Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C345 Wise and Wise(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C345 Wise and Wise(1)
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C345 Wise and Wise(1)

Dressed in a white robe that was as white as snow, bearing the light of the moon, he looked even more stunning. There was a gentle smile in his eyes, which were like a poem and a painting. His clear eyes were engraved with the longing that seeped into his bones. He could drown a person with just one look.

Lan Xuehan blinked her eyes in disbelief. She was not dreaming, was she?

But after a blink, she found that Dongfang Jin was still standing there, looking at her with a smile. This was not a dream!

Her eyes were slightly moist, then she quickly ran over and hugged Dongfang Jin's slender waist. "This is not a dream, Dongfang Jin. This is not a dream! Why are you here? I miss you so much!"

Lan Xuehan was muttering in Dongfang Jin's arms. Her gentle words slipped into Dongfang Jin's heart. His heart was soft, and a warm feeling kept coming out. The tiredness of running and running for so many days seemed to disappear at this moment.

He tightly hugged Lan Xuehan in his arms and softly laughed, "It is precisely because you miss me that I came!"

This simple sentence turned into a green vine Rao Man and immediately entangled Lan Xuehan's heart.

She was just about to raise her head and say something to Dongfang Jin when she saw the handsome face in front of her magnified. Her warm and moist lips pressed down and a familiar fragrance immediately wrapped around her. His kiss was as gentle as the spring breeze and drizzle, carrying with it a lingering scent.

Then, it gradually deepened. The tip of her tongue moved in her mouth, snatching away every inch of air in her mouth. He spoke of the yearning he had for so many days, until a long, long time had passed. Lan Xuehan felt her mind go blank and her body went limp in Dongfang Jin's arms. Then she moaned.

Only then did Dongfang Jin let go of her. He looked at his wife who was in his arms. Her face was like a peach blossom, and her lips were slightly swollen. This kind of amorous feeling caused Dongfang Jin's eyes to deepen, and a trace of heat burned in the depths of his eyes.

When Lan Xue Han saw this, she gave him a coquettish glare. "Don't spoil the child!"

When the child was mentioned, Dongfang Jin suddenly remembered, and then she did her best to suppress the flames burning in her heart. Her hoarse voice was extremely charming. "Don't worry, I understand."

After saying that, she placed her hand on her wrist to feel her pulse. As she felt the pulse, the smile on Dongfang Jin's face gradually deepened. This was their child, the child they had been looking forward to for a long time.

This kind of feeling was something he would never dare to hope for in his entire life, but now he had it! This kind of happiness was really difficult to describe with words!

"You need to make up for it now, so that the child can grow healthily!" She had previously been injured, so her body was a little weak.

"Okay, okay, I'll listen to you!" Lan Xuehan was extremely happy now.

But after the joy, she suddenly thought of a problem.

"Why are you here? Shouldn't you be in Wan City now?" Wan City was the place where the Holy Snow Country and Linfeng Country were fighting.

Dongfang Jin looked at her when she heard her question. "I miss you!"

This was the simplest and most practical reason. He really missed her. He couldn't help but miss her from the moment they parted. Hearing that she was carrying a child, this kind of longing couldn't be suppressed anymore, and it gushed out crazily.

When Lan Xueyan heard this, her eyes reddened slightly.

This was Dongfang Jin, the simple and childish him. Because he missed her, he crossed the flames of war and came to find her. Facing this kind of him, what courage did she have to scold him for disregarding his subordinates and his responsibilities?

Forget it, forget it. Let them be willful for once!

Furthermore, she believed in Dongfang Jin. Since he dared to come, he must have already arranged everything over there.

The two of them continued to stay warm for a long time, but it was late in the autumn and Lan Xuehan's body was not suitable to feel cold, so she decided to go back.

Just as she was about to leave, Dongfang Jin flipped his wrist. Her body moved slightly and then landed on his back.

Lan Xue Han smiled as she hugged his neck. She looked at the shadow on the ground that had merged into one, and her face curved like a child's.

Dongfang Jin, on the other hand, walked elegantly. He carried Lan Xuehan on his back with a smile on his face. There was a sense of satisfaction in his eyes as if he was carrying the whole world. It was so warm that it made people want to cry tears of happiness when they saw it.

Su Qinglan and the others probably already knew about Dongfang Jin's arrival. Therefore, no one came to disturb him this night. Lan Xue Han had come for a very comfortable and warm night, thinking that he was by her side. Familiar warmth, familiar person!

The next day, when Su Qinglan and Dongfang Xuan saw Dongfang Jin, Su Qinglan teased with a smile, "It's only been a month since we last met, and you can't help but jump over the flames of war. Ten thousand miles to find a wife. Is this still the you I know? "

Since Dongfang Jin's arrival this time could not be known by too many people, he had to keep an extremely low profile. In the entire military camp, only a few people knew that he had come.

When Dongfang Jin heard this, she smiled and looked at him. "I'm here to visit my son. Even if you have this opportunity, you have no place to use it, right?"

In other words, you, Su Qinglan, are still a loner!

These words were a direct stab to his heart. Su Qinglan's face stiffened, and he gritted his teeth as he looked at Dongfang Jin.

Seeing this, Xi Moyao silently swallowed back what she wanted to say.

After the few of them exchanged greetings, they finally got down to business.

"You mean to take Lan Xue Han away this time?" Obviously, this news was reasonable and unexpected.

Dongfang Jin lightly raised his brows, his gaze landing on the alarmed Su Qinglan. "Is there a problem? She's pregnant now. I'm worried about leaving her here. Naturally, I'll feel more at ease bringing her along!"

Su Qinglan understood what he meant. Previously, he also advised Lan Xuehan in this manner. But didn't he already give an attitude? He said that he would respect Lan Xuehan in all ways. Then what was going on now?

Lan Xue Han knew their doubts and explained with a smile, "Previously, it was because of the emergency of the war that I couldn't abandon this one hundred thousand troops. But now that the crisis was temporarily resolved, he had already thought of a solution. Without me, you can also deal with it. So, I've decided to go back with him. "

" What solution? " Su Qinglan was more concerned about the proper business.

Dongfang Jin had a calm smile on his face. "I have already reached an agreement with the Second Princess, so this war was an accident that the Lan family interfered in. If the Lan family is settled, the regime will be returned to the Second Princess' hands. Then the matter of the Purple Sino Nation can be considered settled."

They had already known about this, but with their understanding of Dongfang Jin, they were afraid that there would be more to come.

" Although the Lan family is in charge of politics, they are actually fulfilling their own ambitions. So as long as the conflict between the aristocratic families and the Lan family behind Xi Moyue is exposed, they will have to fight amongst themselves. After that, we can sit back and reap the benefits. "

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