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C3 Transmigration

Suddenly, when Nangong Feng was only ten steps away from Meng Qiang, Meng Qiang attacked Ye Xuehan who was behind him.

Nangong Feng hurriedly shouted, "Be careful!" Ye Xuehan also reacted very quickly. She had been staring at Nangong Feng when he started to walk towards Meng Qiang. She wanted to seize the initiative and attack first.

She suddenly took a step back and quickly raised her leg to kick Meng Qiang. Her figure was strong, agile, and powerful. However, Meng Qiang was not weak either. He quickly dodged. It made Ye Xuehan's foot miss. Ye Xuehan saw that she did not hit her target, so she rushed forward and struck him with her palm.

At this moment, Nangong Feng also started to attack. He held one of Ling Mengyao's hands and protected her behind him. He quickly turned around and kicked the man in black behind him.

The man in black who was close to Nangong Feng was kicked to the ground before he could react. Nangong Feng used the tip of his foot to kick the gun on the ground. Holding the gun, he half-hugged Ling Mengyao and quickly approached Ye Xuehan and Meng Qiang.

Meng Qiang was focusing on dealing with Ye Xuehan. He did not expect Ye Xuehan to be so strong. He originally thought that Ye Xuehan was only good at commanding behind the scenes and was not suitable to fight on the ground.

Unfortunately, this world was not like what he thought. He did not notice the situation behind him and Nangong Feng punched him on the back shoulder and threw the gun in his hand to Ye Xuehan.

When Ye Xuehan received the gun, she pointed it at Meng Qiang's temple. Meng Qiang was subdued. He did not show any fear and just let Ye Xuehan control him.

Ye Xuehan held Meng Qiang's neck with one hand and pointed the gun at Meng Qiang's temple with the other.

At this time, Ye Xuehan had already transformed into a Shura in the dark night. A murderous aura shrouded the surroundings.

It was because of her mother in the pool of blood. It was because of the loss of happiness. It was because she had paid the wrong amount of hatred. These emotions that were suppressed in the bottom of her heart had completely erupted.

She coldly looked at the group of black-clothed people in front of her, and said in a clear and cold voice, "Step back, or I'll kill him!"

As she spoke, she motioned for Nangong Feng to go in and save the people inside. Nangong Feng nodded at her to indicate that he understood.

Immediately, he lowered his head to look at Ling Mengyao. The corner of his mouth was still the same frivolous smile. He asked in a bewitching tone, "How is it? This young master's embrace is very safe, right? I understand that you don't want to leave, but I have something to do now. You get up first. Is that okay? "

When Ling Mengyao heard his words, she did not make any moves. However, Nangong Feng's furrowed brows showed that he was enduring a great deal of pain.

He immediately used that high decibel tone to beg for mercy, "Grandaunt, I was wrong, okay? Hurry up and let go, the flesh on my waist is about to fall.

At this time, Nangong Feng regretted and wanted to hit the wall. He only wanted to take advantage of the momentary speed of his tongue to forget that he was an out-and-out devil in this world!

Ling Mengyao was also clear about the current situation. When she heard Nangong Feng begging for mercy, she let go of him. And... Leave his support. After leaving that trace of warmth, the cold wind in the night made her tremble violently. In a trance, she discovered that she was actually reluctant to part with Nangong Feng's embrace.

Without waiting for her to think too much, Nangong Feng pushed her away and quickly walked into the house as if he was fleeing. She shook her head and laughed at the idea that she had.

After a while, Nangong Feng rescued all the people who were held captive. Besides Ye Haotian, there was also an old man who was over half a century old. That old man had been a housekeeper in Ye family since he was young. He was also the witness of the whole incident. He admired and felt sorry for this family.

He felt that no matter if it was the old master, the madam, or the young miss, they were all excellent people. However, Fortune played a trick on them. A good family had become like this.

He only hoped that the Miss and the old master could resolve their former enmity so as to comfort Madam's soul in heaven!

Nangong Feng walked in front of Ye Haotian and the others. Just as he wanted to tell Ye Xuehan that everyone was safe, he was narrowed by a dazzling red light.

In an instant, he quickly ran towards Ye Xuehan and shouted sternly, "Xiao Han, be careful!" Because he understood that it was the remote control of the bomb.

But when he just touched Ye Xuehan, he, Ye Xuehan, and Ling Mengyao did not escape from fate's arrangement. With a loud sound, a red light was particularly dazzling in the quiet night.

It took away everything that happened to the three of them in this era just for the destined future of the reincarnation and the rise of another continent.

A world-toppling love song, the separation of the world, and the secret history of the palace all began to spin the gears of fate at this moment.

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