Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C299 Women's War(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C299 Women's War(1)
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C299 Women's War(1)

Just as Lan Xuehan and Dongfang Jin were whispering to each other, a soft laugh suddenly came from above. It was a charming voice, but it made people feel uncomfortable listening to it.

"Oh, this noble lady looks very familiar. May I know which family's daughter is she from?"

Lan Xuehan followed the sound and saw Noble Consort Ling in a red palace dress. Her face was exquisite and her beauty was exceptional. Her beautiful eyes were smiling but that smile did not reach the bottom of her eyes.

She was clearly here to find trouble!

"Reporting to Grand Concubine Your Ladyship, this princess is the princess of the Linfeng Country's Prince Xu. This consort has specially come to congratulate Prince Beiming on his coronation! However, this consort has never seen the consort Your Ladyship before. So I think Grand Concubine Your Ladyship must have mistaken him for someone else? "

When Noble Consort Ling heard this, she covered her mouth and smiled," So it is Princess Xu! Bengong thought that it was some family's heiress. However, this Princess Xu looks very similar to the servant girl that I had seen in the Imperial Household in my early years. If it was not for this identity, I would really think that both of you are the same person!"

When Dongfang Jin heard these words, a dark light flashed through his eyes and the corner of his mouth slightly pursed.

Lan Xuehan was just about to speak when she heard Beiming Yu said coldly from above, "Princess Xu is the direct disciple of the current Skysnow Mountain. How could she be similar to servant girl from the Inner Palace? Furthermore, ever since this son became an adult, Royal Mother had never come to my son's crown prince's residence. How could I have seen servant girl in my residence?"

These words were filled with the intention to protect Lan Xuehan and also with dissatisfaction towards Noble Consort Ling.

The people below looked at Noble Consort Ling one after another, and their expressions were filled with deep meaning as if they wanted to say something but did not want to.

This Noble Consort Ling was Crown Prince's birth mother, but unfortunately, she had always been at odds with His Highness. This time, His Highness succeeded the throne and did not grant her the title of Empress Dowager. Now, His Highness had publicly challenged her face at such a banquet.

It seemed that the rivalry between the mother and son was getting bigger and bigger!

But there would always be people who didn't know the difference between life and death coming up.

When Xi Moyue saw the scene in front of her, a vicious glint flashed across her eyes. The corner of her mouth carried an incomparably arrogant smile.

She lightly laughed and slowly opened her mouth to speak, "Grand Concubine Your Ladyship's words are also not without reason! Everyone in the world knows that Princess Xu is a person in the pugilistic world and definitely is not like the daughter of a noble clan who is pampered in her room and does not leave her room.

Who can guarantee that before she married Prince Xu, she has never come to the Holy Snow Country, nor has she come to Prince Beiming's residence?"

As soon as these words came out, Dongfang Jin's eyes instantly became cold. He slightly turned his wrist and a jade chopsticks flew towards Xi Moyue.

When Xi Moyue saw this, her facial expression changed drastically, and fear flowed out of her eyes.

Fortunately, the female servant beside her, Xiyan, blocked in front of Xi Moyue and received the jade chopsticks.

After receiving the jade chopsticks, her face immediately turned pale and a trace of dark red blood flowed out from the corner of her mouth.

After Xi Moyue recovered her senses, seeing this scene, she immediately shouted without caring about her image, "Dongfang Jin, you actually want to murder this empress. Are you crazy? Your Linfeng Country is now facing enemies from both sides. If I die... My Zihua Country will flatten your handsome face at once!"

Upon hearing this, Dongfang Jin smiled indifferently. His poetic and picturesque face carried a clear coldness. His gaze was cold to the bone as he shot straight at her.

"She is my wife. Anyone who dares to insult her will be making me their enemy!"

It was just a few words, but it was as heavy as a thousand jun. It instantly smashed into everyone's heart and also smashed into Lan Xuehan's heart.

Right now, she was both moved and distressed. What moved her was that he was always like this. He always protected her at all costs in any situation, afraid that she would suffer even the slightest grievance. What pained her was that even though he could not use martial arts now, he still forcefully used his inner energy to protect her. The current him, who looked like a pale face, was actually just forcefully holding on!

When Xi Moyue heard this, her eyes narrowed, and her eyes revealed a deep unwillingness and crazy jealousy.

Back then, it was precisely because of Lan Xuehan that Dongfang Jin rejected her request to marry with the entire country, causing her to suffer the ridicule of the world. Now, it was also because of Lan Xuehan that she suffered such a great humiliation in the hall.

With such a deep grudge, how could she easily let Lan Xuehan go?

"Why would Prince Xu be angry? This empress is just speaking based on facts! If she is not afraid of others, why should she be afraid of others' words? "

Dongfang Jin was about to speak when Lan Xuehan gently grabbed his hand from below, indicating that he should not care.

She smiled languidly and her face was beautiful. "Crown Princess, are you envious that I can roam the Jianghu? That's right. After all, you have lived in the palace for a long time and are like a frog at the bottom of a well. Of course, you will not be able to see this boundless world! However, as long as you have a little brain, you will not drag me and Prince Beiming together.

Don't tell me you want your Zihua Country to be attacked from both sides?"

Lan Xuehan's tone became cold and sharp after the last sentence.

When Xi Moyue heard this, she sneered and said disapprovingly," You are the Linfeng Country's princess, not the Northern Ocean's Crown Princess. Could it be that Northern Ocean's ministers will listen to you? "

"Northern Ocean's ministers will not listen to her but will listen to Bengong. Crown Princess better be careful with her words and actions. Otherwise, don't blame Bengong for disregarding the friendship between the two countries and leaving Crown Princess here to rest in eternal sleep! "

The cold words carried a fearful warning that made Xi Moyue feel fear from the bottom of her heart. However, she still pretended to be calm and said," What does Prince Beiming mean by this? Could it be that he wants to make the relationship between the two countries worsen?"

Beiming Yu looked at her coldly. "This is my coronation. No matter what the current situation is, this is my coronation. No matter what grudges there are between the few countries, once we enter the Holy Snow Country... You will be an honored guest of my Holy Snow Country. Crown Princess is stirring up trouble here. Is she not putting the Holy Snow Country in her eyes?"

Xi Moyue did not expect Beiming Yu to defend Lan Xuehan like this. Her face turned red. Her eyes were filled with resentment. But she did not dare to refute. After all, Beiming Yu had already said what he wanted to say. If she said anything more, it would inevitably cause other things to happen.

The fight had ended just like that, but Beiming Yu's attitude caused those officials who did not know about it to lose their minds.

What was wrong with Crown Prince, who never got close to women? Why did he protect the princess of another country so much?

At the banquet, the daughters of the nobles all stared at Lan Xuehan with jealousy and hatred. The two most outstanding young kings of Shenghe Mainland were so protective of her! How could they not be jealous of such fortune?

Just as they were planning to show off their talents and humiliate Lan Xuehan.

She suddenly stood up and said with a clear and shallow expression, "Prince Beiming, I am not feeling well. Can the two of us leave first?"

When Beiming Yu heard this, a trace of worry flashed across his eyes. His voice was no longer calm as he asked, "What happened to Princess Xu? Where is the discomfort? Do you need to ask the Imperial Physician to take a look?"

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