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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C344 Goodbye both of Them(2)
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C344 Goodbye both of Them(2)

Feng Ziran choked when he heard Xi Moyao's complaint.

Indeed, he had only considered himself and had not considered the consequences. Now that he heard her say this, he could not help but reflect on himself. Could it be that he really did not do it right?

The dead silence fermented between the two of them. Feng Ziran looked at the weakness and wariness in Xi Moyao's eyes and felt a dull pain in his heart.

After a long time, he said with a hoarse voice, "Okay, I will do as you wish!"

After he finished speaking, he turned around and left first. With his back turned, his eyes quickly flashed with a trace of crystal. After closing his eyes, he opened them again. Other than the crystal clear eyes that were washed like rain, there was no other emotion.

Then that's it!

After returning to the tent, Feng Ziran decisively packed his luggage and bid farewell to Lan Xuehan and the others.

Lan Xuehan immediately understood when she saw him like this. After recuperating here for the past few days, it was almost time. Therefore, she did not need to worry about his body anymore. She only gave him a few words of advice before letting him go.

From packing her luggage to saying goodbye, Xi Moyao did not appear from the beginning until the end.

Actually, she had been standing at a high place, watching Feng Ziran's back as he left. To be honest, in her past life and present life, the people closest to her were her boss and that person.

But now, there was another Feng Ziran. If he didn't do something that she couldn't bear, she was afraid that they would become her best friends.

But there was no such thing as' if 'in this world!

His love was too strong. She really couldn't accept it. In that case, she would rather cut off all of his hopes!

Lan Yuhua and Mi Yun had already retreated out of the range of the city because of the last battle. They had set up camp within the range of Qingcheng. Green City was the border between the Zihua Country and the Linfeng Country. Therefore, it could be considered that they had left the territory of the Linfeng Country.

However, Lan Xuehan had received a secret report that the Zihua Country still had reinforcements sent over. In this way, unless the Zihua Country was willing to submit, the only way left was for Lin Feng to trample the entire Zihua Country.

After Xi Moyao understood all of this, she told Lan Xuehan about the agreement between her and Dongfang Jin.

"You are saying that you have already made an agreement with him? If you are in power, will you offer your country to Lin Feng?" Lan Xuehan was quite surprised when she heard this.

After all, this was not a small matter. If she did this, would her Royal Mother, the subjects behind her, agree?

Xi Moyao lightly smiled and said, "Boss, you don't need to be so surprised. What I said is true. You also know my character. I have always been lazy. Why would I be willing to be this empress? Being annoyed by so many things all day long? Then I'm going crazy, aren't I?"

"But will Royal Mother and your subjects agree with you doing this?"

"Royal Mother knows what I think. She agrees with me doing this. Ever since her father died, Royal Mother's heart also died. After so many years, if it wasn't for me, Royal Mother wouldn't have been able to hold on much longer. Furthermore, after this incident, Royal Mother would definitely agree. As for the subjects, they only cared about whether they could live a happy life or not. Why would they care who was in power? Do you think that Dongfang Jin can't give them a peaceful and happy life? "

After hearing Xi Moyao's words, Lan Xuehan's brows relaxed. If that was really the case, then she would be relieved!

"Alright, since that is the case, then I will help you withdraw your regime. This way, the people of the two countries will also be able to avoid the suffering of war!"

Xi Moyao smiled and nodded her head. She laughed like a lackey and said, "If there is boss helping me, there will definitely be no problem!"

After Lan Xuehan and Xi Moyao discussed the situation of the Zihua Country, they finally understood that the Zihua Country was now under Xi Moyue's control.

Crown Princess Xi Moyue had the support of the Zihua Country's number one family and the Lan family. Xi Moyao only had the military power of the garrison in the western part of the city and a few Qing Liu officials. Such a weak force really made people feel ashamed.

The two of them discussed for a long time and finally came up with a solution.

"Boss, you mean to make the Ning Family and Lan family behind Xi Moyue turn against each other, and then we can sit back and reap the profits?" Xi Moyao's eyes lit up and her voice slightly raised.

"That's right. According to what you said, the Lan family controls the government. The Ning family is limited in every aspect. With their power, they naturally wouldn't want this outcome. Thus, it was even easier to sow discord between them. If that was the case, they would have internal strife, and the Linfeng Country's army would be pressuring them from the outside. When that happens, it will be even more convenient for you to seize power."

Lan Xuehan's eyes were filled with wisdom and pride.

"Okay, let's do as you said, boss! Then I will go back and deploy now?"

Lan Xuehan shook her head and said, "No, if you go back now, you will definitely attract their attention. There were many eyes and ears in Lan family. Even Dongfang Jin's power would be restricted in Zihua Country. Therefore, we need to think of a perfect plan. "

However, after discussing for a long time, the two of them still hadn't come up with any good ideas.

Lan Xuehan was helpless and could only say, "Alright, let's talk about this today! An idea cannot be thought of in a short period of time. Give me some time and let me think again!"

Xi Moyao also knew that it was not appropriate for Boss to work too hard now, so she smiled and said, "Boss, you have been busy for the whole day. Quickly go and rest! If you are exhausted, then wouldn't my godson suffer?"

Lan Xuehan heard this and pretended to be angry as she glared at her." When did you dare to joke with me? Do you want me to matchmake you and find someone to marry you?"

When Xi Moyao heard about this matter, she felt a headache coming on, so she quickly giggled and begged, "Boss, just let me go! I was wrong, I can't do it! Go and rest, don't work too hard."

After saying that, she was afraid that Lan Xuehan would stop her and quickly ran away.

Lan Xuehan looked at her back and smiled as she shook her head.

She would only reveal this kind of attitude in front of Feng and herself. In front of outsiders, she would always be that aloof and aloof Xi Moyao!

But when she looked at the sky outside, she realized that it was still early. In her previous life, when she was doing missions, she went to the hospital to hide. At that time, she learned some knowledge about gynecology. It said that pregnant women should exercise more. It was also good for the baby.

Therefore, Lan Xuehan decided to go out for a walk and relieve her mood at the same time!

She casually put on a cloak and walked along the river in the military camp.

Looking at the bright moon that gradually rose in the sky, Lan Xuehan suddenly thought of Dongfang Jin.

The corner of her mouth was smiling as she gently stroked her stomach. She softly muttered, "Baby, what do you think your father is doing now? It has been so long since we last met. Even though we have been in contact through letters, Mother still misses him! He definitely misses me as well. Of course, there's still you. Right!?"

At this moment, a familiar voice came from behind. It was as clear as jade. "That's right. I miss you very much, and I miss the baby too!"

Lan Xuehan immediately turned around in disbelief.

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