Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C342 Zi Ran Was Seriously Injured(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C342 Zi Ran Was Seriously Injured(2)
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C342 Zi Ran Was Seriously Injured(2)

Feng Ziran took her place and carried out the plan!

Thinking back to that night's resolute and serious words, I absolutely won't allow anything to happen to you!

Xi Moyao felt as if her heart had been heavily smashed by a hammer, causing her to feel pain.

She walked step by step to Feng Ziran's side, her eyes looking at him, and asked in a hoarse voice, "Boss, how is he?"

Lan Xuehan had already guessed all of this on the battlefield and could naturally understand Xi Moyao's feelings at this time. She had a serious expression and could not bear to say, "He was hit by Lan Yuhua and his heart was injured. I can only use medicine to keep him alive now but I don't know how to save him!"

Lan Yuhua's skill was profound, and he attacked with all his strength.

Fortunately, Feng Ziran's martial arts cultivation was not low, or else that palm would have killed him on the spot. However, even so, his current heart meridian was extremely fragile. If he did not treat it quickly, he was afraid that he would not be able to survive.

After hearing Lan Xuehan's words, Xi Moyao's face turned even paler. Her face was heavy and her eyes were red as she stared at Feng Ziran's sleeping handsome face. After that, her hoarse voice was filled with pleading.

"Boss, I beg you, please save him, you must live him! Otherwise..." Otherwise, with such a heavy debt of love, how could she finish this life?

Lan Xuehan understood her meaning and took a step forward to hug Xi Moyao and comfort her, "Yao, I understand your current mood. Believe me, if there is a chance of survival, I will save him!"

Feeling Lan Xuehan's warmth, Xi Moyao finally could not help but shed tears.

Lan Xuehan knew that her medical skills were limited, so she had already ordered Mo Xing to send a message to Dongfang Jin and ask him how to save Feng Ziran.

These few days, Xi Moyao had been waiting in front of Feng Ziran's bed, waiting on him.

Looking at his sleeping handsome face, Xi Moyao's eyes were filled with guilt, gratitude, and helplessness.

When it came to relationships, she was like her boss and had always been very clear about them. She knew that she liked Nangong Feng, so she would not accept anyone else.

However, she had never thought that there would be a day when someone would be willing to sacrifice his life for her!

She was touched by this kind of love, but she would never have any love for him because of it.

After all, love was love. If she did not love, then she did not love!

If Feng Ziran really could not wake up this time, she would serve him as her daughter and not marry him for the rest of her life. She would repay his kindness.

If he woke up, they would never see each other again!

Three days later, just as Lan Xuehan was at her wits' end. Dongfang Jin's reply finally came.

However, when she saw the method to save her in Dongfang Jin's letter, Lan Xuehan fell silent. After thinking for a long time, she decided to tell Xi Moyao about this matter.

"You are saying that the Leafless Flower can save him?" Xi Moyao's eyes darkened and her voice was hoarse.

Lan Xuehan nodded with a solemn expression. "That's right. Dongfang Jin said in the letter that the Leafless Flower is the Paramita Flower. It grows in the land of the divine miracle and has the effect of reviving the dead. However, Yao, this medicine is for you. Back then, the Land of Miracles had already been destroyed, so this was the only medicine in the world. If you give it to him to use, you..."

Before Lan Xuehan could finish her words, Xi Moyao interrupted her.

"Boss, give it to him! This was supposed to be what I had to bear, so I took the blame for me. If he dies, I won't feel at ease for the rest of my life. "

Lan Xuehan understood what she meant, so she did not try to persuade him anymore. Instead, she nodded and replied," Alright, then save him first! Don't worry, there is always a way out. Your Mandala River will definitely have a way. "

Even though she knew that it was comforting, Xi Moyao still forced a smile and said, "I believe you, Boss!"

Finally, Lan Xuehan gave the only leafless flower in her hand to Feng Ziran to consume. This medicine was indeed worthy of growing in Land of Miracles. The second day after taking it, Feng Ziran woke up.

After Lan Xuehan finished taking his pulse, she smiled and said, "Alright, you are fine now. You only need to rest well for a few days to fully recover."

When Feng Ziran heard her, he smiled and thanked her. "Princess Xu is indeed worthy of being Old Man Tianshan's footwork. Her medical skills are really amazing. Thank you for saving me this time. Ziran will remember this great kindness!"

Even though he was in a coma, he knew how serious his injuries were. After all, the feeling of his heart being broken was so strong. He already had the intention to die. He didn't expect Lan Xuehan's medical skills to be so powerful. She actually saved his life.

When Lan Xuehan heard this, her eyes slightly flashed. She remembered that Yao did not want her to speak the truth. She agreed, "This time you helped Yao block this disaster. It is only natural for me to save you. Alright, you should rest well now!"

Looking at Xi Moyao by the side, Lan Xuehan consoled, "Yao, you should go and have a good rest now! He is already fine, you do not need to worry anymore! "

These few days, Xi Moyao had been taking care of Feng Ziran here and she had lost a circle of weight.

Feng Ziran also looked at Xi Moyao. He saw that although her face was covered by a veil, her beautiful eyes were full of blood. It was enough to tell that she had not rested for a long time.

He said, "Yes! You go and rest first. I am fine now. You don't have to worry."

Hearing him say this, Xi Moyao's lips moved slightly and wanted to say something. But when her gaze touched his weak lips, she remembered that he had just woken up and had already changed the words that were about to come out of her mouth.

"Alright, I will go and rest first. I will come and see you later!"

Feng Ziran was naturally happy. He hurriedly smiled and nodded.

Lan Xuehan knew Xi Moyao's temperament well, so when the two of them went out together, she said to her, "He has just woken up and his mood should not fluctuate too much. If you have something to say, let's wait for him to get better before talking!"

Xi Moyao understood that it was only because she was old and generous that she saw her expression. She guessed what she wanted to say and specially exhorted her.

At this time, Dongfang Jin was already on the way to Lan Xuehan's side.

That day, he and Dongfang Xuan discussed countermeasures overnight.

He designed a new defensive plan for Dongfang Xuan to implement, and then used all the secret guard he had at the border to cut off Beiming Yu's grain.

Then, Dongfang Xuan and Su Qingyi led troops to surround and attack Lyi Beichen. Both of them were fierce generals, and they had cooperated many times, so they were lucky enough to injure the soldiers in Lyi Beichen's hands.

As for him, he faced Beiming Yu head on. After a great battle, although his vitality was greatly injured, Beiming Yu was not much better.

After a few days of planning, Beiming Yu's troops were finally held back.

Although it was only a month, it was enough!

Looking at the bright moon in the sky, Dongfang Jin's clear eyes were filled with tenderness.

He was about to see her!

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