Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C341 Zi Ran Was Seriously Injured(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C341 Zi Ran Was Seriously Injured(1)
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C341 Zi Ran Was Seriously Injured(1)

As soon as Lan Xuehan finished her words, one arrow after another flew down with great speed, and there was a huge fire underneath. These soldiers shot the arrows down with tears in their eyes, and all of their eyes were red.

After all, there were close to ten thousand brothers who had been with them day and night, and they had been through life and death together!

When Lan Yuhua saw this scene, his expression was ruthless.

The cultivation of the men of sacrifice required a huge price. These three thousand men of sacrifice were also his trump card, but today, all of them had died here.

How could he swallow his anger after seeing such an outcome?

His eyes swept across the entire battlefield. When he saw Xi Moyao who was still fighting with the crowd, the corner of his mouth slightly curved, carrying a trace of bloodthirstiness.

With a wrong step, Lan Yuhua's body was surrounded by thick fog.

On the other side, Lan Xuehan, who had given the order to shoot with tears in her eyes, had already drawn her bow and arrow, aiming at Lan Yuhua.

To capture a thief, one must first capture the king. She still understood this principle!

If Lan Yuhua died, this group of black-clothed people would lose the person who commanded and acted. Then they would be able to save the lives of those who were still alive.

However, when the arrow that cut through the air flew to Lan Yuhua, he suddenly disappeared!

Seeing this, Lan Xuehan's eyes became sharp. It was the Lan family's spirit art!

Su Qinglan, who was standing beside her, suddenly exclaimed, "It's the Lan family's spiritual spell!"

Lan Xuehan turned to look at him when she heard this. She was slightly puzzled. "You know about the Lan family's spirit art?" This spirit art was a secret art unique to the heavens. Normally, very few people would know about it. She only knew about this secret art because she had read about it in the Skysnow Mountain before.

At this time, Su Qinglan's eyes were still looking down. When he heard someone beside him asking him, he casually said, "Jin has always wanted to destroy this secret art. Of course I know about it!"

Only after he finished speaking did he realize that the person who asked him was actually Lan Xuehan.

Instantly, his eyes flickered slightly as his gaze shifted. Why did he say such words? He was so stupid!

But before Lan Xuehan could ask why, Su Qinglan immediately cried out in alarm, "Second Princess, be careful!"

Lan Xuehan looked down and saw Lan Yuhua suddenly appear beside Xi Moyao. His movements were too fast and Xi Moyao did not have any precautions, so Lan Yuhua instantly held her back.

Then, he used a secret technique again and the two of them immediately disappeared from the field below.

Just as Lan Xuehan was searching for their tracks, she heard someone behind her laugh and say, "Are you looking for me? My niece!"

She turned around and saw Lan Yuhua holding Xi Moyao, whose acupuncture points had been pointed, behind them.

Seeing the sharp dagger resting on Xi Moyao's neck, Lan Xuehan's small face was filled with frost as she coldly asked, "What do you want?"

When Lan Yuhua heard this, he sneered, "I don't want to do anything. It is just that it is not easy for me to nurture these three thousand men of sacrifice. If I die just like that, it would be a pity. However, since you and I are uncle and nephew, it would be too polite to let you die with us. Why don't you cripple your martial arts and break the meridians of martial arts? I'll let her go, how about it?"

Before Lan Xuehan could reply, Su Qinglan, who was standing beside her, said sternly, "Xuehan, you can't!"

These few days, he had seen the friendship between Lan Xuehan and Xi Moyao previously. Furthermore, he understood her character. She valued relationships and loyalty. Perhaps, in order to save Xi Moyao, she would really agree to Lan Yuhua's conditions.

At that time, he really did not dare to imagine the consequences!

However, Lan Xuehan suddenly laughed lightly, her tone carrying a hint of ridicule.

"I originally thought that you were smart enough to be counted as my opponent. But I didn't expect that you would be so stupid. You don't even know who the person you kidnapped is and you still want to negotiate with me here!"

When Lan Yuhua heard her say this, he narrowed his eyes and looked down.

Realizing that there were tiny traces in Xi Moyao's ears, he stretched out his hand and pulled.

Human skin mask!

Xi Moyao, whose human skin mask was removed, immediately revealed her original appearance. She had a pair of handsome eyebrows and bright eyes. Clearly, she was a man.

Fury appeared in his eyes. Then, he unlocked his acupuncture points and asked in a cold voice, "Who are you?"

Feng Ziran, who had his acupuncture points unlocked, heard his question. A faint smile appeared on his handsome face, "I am the eldest son of the Xiyue Country's Feng Family, Feng Ziran!"

These words had undoubtedly provoked Lan Yuhua. Initially, he wanted to capture Xi Moyao. He wanted to threaten Lan Xuehan to cripple her own martial arts. Then, he would force Xi Moyao to hand over the military seal of the garrison in the western part of the city. This way, he did not lose too badly in this battle.

However, no matter how he calculated, he never would have thought that Xi Moyao was actually a person pretending to be someone.

At this critical moment, Lan Xuehan quickly attacked. She tapped the tip of her foot lightly and the sword in her hand flashed towards Lan Yuhua.

When Lan Yuhua saw this, he knew that he was at a disadvantage at this moment. Then, he struck Feng Ziran's body with his palm, sending him flying towards Lan Xuehan. He disappeared in a flash once again.

Feng Ziran felt that his internal organs had been dislocated in an instant. A heart-wrenching pain attacked him. After that, he spat out a mouthful of blood and lost consciousness.

Lan Xuehan caught Feng Ziran, who was flying towards her, and quickly took his pulse.

But after she put on his wrist, her expression quickly became serious. She quickly took out a porcelain bottle from her waist and poured the pill into his mouth. After she fed him the pill, she used her inner energy to stabilize his injuries.

In this battle, other than Feng Ziran who was seriously injured and whose life and death was unknown, everyone else had died in the Gourd Cave. And the price of the enemy was the three thousand men of sacrifice.

The fire burned for more than two hours, and all the soldiers on top knelt down with red eyes.

These ten thousand soldiers were real soldiers. They used their own deaths to exchange for the lives of others. Between life and justice, their choice moved everyone.

Lan Xuehan closed her eyes and desperately suppressed the tears that flowed out of her eyes. However, she discovered a hearty laughter and sincere words by her ear.

"From today onwards, this subordinate will be loyal to the Marshal and will never be disloyal!"

Indeed, this was the battlefield!

The oath from yesterday was still lingering in her ears, but now she could not even find his corpse capital!

In the military camp, after Xi Moyao woke up from her sleep, she rubbed her neck that was still in pain and tried to recall what happened.

This morning, she had originally planned to lead Lan Yuhua into the Gourd Cave according to the plan she had discussed with her boss. However, the moment she left the tent, she met Feng Ziran. After greeting him, she walked over to him.

However, she suddenly felt a pain in her neck, and then she went unconscious!

Recalling what happened in the morning, her heart sank.

Then, she quickly ran outside the tent. At this moment, it was already time! Then, Boss and the others?

She quickly ran to the main account and saw Lan Xuehan and the others.

She quickly walked up. Just as she was about to speak, her gaze touched the unconscious Feng Ziran.

Seeing the blood at the corner of his mouth and his usual attire, Xi Moyao had already confirmed her guess.

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