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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C290 Ice and Fire(2)
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C290 Ice and Fire(2)

"If we follow the usual method, it won't work. Here, the Xun position can be found. However, human strength is unable to shake it! "

The trees on this mountain range were tall and dense. Even with Dongfang Jin and her working together, they still could not break this formation!

Obviously, Dongfang Jin thought of this as well. He concentrated and did not say anything.

Lan Xuehan paced back and forth. Suddenly, she saw the nitrate at the side of the cliff. In her heart, her worried face instantly beamed with joy.

"Dongfang Jin, today I will let you see what a bomb is!"

Obviously, Dongfang Jin had never heard of this term before. A curious look that he had never seen before appeared in his eyes.

"What is a bomb?"

Lan Xuehan smiled mysteriously and said, "You will know later."

She used her inner energy to shoot out a piece of nitrate and then knocked on it. She even tore the cloth and wrapped everything up.

Finally, she placed the simple explosive bag on the array and said to Dongfang Jin, "I will let you see what is called explosive. Give me the fire!"

Dongfang Jin gave the fire to her and Lan Xuehan lit the explosives. Then she flew over and brought Dongfang Jin far away.

Dongfang Jin stood there and watched Lan Xuehan use a small package to blow up the entire mountain range. Even someone as calm as him couldn't help but reveal astonishment in his eyes.

There was actually such a thing. If such a powerful thing were to appear in the world, it would definitely be a massacre without any suspense!

Lan Xuehan saw that Dongfang Jin, who had always been calm and composed, was so shocked. She smiled and said, "How is it? You have never seen it before, right?"

"Indeed. I have never seen such a powerful thing. For such a thing, who else has seen you produce it before? " Dongfang Jin asked very cautiously.

"No, I know how powerful this thing is. Naturally, I will not use it in front of others!"

She had no intention of changing the structure of this world, nor did she have the ambition to unify the world. However, she knew that if such a thing were to appear in the world, it would be the innocent people who would suffer.

"That's good, just this once. In the future, don't use this thing in front of others!"

Lan Xuehan smiled and looked at him, her eyes warm.

"I think you would say the same. If others saw this kind of thing, they would definitely think of ways to take it for themselves. There is only one person who disdains to use this kind of method to take over the world."

" The person in positions of power can be decisive in killing, but it must have a kind heart for the people. This was the admonishment given by the disciples of Skysnow Mountain. Furthermore, if such a thing were to appear in the world... It's gonna get you killed. I won't let you fall into this kind of danger. If anything happens to you... Then what use do I have for this ten thousand miles of land?"

After saying that, Dongfang Jin did not wait for Lan Xuehan's reaction and slowly walked forward. It was as if this sentence was very normal, but he did not know that it made Lan Xuehan extremely moved!

The formation had been broken, and the entire mountain forest had undergone a huge change. The dense forest that covered the sky and the sun quickly moved away, revealing a narrow path that led to the depths of the mountain.

Dongfang Jin and Lan Xuehan looked at each other, then walked in.

Looking at the things on both sides, they could not help being surprised. Rare treasures that were hard to find in the world, all kinds of precious medicinal herbs could be found by the roadside.

Lan Xuehan looked at the items on both sides and sighed with emotion, "These treasures are even more complete than the Skysnow Mountain. Furthermore, the medicinal herbs are older than the ones in the Skysnow Mountain. It is indeed worthy of being the place where the divine miracle was left behind."

"It is indeed so. It is just that this place is also much more dangerous than the Skysnow Mountain. Look!"

Lan Xuehan followed his gaze and was shocked.

These medicinal herbs were all densely packed with light. She fixed her eyes on them. It was actually a bug with teeth that kept swimming on the medicinal herbs.

"No wonder this place is called the Yama King Mountain, it only has these things. Whoever picks it will die. One look and you can tell that this bug is poisonous!"

"Since these herbs are like this, then there is no need to mention the Leafless Flower!" A serious look flashed across Dongfang Jin's brows.

Lan Xuehan heard this and pursed her lips, her eyes sparkling with determination.

"No matter what, I must get the Leafless Flower, for the sake of Yao and those innocent civilians."

Seeing the determination in her eyes, Dongfang Jin smiled and said, "We have even broken into the Floating Dream. Why would we be afraid of this Nameless Mountain?"

Lan Xuehan giggled and looked at him, "That's true."

The two of them walked forward, but they felt it was getting hotter and hotter.

Lan Xuehan's face was red, and the beads of sweat on her face could not help but slide down. She looked at Dongfang Jin and found that his usually elegant jade face also had a red color. The situation was not much different from hers.

She joked, "I always thought that you were a divine being that did not enter the mortal world and that you always look like you were not tainted by the dust. I never thought that you are just a mortal after all!"

When Dongfang Jin heard her, he gave her a cold glance. "Didn't I already be pulled down from the mortal world by someone? You have seen how I look when I'm not wearing anything. What's there to be dissatisfied about? "

His words were incomparably calm, but it instantly made Lan Xuehan's face turn red with embarrassment.

She looked at him angrily and said, "You are really hopeless!"

A smile flashed across Dongfang Jin's eyes. He took out the silk handkerchief from his chest and gently wiped away the sweat that she had left behind. He said softly, "I don't need to be saved. As long as you like it!"

... "" Lan Xuehan was completely convinced.

At the end of the narrow path, Lan Xuehan could not help but be shocked when she saw such a scene.

This was a cliff. On the other side of the cliff, the magma was boiling and the hot waves were surging. On the other side, there was an ice peak and a small stream in the middle. The stream was clear to the bottom and the fiery red Leafless Flower was exceptionally beautiful.

Lan Xuehan's heart suddenly sank. This kind of ice and fire dual sky, there was no way she could go over and pick the Leafless Flower!

"What should we do now? Here in the magma, on the ice mountain. The Leafless Flowers grow by that stream. We can't go down at all!"

Dongfang Jin's brows were filled with coldness. The corner of his lips was tightly pursed, and his vast eyes were filled with roiling sea of clouds.

"It's not that there's no way, it's just..."

"It's just that what? Dongfang Jin, hurry up and say it!" When Lan Xuehan heard that Dongfang Jin had a solution, her eyes lit up. However, Dongfang Jin wanted to say something but stopped himself. He was so anxious that he wanted to kill her!

" You are a direct descendant of the Lan family, and you are also the destined daughter of heaven. Bring along the Ziwei Divine Crest. Therefore, these Land of Miracles naturally won't harm you much. However, if you choose to go over, even though your life won't be in danger... However, you could still feel the heat and the coldness of the magma. In this way, you will suffer the pain of ice and fire! "

If Dongfang Jin had any other way, he would not say such a bad idea. However, he could not replace it with his own body!

After hearing Dongfang Jin's words, Lan Xuehan was silent for a moment. Then she said, "I will go down!"

Dongfang Jin wanted to advise something, but it touched the determination in her eyes. She didn't say anything else. She only clenched her long and slender joints, which were faintly green.

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