Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C296 Holy Snow Kingdom(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C296 Holy Snow Kingdom(2)
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C296 Holy Snow Kingdom(2)

"Since you are in seclusion, don't even think about stepping into this noisy world. Otherwise, I'm afraid that even the heavens will cease to exist in the end. "

The reason why he didn't kill Lan Moyan was because the Lan family had a huge influence. The powers of the four kingdoms were rising. He didn't want to leave any future troubles for himself.

Emperor Jing Chong ordered his men to invite Lan Moyan, but no one came after waiting for a long time. He kept pacing around the Imperial Reading Room. He kept feeling anxious and uneasy, as if something had happened.

Suddenly, the door of the Imperial Reading Room rang, and a figure fell in.

He focused his gaze and discovered that this figure was not someone else, but the Second Prince that he doted on the most, Beiming Chen!

He suddenly felt the world spin and his eyes turned black. When he came back to his senses, he hurriedly went forward to help him up.

His eyes were red and he said anxiously, "Chen'er, Chen'er, what happened to you? Wake up! Don't scare Royal Father! Someone come, pass on the Imperial Physician! Quickly pass on the Imperial Physician!"

At this moment, Beiming Chen's resolute and handsome face was covered in blood. The blood at the corner of his mouth continued to flow. His breath was like a thin thread as he opened his eyes in Emperor Jing Chong's embrace. He had just said two words, "Royal Father!"

Then he stopped breathing.

Emperor Jing Chong's eyes were filled with disbelief when he saw this. He carefully shook the Northern Underworld Dust and shouted, "Chen'er, Chen'er, open your eyes! Open your eyes and look at Royal Father."

Unfortunately, the Northern Underworld Dust had already lost its vitality and could no longer respond to his words.

Emperor Jing Chong said furiously, "Someone, are they all dead?"

As soon as he finished speaking, a cold and lewd voice rang out from outside the door.

"Royal Father, don't call me that anymore. Second brother has just left. Royal Father needs to take care of his dragon body. Don't hurt his body!" The words were comforting, but the tone was extremely cold and carried a boundless chill.

Emperor Jing Chong immediately understood what was going on. Both of his eyes turned red. With hatred that was about to peel Beiming Yu's skin and pull out his tendons, he rushed forward and grabbed Beiming Yu's collar.

He said hatefully, "Is it you? Did you kill Chen'er? He is Zhen's son, and you actually dare to kill him! Zhen wants to tear you into ten thousand pieces to avenge Chen'er."

Although Beiming Yu's heart was like dead water, when he heard these words, a trace of pain flashed across his eyes.

He knew that the Northern Underworld Dust was his son, and he was also his son. However, at this moment, he was looking at him as if he was looking at an enemy!

However, this emotion only lasted for a split second. He immediately concealed it. It was still the Supreme Venerable Hua's Beiming Yu.

"That's right. I killed him. As for the reason, I think Royal Father should know it himself." He admitted it without hesitation.

Hearing this, the hatred in Emperor Jing Chong's eyes intensified. However, at this moment, a burst of soft laughter could be heard from outside, accompanied by obvious schadenfreude.

The person who came was Beiming Yu's birth mother, Noble Consort Ling!

The woman who came had a peerless appearance, and her facial features were as exquisite as a painting. Such a beauty, it was no wonder that Beiming Yu had such a good skin.

"What song is this today? Yo, isn't this the Emperor's most beloved Second Prince? Why is he dead! What a pity."

This tone was undoubtedly adding oil to the fire, directly igniting Emperor Jing Chong's fury.

He roared angrily, "Shut up, you b * tch! Who told you to come here? Get out, Zhen doesn't want to see you."

Noble Consort Ling covered her mouth and smiled. Her charming eyes made one's mind wander.

" What kind of words is the Emperor saying! Chenqie knew that the Emperor was about to die, so she specially came to send him off. It was not in vain for us to love and kill each other for so many years, wasn't it? "

The two of them were arguing until their faces turned red. Although they were husband and wife, the hatred in each other's eyes could be clearly seen. Seeing this, Beiming Yu's heart was already in a desolate state. This kind of situation, he had long predicted it.

Emperor Jing Chong was so angry that veins popped out on his forehead and his chest heaved up and down. He suddenly felt that his eyes had turned black and he felt dizzy.

At this moment, Noble Consort Ling suddenly pounced towards him. The dagger in his sleeve emitted a biting cold light and stabbed into Emperor Jing Chong's chest.

The bright red blood quickly dyed Emperor Jing Chong's bright yellow dragon robe. He looked at Noble Consort Ling in disbelief.

He said intermittently, "You... You... You actually dare to kill Zhen! You..."

Without saying anything else, Noble Consort Ling smiled very brightly and said, "In the end, you still died in my hands!" With that, she exerted force on the dagger in her hand and Emperor Jing Chong finally fell to the ground with his eyes wide open.

Throughout the whole process, Beiming Yu was like an outsider. He looked coldly at everything that was happening in front of him until Emperor Jing Chong died. Only then did he turn around indifferently and walk out of the Imperial Reading Room slowly.

No one saw a trace of tears flash across his eyes the moment he turned around.

Such an outcome, was it a good ending? Maybe it was!

A palace coup ended just like that.

Emperor Jing Chong was stabbed by an assassin and died without a cure. The second prince, Beiming Chen, was also killed by an assassin to save the emperor. Beiming Yu, the Crown Prince of Holy Snow Country, naturally inherited the throne.

After he ascended the throne, he didn't confer his biological mother with the title of Empress Dowager. It was as if he had long forgotten about this person's existence.

With the excuse of his ascension, he ordered the Holy Snow Country to stop attacking the Linfeng Country. Instead, he invited the envoys from the other three kingdoms to congratulate him on his ascension.

Such a change caused an uproar in the world.

At this moment, Dongfang Jin received a letter from Beiming Yu.

There were only a few simple words on the letter: Return your favor, and call a ceasefire for three months!

After Lan Xuehan knew about the changes in the Holy Snow Country, for some reason, she felt a slight heartache and relief. This kind of relief was for that peerlessly beautiful man. Although this kind of ending was not what he wanted. But it's the best for him!

Dongfang Jin passed the letter to Lan Xuehan. After she looked at it, her eyes slightly restrained, and then said, "Dongfang Jin, I..."

The words were stuck in her throat, and she did not know how to open her mouth.

However, Dongfang Jin smiled faintly. There was an indescribable elegance and indifference between his brows.

"I have already requested Royal Father, and I will be the ambassador this time."

Hearing this, Lan Xuehan's eyes were filled with gratitude. She really wanted to see Beiming Yu for such a big change. After all, she had once said that although she could not give him love, she could give him a long-lost familial love!

However, she was Dongfang Jin's wife now. Furthermore, the war between the two countries was imminent, so she had to take Dongfang Jin's position into consideration and go to the Holy Snow Country.

She originally wanted to discuss with him, but she didn't expect him to understand her so well! She had already made arrangements for all of this.

Dongfang Jin saw that her eyes were filled with gratitude, and said with a smile, "I agree that you will go, and that is already the limit. After you go, you must not get involved with him. The Holy Snow Country is covered in ice and snow all year round. It is not the season for peach blossoms to bloom."

Lan Xuehan rolled her eyes speechlessly when she saw how stingy Dongfang Jin was.

This person could always easily affect her emotions!

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