Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C300 The War Between Women(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C300 The War Between Women(2)
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C300 The War Between Women(2)

These words were full of concern, causing them to look at Beiming Yu one after another. Especially Dongfang Jin, his eyes were cold as he stared at Beiming Yu. His tone was cold as he said, "Since the Princess is safe, I won't trouble the Imperial Physician. It's good that I'll accompany her back. I hope Prince Beiming doesn't have to worry! "

After saying that, he pulled Lan Xuehan and left the table.

Beiming Yu looked at the backs of the two of them as they walked away. There was an endless elegance and elegance, and endless tenderness flowed within. His eyes flashed slightly and covered the trace of injury in his eyes.

Dongfang Jin's footsteps only floated when he reached a place where no one was around. His jade face became increasingly pale under the bright moonlight.

When Lan Xuehan saw this, she hurriedly took out medicine from her waist and fed it to him. Her eyes were filled with anxiety as she muttered, "Why do you want to lower yourself to her level? Even though she knew that she could not use force, she still forcefully used her inner energy. Yet now, for this kind of person, you caused your internal injuries to worsen. It's really not worth it!"

Dongfang Jin swallowed the pill with her hand and eased up a little. He then slowly said, "It's not worth it. She humiliated you, so I naturally have to seek justice for you! I'm the only one who can bully you. How can it be someone else's turn to talk nonsense? "

The overbearing words were like sweet words that slowly flowed into Lan Xuehan's heart. She gently pursed the corners of her mouth and smiled. Her eyes could not stop the happiness in them.

"Dongfang Jin, sometimes I find that you are really a child!"

Dongfang Jin raised his eyebrows when he heard that. Then he looked down and stared at her stomach. He said, "Maybe there is already our child here!"

He really wanted a child that belonged to him and Lan Xuehan. He could not help but feel happy when he thought about the charm of the child and the two of them.

Lan Xuehan naturally understood what he meant. A blush gradually appeared on her face and her eyes were filled with shyness.

"Dongfang Jin, what do you think? How can it be so fast?"

After saying that, Dongfang Jin raised his head and looked at her. His eyes became deep and evil.

"You mean I can't do it anymore?"

This was a matter that concerned the dignity of a man. He had to let this little woman speak the truth.

This made Lan Xuehan so embarrassed that she did not even know where to put her eyes. She lowered her head and said angrily, "Dongfang Jin, I did not expect you to have the potential to become a lecher!"

After saying that, she hurriedly turned around and wanted to leave.

Dongfang Jin gently pulled her, his eyes filled with an intoxicating and elegant smile.

"Alright, I won't tease you anymore! Don't worry, I will definitely work hard and give birth to our own child."

When Lan Xuehan, who was being pulled, heard his words, she couldn't help but think that if she had a child that belonged to the two of them, then she would truly have no regrets in this life!

When Lan Xuehan took her leave, Noble Consort Ling had been secretly watching Beiming Yu's expression. Seeing a trace of warmth appear in his cold eyes, the corners of her mouth curled up.

As expected!

This woman was the servant girl she had met once by chance. At that time, she only knew that this servant girl was a guest in his residence. However, it was said that he listened to this guest and trusted him greatly.

If not for this guest, he might not have been able to become the Crown Prince!

If that was the case, as long as he captured this woman, everything would be easy.

In Noble Consort Ling's bedchamber, a black-clothed man was wrapped tightly. The aura around his body was hidden in the dark night, like an emissary of the dark night, carrying a biting coldness that made people shiver.

Noble Consort Ling sat on the soft couch, her eyes were silent and cold, and the corner of her mouth was smiling.

"I have already found a way to restrain Beiming Yu!"

The man sounded as if he was not angry at all. "What do you want me to do?"

"Bring Princess Xu here."

"Okay," the man said. As soon as he finished speaking, he disappeared from the palace.

The next morning, Lan Xuehan woke up and found that Dongfang Jin was not there. After asking, she found out that Beiming Yu had sent someone to invite him to the Imperial Palace early in the morning.

She had already promised that she would not interfere in the matters between the two of them. Hence, Lan Xuehan did not think too much about it. After eating breakfast, she instructed Liuyun, "Pack up and let's go out."

Liuyun did not know that Lan Xuehan had stayed here before so she asked in surprise, "Where is the Princess going? Not waiting for the Royal Highness to return?"

Lan Xuehan lightly smiled and said, "To visit an old friend. He went this time and did not know when he would return! Not waiting for him, we will be back after going out for a while. "

Liuyun heard this and did not say anything else.

Lan Xuehan wanted to see the scenery of the city so she did not order the horse carriage and brought Liuyun out of the door.

The sound of peddlers on the street rose and fell. Lan Xuehan looked at the people living a happy and peaceful life and there was a smile in her eyes.

She actually wanted to go and see Lyi Beichen. Last night at the banquet, he did not attend. She was his elder sister. There was no reason for her to stay in the Holy Snow Country.

Since the ice between the two of them needed to be broken by one person, what harm was there in lowering her head once?

Lyi Beichen was a young general, but his mansion wasn't in a busy city. After all, when he first chose the mansion, his mother was seriously ill and needed to rest. Therefore, the Li Residence chose some remote places.

Lan Xuehan walked along the way but when she reached a small path, Liuyun's body suddenly went limp and she slowly fell down.

Seeing Liuyun lying limply on the ground, Lan Xuehan immediately felt that something was wrong. She vigilantly looked at her surroundings and at this time the hidden guard that was secretly protecting her also appeared and landed around her.

However, the skill of the people in the dark to conceal themselves was really high. They saw that the people on their side fell one after another, but they did not see who the other party was.

Lan Xuehan looked at the situation and knew that the person who came was definitely not an ordinary person.

In this world, there were only a few people who knew such an expert level of ninjutsu. She did not expect that she would actually meet him now.

He really didn't know who it was that wanted to take her life!

One of the hidden guard said to Lan Xuehan in a serious voice, "Princess, leave quickly. I will wait here to cover the retreat!"

However, just as his voice faded. He also collapsed onto the ground. Lan Xuehan looked over and found that they were all just unconscious.

This kind of action was really strange. She said with a cold face, "Who exactly are you, and why did you not show yourself? Since you have shown mercy, then what is there that you cannot say in front of your face?"

However, after she finished speaking, no one appeared. On the contrary, her eyes turned black and she fell unconscious.

These hidden guards had never encountered such a thing before, but they all knew that protecting the Princess was disadvantageous to them, and Young Master would definitely not spare them.

Just as they were about to report this matter to Dongfang Jin, a group of soldiers came out from behind them, and the one who slowly walked out was Lyi Beichen.

Lyi Beichen received news from the guards in the mansion that there was movement outside the mansion. He knew the power of his subordinates. If it was a small matter, it would not be reported to him. Therefore, this matter must not be simple, so he came out to take a look.

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