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C293 The Four Kingdoms Were in Chaos(1)

Shangguan Lan's eyes were filled with anger. He said unhappily, "You are seriously injured this time. It is not suitable for you to get off the bed now. He is fine. You should rest first before going to see him! "

Liuyun clearly also had the same intention as she supported Lan Xuehan to sit on the bed. She looked at her hesitantly, "Yes! Wang Fei, you just woke up. You should rest first before going to see His Royal Highness!"

Although Lan Xuehan was weak, she was very stubborn. She pursed her lips and shook her head, "I'm fine. I want to see him now."

As she spoke, she lifted the blanket by herself and prepared to get off the bed.

When Shangguan Lan saw this, he folded his folding fan and strode forward to support her. With a face filled with anger and slight heartache, he said angrily, "Alright, I really admire you. I'll bring you to see him. I'll travel day and night. If I save a dead person, wouldn't it be a loss of face? "

Lan Xuehan no longer had the mood to respond to his words. She only wanted to see Dongfang Jin safe and sound with her own eyes. They didn't understand. In the nameless mountain, they watched Dongfang Jin fall into her arms without getting angry. It was as if the fear of leaving her was something she had never experienced in her previous life.

That kind of pain was like thousands of ants devouring their hearts. They wished they could dig out their hearts!

When Lan Xuehan saw Dongfang Jin, she immediately put her hand on his pulse. After finishing the pulse, she was shocked.

Although Dongfang Jin had saved his life, he was now seriously injured. His inner energy was scattered and his meridians were damaged. This kind of condition required a long period of rest and recuperation.

When Shangguan Lan saw this, he looked at Dongfang Jin. His eyes were profound and he could not hear any emotion in his voice.

"Dongfang Jin has saved his life from the gates of hell this time. He has suffered severe internal injuries to begin with. But later on, he was struck by another trick. If it wasn't for the little bit of true qi you poured into him at the end, I'm afraid he wouldn't have been able to last until the time I came.

But you're not that good either. Your internal injuries are extremely severe now, and your heart is damaged. It's best that you don't use your inner energy within a short period of time. It's also not suitable for your emotional ups and downs to be too great."

Lan Xuehan knew her own condition, but compared to Dongfang Jin, her injury was more important to him.

Although Shangguan Lan did not see what happened, judging from the scene of the fight, it was not difficult to guess that Dongfang Jin had blocked an attack for Lan Xuehan.

He knew that he was at the end of his rope, yet he still dared to block the killing blow. This Dongfang Jin, would it really be Lan Xuehan's death?

Shangguan Lan felt that he had already fallen into a deep mystery at this moment, and did not know how to answer it.

When Lan Xuehan heard this, her heart ached and she was moved.

The water at the bottom of the cliff had nothing to do with her. If it hit her, it would only cause her injuries to worsen. Her life would not be in danger at all. Dongfang Jin clearly knew, but he still blocked the killing intent for her!

How could she not love this kind of him?

After a moment of silence, Shangguan Lan looked at Lan Xuehan with a complicated expression. He pursed his lips and said, "Lan Xuehan, the four kingdoms are in chaos."

The four words caused Lan Xuehan to be stunned.

She raised her eyebrows and turned to look at Shangguan Lan. "What do you mean?"

"Holy Snow Country has sent troops south. They have broken through the border of Linfeng Country. The Zihua Country also attacked the Linfeng Country with the excuse that Crown Princess had been humiliated in the Linfeng Country. Therefore, other than the Xiyue Country, the situation of the three kingdoms has started to change. "

Lan Xuehan frowned deeply when she heard this, and her eyes also flashed with a cold light.

Now, the Linfeng Country had just suffered a flood, and the people were in chaos everywhere. The national treasury was empty, and the people's sentiment was at a loss, but it gave others an opportunity to take advantage of it.

However, she knew Beiming Yu's character very well. He was born to be the king, so he naturally did not want to take advantage of others. Furthermore, Dongfang Jin had given him a fair chance to compete. He definitely wouldn't launch an attack at this moment.

If that was really the case, the only explanation was that an accident had occurred in Holy Snow Country.

As for the Zihua Country sending out their troops, the only thing she was worried about was Yao.

Seeing Lan Xuehan like this, Shangguan Lan thought that he shouldn't bring up this topic at this moment. After all, she had just woken up. All of a sudden, thinking too much wouldn't do her any good to recover.

He forced a smile and said: "Alright, even so. However, the Linfeng Country was still the number one country after all. Emperor Wenjing had already sent Dongfang Xuan to be the commander. He will go and defend the Holy Snow Country. The Zihua Country was led by the prince of the King Qing's mansion, Su Qinglan. Both of them are the best in leading troops. You don't have to worry about them for the time being."

Although that was the case, Lan Xuehan was still worried.

She called Mo Feng over and instructed, "Send someone to investigate what exactly happened in Holy Snow Country. Especially Emperor Jing Chong and Prince Bei Mingchen, they must investigate this matter thoroughly.

Also, send someone to see how the second princess of the Zihua Country, Xi Moyao, is doing. You must be quick. If you get the news, you must inform me immediately."

When Mo Feng heard this, he knew that the princess must have heard about what had happened in the past few days from the Right Prime Minister. He also knew the importance of this matter, so he immediately nodded and said, "Princess, don't worry. This subordinate will do it right away."

Lan Xuehan nodded and waited for Mo Feng to leave. Only then did she remember the matter of Nameless Village. "How is the plague in this village? Also, why are you here? You even saved me and Dongfang Jin?"

Shangguan Lan chuckled and said, "Now you want to ask me this question? I thought you weren't curious."

Seeing Lan Xuehan's expression was not good, Shangguan Lan tactfully did not tease her anymore.

"Alright, the plague in Nameless Village has been resolved. As for why I am here, it is all thanks to your master who is proficient in divine fortune-telling."

"Old man? What does it have to do with him?" Lan Xuehan's brows were filled with slight doubt.

"I received a letter from your master, saying that you and Dongfang Jin were in trouble in Anxi City. He told me to come and save you as soon as possible. If your master didn't mention in his heart that you were in the place of the divine miracle... I thought it was a prank from your master!

After all, with your martial arts and intelligence. I'm afraid that no one in this world can hurt you, right? Therefore, your misfortune this time is truly shocking!"

It wasn't difficult to hear a hint of schadenfreude in his words.

Lan Xuehan finally understood when she heard it. It must be that old man who calculated something that made Shangguan Lan come to save them.

But luckily, Shangguan Lan came. Otherwise, she and Dongfang Jin might not be able to leave the Yama King Mountain this time!

"Don't worry, life is always fair. This young lady will watch the day when you are in trouble. After all, it is always the turn of the tides, isn't it?"

When these words came out, Shangguan Lan was speechless as he said, "This young master has put in so much effort for all of you, yet you are actually hoping that this young master will be in danger. Lan Xuehan, I must have had eight lifetimes of bad luck before I met such a witch like you! "

Lan Xuehan snorted, then said in a cold tone. "Same here!"

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