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C343 Goodbye(1)

At this time, it was already late autumn. The evening wind carried this bone-chilling cold and attacked people. Mo Lan looked at his young master's pale face and comforted him, "Young master, you should rest for a while before leaving! After all, you are injured now. You should not work too hard!"

Although his young master had severely injured Prince Beiming, he hadn't gotten any benefits from it. He had suffered severe internal injuries, and now he had to work day and night. Even an iron body wouldn't be able to withstand such torture!

Dongfang Jin didn't say anything, but he didn't have the intention of stopping to rest either.

When Mo Lan saw this, his voice slightly raised, "Young Master, if you go and see the Princess like this, she will definitely feel heartache!"

When Lan Xuehan was mentioned, Dongfang Jin finally stopped. His jade face was pale, the corner of his mouth was tightly pursed, and his eyes were deep.

That's right, his internal energy was unstable now. If he still forced himself to hurry, he would also be ill when he went over to see her. It was inevitable that she would have to worry again. She was pregnant now, and he did not want her to worry too much.

Seeing that his young master had finally stopped, Mo Lan finally let out a sigh of relief and let go of the worry that had been hanging in his heart.

Indeed, it was still the wangfei that was effective on his mistress!

Lan Yuhua sat in the tent with a gloomy expression. His entire body emitted a gloomy aura that caused one to tremble in fear.

He had really underestimated Lan Xuehan. He did not expect that all the trump cards that he had painstakingly cultivated would be lost in her hands. At this point, his vitality had been greatly damaged. How could he swallow such an insult?

Just as he was thinking of ways to take revenge, a crisp female voice came from the door.

"I didn't expect that you would also fall into the hands of that girl. It seems like the heir of this generation of Lan family is quite capable!"

Her tone was soft, but it carried a chill.

When Lan Yuhua heard this, the gloominess in his eyes dissipated, and traces of tenderness appeared in the depths of his eyes.

He stood up and looked at the door. The curtain of the tent was opened, and a beautiful woman walked in. Her eyes were smiling, but the arrogance between her brows could be seen clearly.

This person was Yin Qianying!

Lan Yuhua went forward and greeted her with a smile on his face. His tone was gentle, "Why are you here?" He suddenly remembered that he had received news that she was seriously injured a few days ago. He then asked with concern, "I heard that you were seriously injured a few days ago. Are you feeling better now?"

As he spoke, he reached out and pulled her. He wanted to diagnose her pulse!

Yin Qianying let him take her pulse, "it is already done. I came this time for Lan Xuehan of course. Her father is already in the Lan family. As the young mistress of the Lan family, naturally, we must do our best to reunite their family!"

Although this was the case, everyone could hear the meaning behind it.

When he heard Yin Qianying mention Lan Muhua, Lan Yuhua's smile faded. He pursed his lips and looked at Yin Qianying with a bright light in his eyes.

That's right. He liked Yin Qianying. He had fallen in love with her since she was young. Unfortunately, in her eyes, there was only her big brother!

She sighed lightly and asked, "What do you want to do?"

He knew the hatred in her heart, and all he could do was try his best to help her fulfill her wish.

When Yin Qianying heard this, she looked at him and her eyes slightly drooped, "Lan Xuehan has always valued relationships and loyalty. If she destroys everything that she has now, then the result will definitely be very exciting!"

"Okay, no matter what you want to do, I will help you!"

Yin Qianying's eyes were moved but it was only for a moment.

She had long been filled with hatred, so her current purpose of living was revenge. In order to take revenge, it was a pity that she used all the resources in her hands, including the Lan Yuhua who admired her!

Yin Qianying's arrival made the battlefield of this contest even more sinister and unpredictable.

These few days, under Xi Moyao's careful care, Feng Ziran, who was in a good mood, recovered very quickly. After all, the person he liked was by his side and looked happy.

On this day, after Lan Xuehan's pulse was confirmed, Feng Ziran finally recovered. After being bored for a few days, he could not wait to go out for a walk.

Xi Moyao naturally would not reject his request and supported him to a riverside around the tent.

Walking by the riverside and looking at the blue sky and white clouds, even though late autumn was cool, Feng Ziran's heart was warm. The person he liked to be by his side was the most beautiful thing.

After walking for a while, Xi Moyao suddenly stopped and looked at Feng Ziran with a solemn expression.

"I have something to say to you!"

This seriousness made Feng Ziran's heart sink. He froze for a moment, then laughed and said, "What do you have to say with such a solemn tone? Could it be that you are extremely touched that I saved you with my own body this time? So you want to marry me with your own body? "

"Feng Ziran, after you recover from your injuries, you can go back!"

This sentence broke Feng Ziran's smiling face. He was stunned for a moment, and then he thought he had misheard him and asked, "What did you say?"

Xi Moyao was as he wished. "I said you can go back after you recover from your injuries this time! We will not see each other again in the future! "

Feng Ziran did not expect Xi Moyao to say something to him to drive him away. His face immediately darkened, and there was an injured look in his eyes.

"Why? These few days..." Feng Ziran suddenly remembered her forced smile these few days and did not continue speaking.

"Feng Ziran, I thank you for your kindness to me, but I cannot accept it. It's impossible between you and me, so don't waste any more time on me. I don't want to experience this again! "

She didn't want to carry such a heavy debt of love for the rest of her life.

Feng Ziran pursed his lips, his eyes filled with anger as he questioned her, "Why can't we?" The man and the woman were not married. Although she was a princess of a country, he was also a descendant of a noble family. What was impossible for them to be of equal social status?


"Could it be that you like someone else?" Other than that, he could not think of any other reason.

Xi Moyao's eyes flashed when her heart was suddenly stabbed. Then, she stubbornly said, "No, you think too much!"

However, in Feng Ziran's eyes, this kind of attitude was like admitting it without fighting.

His eyes were full of injuries. He was like an old man who had lost his vitality. His entire body was filled with sadness. "Tell me who he is. At least let me know who I lost to, okay?"

When Xi Moyao heard him say this, her eyes shifted. She did not look at him. Knot. Ba Dao said. : "No... No, don't talk nonsense." Before she could finish, she realized that there was something wrong with her tone. She immediately raised her voice and said, "Regardless, I don't want to see you again. Do you know? What I fear the most is a debt of love. If you have an accident this time... What do you want me to do? Do I have to live like this for the rest of my life with guilt towards you? Feng Ziran, can you consider for me? "

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