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C298 The Journey of the Diplomatic Mission(2)

She looked at Dongfang Jin. Initially, she wanted to bring up the matter of Dongfang Lyi. However, when she saw Dongfang Jin's tender eyes, the depression in her heart immediately dissipated.

Fine, since she had chosen Dongfang Jin, she would definitely believe him wholeheartedly! Those uneasiness, perhaps it was because she was worrying too much.

Dongfang Lyi did not persuade Dongfang Jin, so Emperor Wenjing did not send anyone else. After all, he knew Dongfang Jin's character very well.

However, after Soong Xiaoyou heard the news, she was furious. She wished she could tear Lan Xuehan into pieces to dispel the hatred in her heart!

Very soon, it was time for Dongfang Jin to go on a diplomatic mission to the Holy Snow Country. They travelled for several days and finally arrived at the border of the Linfeng Country.

Here, Lan Xuehan saw Dongfang Xuan.

When she saw Dongfang Xuan, he was being pestered by a girl!

"Prince Ann, this subject only wants to talk to His Highness. She doesn't have any other intentions!" This voice sounded very familiar.

Lan Xuehan looked carefully and saw Su Qingyi.

Surprise appeared in her eyes. She originally thought that Su Qingyi would follow her father and brother to the border of Zihua Country. But she actually came here for Ah Xuan.

It seemed that Su Qingyi had really placed Dongfang Xuan in her heart!

However, it was obvious that Dongfang Xuan was unwilling to see her. The gentle tone in the past had now completely turned into ice.

"I don't want to see you. If it wasn't for your ability to lead troops and Royal Father's decree, I would definitely not agree to let you follow me."

These words hit the nail on the head. Su Qingyi's small face instantly turned pale. Lan Xuehan could not bear to see him treat this kind of girl who sincerely treated him like this and walked out from the side.

"She likes you. Anyone with discerning eyes can see that. Even if you don't like her, you don't need to say such malicious words to her, right?"

Dongfang Xuan obviously didn't expect Lan Xuehan to see this scene. However, it only took a moment for his expression to change, and then he returned to his cold appearance.

Lan Xuehan looked at Dongfang Xuan, whom she hadn't seen for many days, and her eyes stung.

In the past, he was unrestrained and unrestrained, and there was a clear righteousness and smile between his brows. His eyes were also clear, and there was a warm smile on his face. He was in high spirits, carrying the romance of a poet, and Vigilante A's joy and revenge.

But now, the space between his brows was completely dark. His eyes were cold, and the corners of his mouth were tightly pursed. His warm smile was no longer there, and his attitude towards her was even colder, as if he were a stranger!

Dongfang Xuan said with a cold face, "Could it be that Princess Xu is so free now that she even needs to care about this kind of thing? You have such a kind heart, why don't you save someone else?"

The sarcasm in his words was so obvious that it made Lan Xuehan speechless.

She was just about to say something when she saw Dongfang Xuan turn around and leave, leaving behind an extremely strange and cold sentence.

"You and I have already severed all ties of kindness. You naturally don't have to care about my matters anymore!"

Looking at his determined back, Lan Xuehan pursed her lips tightly, her eyes obscure.

Su Qingyi by the side looked at him, her eyes carrying a bit of pain.

"Ever since Consort De passed away, he seemed to have become a different person. There is no longer any trace of the past on him!"

"Even so, you are still willing to follow him?"

"No matter what he has become, I will never change to him!" Although his tone was light, the friendship in his voice was as heavy as before! Qianjun!

After a few days of travel, they had finally arrived at the capital city of Holy Snow Country. Looking at the familiar scenery of the past, Lan Xuehan's heart was filled with endless complex emotions.

At this moment, Beiming Yu was welcoming Dongfang Jin at the entrance of the palace as a sign of respect.

Actually, his current status was higher than Dongfang Jin's. There was no need for this, but he couldn't resist the hope in his heart, hoping to see her as soon as possible.

Even though he didn't know what to say when they met, he had to suffer alone. However, after experiencing these changes, he still hoped that there would be a trace of warm light, illuminating this hopeless darkness.

Seeing her get down from the carriage, Beiming Yu merely glanced at her before shifting his gaze away.

He looked at Dongfang Jin, his gaze silent and his eyes deep.

"This palace's words will not be changed! You can rest assured."

Dongfang Jin knew what he meant. He smiled gently and his brows relaxed.

"I know!"

With just a few words, they had already understood each other's meaning, but it made the people below bitter. The ministers all frowned and had bitter faces.

Could you tell him what the two of them said? Indeed, the realm of God was not something ordinary people like them could understand!

Dongfang Jin and the others stayed in the guest house. At this time, Crown Princess and Xi Moyue from the Zihua Country had already arrived. In the end, only the Xiyue Country's Prince Chen had yet to arrive.

The day of the coronation was set to be the eighth of October ten days later, so they were not late!

That night, Beiming Yu set up a welcoming banquet for the envoys from the two countries in the Imperial Palace.

At the banquet, Lan Xuehan saw Xi Moyue. Looking at her exquisite face, the arrogance in her eyes flowed.

Lan Xuehan could not resist the anger in her heart. She was being unfair for Yao!

Dongfang Jin could clearly feel the change in her mood. He gently pinched her soft hand and comforted her gently, "This is the Northern Underworld Country!"

A sentence reminded her and Lan Xuehan restrained her emotions.

After Lan Xuehan sat down, she saw Ling Junyu at first glance. This man was also her opponent back then!

When Ling Junyu saw Lan Xuehan looking at him, he smiled and raised the cup in his hand, toasting her from afar. Lan Xuehan also responded with a smile.

When Dongfang Jin saw this, a trace of flowing light flashed through his eyes. He casually glanced at Ling Junyu and asked softly, "Who is he?"

Lan Xuehan looked at him suspiciously. He did not know?

How was that possible? If he didn't even know Ling Junyu, then she had to suspect whether this was Dongfang Jin!

"You don't know him?"

"Ling Junyu, the number one strategist under Beiming Yu. He is good at coordinating with others, and he is cruel and merciless. He has a meticulous mind and is known as a smiling tiger."

... "" Didn't they know each other? Then why are you asking her?

"What I mean is, what is his relationship with you?"

"Pfft!" Lan Xuehan could not help but laugh. So it was because of this!

"He has nothing to do with me. If there is any relationship, it is nothing more than an opponent's relationship!" She looked at Dongfang Jin with a smile in her eyes. The meaning in her eyes was very obvious. It was that your jealousy was too unreasonable!

Dongfang Jin relaxed his brows when he heard Lan Xuehan's satisfactory answer.

He said with a smile, "That is good!"

Lan Xuehan was speechless. This person!

This scene was seen by many people in the hall, especially Dongfang Jin's smile. It was simply breathtaking!

She had always known that this Young Master Wushuang was equally famous as her own Crown Prince, but she had never seen him in person.

They had never thought that he would be so peerlessly beautiful!

Especially those young ladies, their eyes were filled with peach blossoms when they looked at Dongfang Jin. They were extremely shy!

Lan Xuehan, who was beside him, was almost shot into a sieve by someone's gaze.

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