Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C292 Both of Them Were Seriously Injured(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C292 Both of Them Were Seriously Injured(2)
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C292 Both of Them Were Seriously Injured(2)

It suddenly flapped the ice mountain and attacked Lan Xuehan. Dongfang Jin saw this. The sword in his hand flew and stabbed into the insect's vitals once again.

However, no matter how fast he was, he could not catch up to the ice mountain's speed.

At this moment, Lan Xuehan deeply felt the threat of her life. The corner of her mouth tightly pursed and the power to survive made her suddenly flash.

Although she escaped the ice mountain, she used her inner energy and spat out a mouthful of blood. At this moment, her meridians felt like they were being pricked by needles. It was as if they were being roasted on fire, and her meridians were in pain of being torn apart inch by inch.

When Dongfang Jin saw this, he immediately hugged her. Pain filled his eyes. However, his body was emitting an evil aura like that of a god that had just killed a god. His tone was cold, and it carried a deathly coldness.

"Lan Xuehan, I will avenge you!"

Then, he turned around and looked at this bug. His eyes seemed to be looking at an inanimate object, giving off a cold chill.

And this bug saw that this attack actually did not hit Lan Xuehan. Clearly, it was also furious. It cried out crazily.

After that, it launched another fierce attack. At this moment, Dongfang Jin's hands formed a seal and a surge of surging inner energy attacked the bug.

After hitting it, the bug quickly fell down. Then, it was on the verge of death. Its eyes were filled with hatred and unwillingness as it stared at Dongfang Jin.

Dongfang Jin's handsome face also turned white at this moment. This palm was used by him to forcefully break through the cultivation method. Although it was powerful, it also caused quite a bit of damage to himself.

However, this insect wasn't dead yet. He forcefully supported his inner energy and pointed his toes. He pulled out the sword that was inserted into its body and struck it with the Death Hand again.

This time, it definitely had no chance of surviving.

His footsteps were unsteady, and then he walked towards Lan Xuehan. However, when Lan Xuehan got up just now, the bottle that contained the Leafless Flower fell out of her heart.

Dongfang Jin turned in another direction to pick it up. Just as he was about to pick it up and turn around.

This bug actually flew up all of a sudden, and a fierce red water column rushed towards Lan Xuehan. It quickly dried up and fell down the cliff.

At this time, Lan Xuehan did not have the strength to dodge but the expected burning pain did not come because a white shadow hugged her.

Instantly, her world was silent. Between her nose, other than the fragrance of bamboo and snow, there was also a strong smell of blood lingering.

She naturally knew the might of this red water. It didn't threaten her life, but it was different for Dongfang Jin.

She could feel the suffocation from the burning skin in the water, not to mention that Dongfang Jin had blocked it for her.

Lan Xuehan's eyes were empty, and then she called out softly, "Dongfang Jin, Dongfang Jin, don't scare me! Speak!"

However, there was not a trace of response.

She used all her strength to turn Dongfang Jin over, but her eyes were stung by the trace of scarlet at the corner of her mouth.

At this moment, his eyes were tightly shut, and his nostrils were also like gossamer. His face was pale, and his lips were also green. This kind of symptom made him no longer angry.

Lan Xuehan was very anxious. She did not care about her current serious injury. She used her last bit of true qi and lost to Dongfang Jin.

In the end, she could not hold on and fainted.

Before she fell asleep, she whispered, "Dongfang Jin, you must wake up!"

It was as if she had a big dream. Flowers bloomed in her dream, and cherry blossoms fell. However, Lan Xuehan found that she could not find a way out.

She was in the sea of flowers. She looked at the vast sea of flowers, but she was the only one there.

Suddenly, a large fog filled the air. A figure came out of the fog. Lan Xuehan squinted her eyes, trying her best to see the figure clearly.

When the fog dispersed, what was revealed was an exquisite jade face that looked like a poem or a painting.

Lan Xuehan immediately shed tears. She did not know why, but she could not help but want to cry.

However, Dongfang Jin was standing not far away from her. Lan Xuehan did not go forward and shouted, "Dongfang Jin!"

When she opened her mouth, Dongfang Jin smiled brightly. That smile was still as stunning as the blooming of thousands of snow lotuses. However, he was getting further and further away. No matter how Lan Xuehan shouted, he still didn't stop his footsteps.

Liuyun stood by Lan Xuehan's side and discovered that at this moment, Lan Xuehan's face was covered in tears as she kept calling the prince's name.

She gently shook Lan Xuehan and softly called out, "Wang Fei, Wang Fei, wake up! Wake up!"

Lan Xuehan opened her eyes full and saw the surrounding scenery. It was a thatched house and she blinked her eyes. She heard Liuyun shout in surprise, "Wang Fei, you are finally awake!"

Then, Liuyun ran out happily and shouted as she ran, "Wang Fei is awake, Wang Fei is awake!"

This cry woke Lan Xuehan up and she suddenly remembered everything that happened before she fainted.

Dongfang Jin! Right, how is Dongfang Jin?

She remembered how Dongfang Jin looked like when he was unconscious. Her heart suddenly sank, and she lifted the blanket to look for Dongfang Jin.

However, she was too weak. As soon as she stood up, her legs went limp, and she collapsed to the ground.

Liuyun came in and saw Lan Xuehan like this. She immediately cried out in worry, "Wang Fei, what do you want to do? Just tell Liuyun. Your body is very weak right now and you cannot move! "

Lan Xuehan tightly grabbed Liuyun's sleeve and her eyes revealed a deep fear. Her voice was hoarse and she did not conceal her eagerness as she asked, "Where is Dongfang Jin? How is he?"

Before Liuyun could reply, a familiar voice came from outside the house.

The voice carried some disappointment, but it was not difficult to tell that there was a trace of relaxation.

"You still have the mood to worry about others? Don't you look at yourself? You were seriously injured, and you only woke up after sleeping for three days! If you don't wake up, I'll dig a hole and bury you! This can also be considered as repaying you for saving me all those years ago!"

Lan Xuehan looked at the man who came in and tried her best to blink her eyes. She said in surprise, "Shangguan Lan? Why are you here?"

When Shangguan Lan heard this, he laughed lightly. There was an indescribable ridicule in his tone.

"Dongfang Jin and you are both geniuses of Shenghe Mainland. This time, both of you are in trouble. Of course, I am here to see a joke!"

Lan Xuehan was too lazy to talk nonsense with him. She eagerly asked, "What happened to Dongfang Jin? Quickly tell me!"

This was the first time Shangguan Lan saw Lan Xuehan's anxious look. It seemed that she really had a deep affection for Dongfang Jin.

He elegantly waved his fan and comforted her, "He's fine. He's just more seriously injured than you. He hasn't woken up yet!"

Hearing this, Lan Xuehan heaved a sigh of relief. As long as he was fine!

Then she softly said to Liuyun, "Help me to see Dongfang Jin!"

Hearing her words, Shangguan Lan was a little angry.

He wanted to stop his horse hooves and rush over day and night to save her. However, she did not care at all. She was thinking about Dongfang Jin. This kind of differential treatment made him so angry that he spat out a mouthful of blood!

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