Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C287 Nameless Mountain(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C287 Nameless Mountain(1)
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C287 Nameless Mountain(1)

She understood in her heart that Dongfang Jin had put down his pride because of the guilt he felt towards these people. He was a born king. Not only did he not show any signs of being humble, he even brought with him a supreme elegance!

This place was supposed to be under his jurisdiction, but such a thing had happened. If he had known about it earlier, he could have prevented these people from dying in vain.

Some people said that he was cold and distant, but what she saw was his heart of benevolence and love that held the world in his heart!

When Soong Xiaoyou who followed behind saw this scene, she did not care about the mud on the ground. She quickly walked forward and shouted with a sharp voice, "Jin, you have a body of tens of thousands of gold. How noble are you? How can you kneel down to these lowly peasants?"

Knowing that her words did not wait for anyone else to make a move, Lan Xuehan flipped her hand and slapped her face.

When had Soong Xiaoyou ever suffered such humiliation? She covered her small face and her eyes were full of anger.

With a stern voice, she scolded, "You slut, what right do you have to hit me? I am now a goddess, how dare you attack me! "

When Lan Xuehan heard this, her face was still cold and her gaze was bitingly cold as she stared at Soong Xiaoyou.

"The ancient saying goes, the people are water, the ruler is a boat, the water can carry a boat or capsize a boat! The ancient saying goes, The people are water, the ruler is a boat, the water can carry a boat or capsize a boat! These lowly peasants that you speak of are the foundation of the country. Since you have taken the title of the Goddess, it is for their welfare. You are not treating this as your high and mighty capital!"

After being lectured by Lan Xuehan, the flames in Soong Xiaoyou's eyes could not wait to burn Lan Xuehan to ashes. Her eyes were red as she changed to her most delicate and charming expression and looked at Dongfang Jin.

"Jin, Xiaoyou was only thinking about Jin! But the princess said so. She really misunderstood Xiaoyou's sincerity!"

Dongfang Jin looked at her coldly but did not say anything. However, Soong Xiaoyou felt a deep chill in her eyes, along with a bone-piercing coldness.

She had a wronged face but did not dare to be unhappy.

After all, she came here this time to make Dongfang Jin have a good impression of her. Then, she smoothly entered his mansion with the identity of a Heavenly Lady.

Therefore, she absolutely didn't dare to provoke Dongfang Jin's misfortune at this moment!

After the fire was extinguished, Dongfang Jin stood up.

Li Yan took the lead and knelt in front of Lan Xuehan and Dongfang Jin. His voice was mixed with emotion as he said, "Your Highness's benevolence is indeed the fortune of our Linfeng Country! Your Highness is thousands of years old, thousands of years old."

The people behind also knelt with moved eyes and said, "Your Highness is a thousand years old, a thousand years old, a thousand years old!"

These people could not eat or wear, and they were constantly threatened by death. But it was them. It was so simple. They only needed a portion of respect to receive their most sincere blessings!

Although Dongfang Jin's expression was clear, he didn't hide the gratitude in his eyes.

He took a step forward and helped Li Yan up. "All of you, get up! This time, it was my dereliction of duty. Thus, This King will definitely give you an explanation."

Hearing this, the patrolling inspector and the local officials broke out in cold sweat, their hearts in their throats.

Dongfang Jin did not care about them, but turned around to look at Soong Xiaoyou. His voice was gentle but carried a strong sense of alienation.

"Didn't This King already order people to send you back to the city? Why are you here?"

Under Dongfang Jin's undisguised pressure, Soong Xiaoyou did not dare to look directly into his eyes. Her eyes kept shifting as she replied in a weak voice.

"Xiaoyou was only worried about Jin's safety, so she followed him here. Furthermore, since Xiaoyou is the destined angel, then the people here are in trouble. Xiaoyou naturally cannot stand idly by!"

This sentence made Lan Xuehan laugh. She originally thought that Soong Xiaoyou's methods were vicious, but she did not expect her skin to be so thick.

As for Li Yan and the rest, they did not dare to speak. Although the previous matter was chilling, they were the princess of the Golden Branch Jade Leaf and they were only civilians!

Just as Dongfang Jin was about to open his mouth to let her go back, Soong Xiaoyou took a step forward. A sweet smile hung on her charming face as she said to everyone, "Everyone, don't worry. Jin's medical skills are the best in the world. He will definitely cure your illness. And I will also use the name of the Goddess to pray for the welfare of the heavens for everyone. I will let this disaster pass quickly!"

When the people who didn't know the truth heard that she was the Goddess, they immediately knelt down with tearful eyes. "Thank you, Prince Xu, thank you, Lady Goddess."

Li Yan and Liu Qing looked at Lan Xuehan. She originally thought that she would be aggrieved, but her face was indeed calm and did not have the slightest bit of displeasure.

Li Yan covered up the waves in his eyes. In his view, Lan Xuehan was thousands of times better than this nominal Goddess!

This way, it was not good for Dongfang Jin to ask her to go back. No matter what the truth was, she was now the goddess in the hearts of the people. She represented the hearts of the people.

When Dongfang Jin and the others returned to the village chief, Lan Xuehan told them her opinion.

"Princess, are you saying that you can cure this disease?" Li Yan, Liu Qing, and the others all looked excited.

Dongfang Jin, on the other hand, had a faint smile on his face. His brows were completely gentle as he stared at Lan Xuehan.

Her ability was naturally beyond doubt!

"That's right. I am indeed confident in curing her, but the most important thing right now is that my method takes time and effort, and this plague is spreading too quickly. This method is too slow."

Thinking of this, Lan Xuehan's eyes were serious, and her eyebrows were tightly knitted.

Dongfang Jin reached out and grabbed her slender hand, and confidently and encouraging, he said, "Don't worry, we will find a way!"

His words were like the spring breeze, with warmth and warmth, blowing away the uneasiness in her heart.

Lan Xuehan looked up at the trust in his eyes. She felt relieved and at ease.

When Soong Xiaoyou saw this scene, she tightly gripped her embroidered handkerchief. She gritted her silver teeth and her eyes were filled with jealousy.

She smiled sarcastically and said in a strange tone, "Everyone in the world says that the disciples of Skysnow Mountain are all extraordinary geniuses. But if Princess Xu really can't cure the plague, there is no need to force her. After all, there is still Jin here, so don't do it for the sake of face. Take these people's lives as child's play!"

After she said this, she did not wait for Lan Xuehan to say anything. The cold air between Dongfang Jin's brows had already risen. He said in a cold voice, "Mo Feng, invite Princess Ping Ting out. Also, the Princess is someone who is at the top of this king's heart. I will never allow anyone to be disrespectful to her. If you can't do it... This King does not mind having someone teach you!"

Soong Xiaoyou was so angry that her eyes turned red. She wanted to say something more. However, Mo Feng had already appeared in front of her. He said coldly, "Princess, please!"

She was helpless. She stomped her foot and ran out angrily.

Dongfang Jin turned to look at Lan Xuehan. She smiled and said, "Alright, treating the plague is the key now. Let's talk about the rest later."

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