"

When Liuyun heard this, she angrily said, "These bunch of dog officials!"

Li Yan led them to a thatched hut that could still block the wind and rain. Then he said, "Princess, this is the village chief's house! And the only doctor in the village, Doctor Liu, is also here. If the Princess has anything to do, you can order them to do it!"

After saying that, he went forward and called out, "Village Chief, is the village chief here? We have a benefactor helping us! "

The first to come out was an old man, followed by a middle-aged man.

When they saw Lan Xuehan, surprise flashed across their eyes. Then, they asked in surprise, "Li Yan, this is?"

Li Yan smiled and bowed, "This is Her Highness Princess Xu, she came to save our village from the plague!"

The village chief and Doctor Liu quickly knelt down and said, "The peasants have seen Her Highness Princess Xu. Us lowly peasants, to be able to get the help of the Princess, is truly a blessing from our previous life!"

Lan Xuehan immediately took a step forward and said, "Please rise, village chief. I have yet to investigate the situation of the plague. After I cure the plague, it is not too late for you to worship me again!"

The village chief did not expect such a noble person to be so approachable. He quickly answered and stood up.

After the few of them entered the house, Lan Xuehan looked at the middle-aged man and asked, "Is this Doctor Liu?"

The man replied, "Yes, the peasant is the doctor of this village, Liu Qing!"

"Then please explain the situation of this village briefly!"

Doctor Liu explained the situation of the village to Lan Xuehan. Lan Xuehan listened carefully. As she listened, she frowned. From what he said, it was obvious that this was the influenza virus.

This kind of infection was fast. If one was not careful, it would lead to death!

"Then how did you deal with the dead bodies?"

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