Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C288 Nameless Mountain(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C288 Nameless Mountain(2)
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C288 Nameless Mountain(2)

She had never taken Soong Xiaoyou seriously. Such a clown. If he were to argue with her, it would lower his standards instead!

They thought for a while, but there was no way to solve it. However, Lan Xuehan noticed the village chief's hesitant expression. She smiled and said, "Village chief, if you have something to say, just say it."

She did not expect Lan Xuehan to be so direct, which made the loyal old man blush.

He said haltingly, "The princess said that it takes a lot of time and effort to use ordinary herbs, but if you change it to a special medicine and boil it into soup, then the people here will be saved."

Special medicine? She and Dongfang Jin did have other kinds of strange medicine to treat other injuries, but there really was no special medicine for the influenza virus!

"Chief, do you know where to find this kind of strange medicine?" Since he could speak, he should know something.

"Actually, there is a mountain not far from our village called the nameless mountain. But no one has ever gone up this mountain before, because the mountain is steep. There are still many unknown dangers in the mountain. None of the people who went up the mountain before came back alive. Therefore, the elders in the village gradually called that mountain the Yama King Mountain.

However, according to the records passed down in the village, this mountain had many heavenly treasures and wondrous medicines. However, it is precisely because it is dangerous that no one has ever seen it before."

After listening to what the village chief said, Lan Xuehan and Dongfang Jin exchanged a glance. The meaning behind it was self-evident.

The more dangerous a place was, the more treasures were hidden inside! They understood this principle!

Even though this place was very dangerous, they could still make a trip to it with their current martial arts. Moreover, this illness could no longer wait.

"Since that's the case, let's make a trip." Finishing, Lan Xuehan took a pen and wrote down the prescription and handed it to Liu Qing.

"Do what I told you to do before and catch all the medicine on the prescription. She boiled the medicine into a soup and fed it to everyone. Those who suffer from the plague, follow the acupuncture points I wrote on it and perform acupuncture. Remember to cover your nose and mouth every time you come into contact with the patient."

Liu Qing repeatedly agreed. After listening to Lan Xuehan's instructions. His eyes were filled with worry as he looked at Lan Xuehan and Dongfang Jin.

"Royal Highness, Princess. That nameless mountain is indeed extremely dangerous. We can find another way. Your status is noble, it is indeed not suitable for you to take risks for us! "

Lan Xuehan smiled and said," Alright, find another way. Those sick people outside cannot wait! We are confident. You can rest assured. "

After saying that, she looked at Dongfang Jin with a smile on her face.

"Since we have decided, let's go now!" How could Dongfang Jin not understand what she meant! She was open-minded by nature, so she naturally did not like being persuaded by her in-laws.

"Mo Feng, you guys stay here and take care of these people."

"Yes, Your Highness." Mo Feng and the others had never doubted Dongfang Jin's suspicion, because Dongfang Jin had always been the god in their hearts!

Dongfang Jin and Lan Xuehan left as soon as they said so. They immediately ordered people to pack up the things used to go up the mountain and rode away.

Soong Xiaoyou wanted to know where the two of them went, but no one was willing to tell her. It made her so angry that her eyes were burning, but she had nowhere to vent her anger.

Fortunately, it was not raining at this time. The two of them rode fast and arrived at the foot of the mountain in a few hours.

Looking at the unusually dense mountain, it was unexpectedly steep. Facing the mountain on their side, it could simply be described as piercing through the clouds.

Looking at this strange mountain, Lan Xuehan smiled and said, "This is the first time I have seen such a mountain range in so many places."

Dongfang Jin looked at this mountain and seemed to be lost in thought.

After hearing Lan Xuehan's words, his face, which was like a poem and painting, smiled. "Five years of traveling the Jianghu and seeing thousands of scenery. Such a life could be considered a blessing! But... The mountain in front of the mountain faced south, and the mountain was steep. Behind the mountain was the sun, and the forest was dense. Don't you think this mountain looks familiar?"

Lan Xuehan did feel that way when she heard what Dongfang Jin said.

She frowned and thought for a long time, but she still did not remember that she had seen it there.

"Master has a book of rites in the library that records the place where the miracle was lost. This mountain has appeared there before."

After his mention, Lan Xuehan remembered.

There were several places in the Shenghe Mainland where the divine miracle was lost. However, the records in the old man's collection were very vague.

This mountain was also very strange. She had a rather deep impression of it. However, the Land of Miracles was as dangerous as the Floating Dream.

In this way, the danger they faced was no longer as simple as they had thought!

"Let's go, let's go!" Even if it was dangerous, she still had to go up. Because it wasn't just for these people. There was also Yao. She was poisoned, and the four medicinal herbs she needed could only be found in a lost miracle.

For her, she also wanted to make this trip.

Seeing the determination in Lan Xuehan's eyes, Dongfang Jin had an expression as if he knew this would happen.

As long as it involved the morality of friends, she would always do it without hesitation!

"Let's go! If we delay any longer, we won't be able to catch up to the sunrise tomorrow morning." Dongfang Jin said calmly.

... "" Black lines appeared on Lan Xuehan's forehead. This person!

Just as she was about to use her Light-body Technique, Dongfang Jin reached out and wrapped his arm around her waist. He tapped the tip of his foot lightly and used the Traceless Snowsteps Light-body Technique to fly upwards.

"This place is steep, I'll take you with me! Otherwise, if something happens to you halfway, I'll have to come back and save you."

"Dongfang Jin, can you stop for a while?"

If it wasn't for the inconvenience now, she would have beaten him up. This bastard, it had been almost a month since they last saw each other, and there wasn't any intimacy between them. Along the way, her mouth was so poisonous that it made her vomit blood!

When Dongfang Jin heard this, he rarely didn't say anything. It was just that at this time, the sky was getting darker, and Dongfang Jin did not walk too far. Instead, he found a cave with a shorter mountain range as a place to rest tonight.

Lan Xuehan saw this and agreed with his method.

She originally thought that this was just a simple mountain range and wanted to go back as soon as possible. But now that they discovered that it was a place left behind by a miracle, they naturally had to be careful.

So, the key was to conserve energy!

Just as he arrived at the cave, Dongfang Jin put Lan Xuehan down and prepared to go out and find some firewood.

Lan Xuehan always felt that Dongfang Jin's attitude towards her was strange after meeting him. Previously when there were outsiders in the nameless village, she did not feel it. But when the two of them were together, this feeling was very strong.

She felt that Dongfang Jin was secretly sarcastic and distant towards her, with a bit of anger.

She thought about how Dongfang Jin had treated the two of them like this when they hadn't seen each other for a few days. Lan Xuehan couldn't help but wonder if Dongfang Jin felt that their relationship had become closer, and her position in his heart was no longer as high as it used to be!

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