Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C286 Ao Gu Fenghua(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C286 Ao Gu Fenghua(2)
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C286 Ao Gu Fenghua(2)

"Back to the Princess, we buried the dead bodies. What's wrong with that? "

Lan Xuehan frowned and said coldly, "The plague has always been contagious very quickly. Those who died from the plague should be burned immediately. Even the clothes that he had touched would be burned and buried in the soil. This will make the spread of the plague faster. "

These words clearly shocked everyone present. Especially the village chief, his aged face was filled with shock and disapproval.

Burning a corpse, this was a serious crime, a capital punishment for a heinous crime! Most importantly, they had to dig a grave and burn a corpse. Such a thing was unacceptable!

"Princess, clothes can be burned. But how can a person be burned? This will disturb the dead!"

Lan Xuehan also knew that such an idea was somewhat shocking, but it was necessary.

"Village chief, is the deceased more important or is the living more important?"

This question made the village chief speechless. When Liu Qing heard it, he concentrated and did not say anything.

After a long while, the corner of his mouth curled up, and then he said, "Alright, I'll listen to the Princess! It was recorded in medical records that when the fire burns the poison, the Princess's method is not just empty talk!"

Liu Qing's words clearly had an effect. The village chief struggled for a long time before nodding and saying, "Alright then, let's do as the Princess and Doctor Liu say!"

After the matter was settled, Lan Xuehan made a few more disinfection methods and let them carry it out.

Then she decided to personally go and see the patients. After all, what Liu Qing said was only his opinion. She could only think of ways to save these people if she personally went to see them.

After Liu Qing understood what she meant, he personally led her to see the patients. Liuyun was sent to burn these corpses together with Li Yan and the village chief.

Under the roof of a thatched house, there were many moaning people lying. Their faces were hideous and painful, their eyes were filled with blood, and their lips were white.

Lan Xuehan saw this and conveniently tore her skirt, surrounding her nose and mouth. Then she took out her brocade handkerchief from her bosom and handed it to Liu Qing, saying, "Surround your nose and mouth!"

When Liu Qing saw this, his face was filled with shock. This brocade handkerchief had always been a private item, and there were rumors of it being passed down. But the Princess actually gave it to him just like that, it was simply inconceivable!

He hurriedly waved his hand and said, "No need, no need. The peasants were terrified!"

Then, just like Lan Xuehan, she tore off her clothes and placed them around her mouth and nose.

When Lan Xuehan saw this, she curled her lips. If he had done this earlier, she would not have wasted a dress!

She squatted down and placed her hand on a thin boy's wrist.

After a long while, she retracted her hand. It was indeed as she had expected. It was the flu virus.

This kind of poison was easy to find, but not easy to cure. It would take a lot of time, and these people probably wouldn't be able to wait any longer. So long!

Just as she was thinking about what to do, she heard a loud noise.

She and Liu Qing quickly walked over, but they found Liuyun and the rest were stopped by a group of villagers with hoes and sickles. The two sides confronted each other. The villagers in front seemed to be saying something.

She walked forward and heard the villagers saying, "This is disrespect towards the dead," "It will be punished by the heavens," "We will definitely not let you burn."

So it was to burn the corpses!

When Lan Xuehan appeared, Liuyun knitted her brows and cried out in joy, "Princess!"

When the villagers saw Lan Xuehan, the noise stopped. They had seen this kind of woman before. She was simply the daughter of an immortal descending from the heavens!

Lan Xuehan's features were clear and shallow, and her eyes were filled with wisdom.

"My fellow villagers, I know that you do not wish for the dead to be disturbed. But this plague spread very quickly. If you don't burn the corpses, then everyone around here will die from the plague. I believe that your dead relatives will not wish to harm your wives and children after your death!"

" Everyone knows that burning the corpse is targeted at those who have committed serious crimes. It is a punishment that makes people unable to live in peace even if they die. I'd rather die myself than have my husband suffer such a punishment! "a middle-aged woman said with tears in her eyes.

"That's right, burning the corpse. This is disrespecting the dead and will be punished by the heavens!" Another person also agreed.

Immediately, the crowd began to stir.

Lan Xuehan did not expect that her old friend would be so afraid of the cremation. She looked at the crowd and did not know what words to use to persuade them.

Just as she was in trouble, a familiar voice came from behind.

"The cremation method is for the safety of the living. Furthermore, this cremation is not considered a punishment. This king can announce to Anxi City that these cremated dead are my handsome heroes, because they protect even more people!"

Everyone looked in the direction of the voice and saw that the man who entered was dressed in white clothes that were whiter than snow. His picturesque features were that of an immortal beauty that they had never seen before. The elegant and peerless elegance brought with it a noble air that made people revere him. He walked slowly and displayed the most beautiful scenery that they had ever seen in their lives.

However, it only took a moment for them to realize what had happened. What they heard was a sacred promise!

One of them asked in disbelief, "Who are you? Is what you said true? Why should we believe you? "

Mo Feng took a step forward and said loudly, "This is the current Prince Xu. He is in charge of this disaster relief!"

Liu Qing and Li Yan saw Lan Xuehan nod and immediately understood. They knelt and said loudly, "Greeting Prince Xu, Your Highness is blessed with good fortune!"

These civilians had seen this kind of person before, but when they saw that the most talented scholars in their village were all like this, they quickly followed suit and bowed.

Dongfang Jin said gently, "Alright, everyone, get up! This matter was my negligence. I will definitely give everyone an explanation! However, please burn the corpse as soon as possible so that it won't spread to more people! "

When everyone heard this, they immediately began to act. However, the orphans and widows beside them were sobbing silently. Although they were rational, their true feelings could not be accepted.

When Lan Xuehan saw this, her heart was filled with sorrow!

Dongfang Jin took a step forward and stood beside Lan Xuehan. He pursed his thin lips and his eyes were filled with a dense black light. His entire body was emitting a silent aura.

After waiting for more than an hour, he finally placed all the corpses into the dug pit. The fire started and thick smoke filled the air. The cries beside him were heart-wrenching.

Suddenly, Dongfang Jin's body bent, and he knelt in front of these dead people.

The guards behind him were all shocked. How elegant was their young master? What kind of honor was their young master? He, who did not even need to kneel before the Saint, actually knelt in front of these commoners!

Everyone's faces were deeply moved. This kneeling made them know that this peerlessly elegant young man had the equality of all living beings in the world in his heart! They also knelt down and sent the dead away.

Lan Xuehan also knelt down when she saw this. She did this for Dongfang Jin!

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