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C346 Wisdom and Demon(2)

Xi Moyao understood that Lan Xuehan had already told her about this idea. But the problem now was how should she return to the Zihua Country?

Dongfang Jin paused for a moment and continued, "I have already sent a message to Prince Chen and asked him to pass the letter to Xi Moyue. In the name of paying a visit to the Zihua Country, the Second Princess can then be brought back to the Zihua Country by Prince Chen. Secretly plotting. This way, even if they suspected it, they wouldn't dare to offend so many people at once. They naturally had scruples.

I think, with Prince Chen and the Second Princess' ability, they should be able to deal with them, right? And Qinglan and Ah Li are here, attracting their attention and stalling for time. So, break them apart!"

This plan was absolutely perfect.

Su Qinglan and the others looked at Dongfang Jin with admiration. Dongfang Jin was indeed worthy of being the leader of the Four Young Masters in the Shenghe Mainland. They were truly convinced of such wisdom and strategy!

Lan Xuehan felt that she was not too embarrassed when she saw the people on the scene looking at Dongfang Jin with admiration in their eyes. When Dongfang Jin mentioned it to her previously, she also had a look of worship on her face.

With this kind of mentality, she was really convinced!

In Heavenly Saint Capital, Song Prefecture.

Soong Xiaoyou looked at the letter Yin Yue gave her with a hesitant expression. "Are we really going? But without the Emperor's decree, going to Wan City is a huge crime!"

Yin Yue looked at her and said with an unhappy expression, "Since the young miss wants you to go, there must be a reason for her!"

After saying that, seeing that Soong Xiaoyou still had a hesitant expression, Yin Yue's eyes flashed with impatience.

"Didn't you want Lan Xuehan to have a hard time? Then you should seize every opportunity now. Why can Lan Xuehan be so arrogant? Isn't it because of King Xu's love? If you want to overthrow her, you must make a big fuss about that matter. Otherwise, you won't have a chance in your generation!"

These words had obviously provoked Soong Xiaoyou. A vicious glint flashed across her beautiful eyes and her fingers tightly clenched. "Alright, I'll go!"

She was not in a good situation and would not let Lan Xuehan have a good time. Now she was far away and there were many things that were beyond her reach. Therefore, she could only carry out her plan by getting close to them!

At this time, Emperor Wenjing had already received Dongfang Jin's secret letter. It said that Lan Xuehan was already pregnant and was not suitable to lead an army anymore. However, he also said that Lan Xuehan's body was weak and needed treatment. He wanted to bring Lan Xuehan back to Wan City.

When Emperor Wenjing heard this news, his expression didn't show the joy of knowing that he would have an imperial grandson.

He didn't like Lan Xuehan to begin with, but Dongfang Jin was captivated by her. Adding the fact that she was pregnant, such an existence was even more dangerous to Dongfang Jin.

He was afraid that this time, his son would listen to Lan Xuehan even more!

Just as he was at his wits' end, Lu Cheng came to report that Soong Xiaoyou wanted to see him.

He suppressed his displeasure and let her in.

"This subject's daughter greets the Emperor. Long live the Emperor!"

"Get up! You came to find Zhen, what is the matter?"

Soong Xiaoyou did not get up but knelt down, "Your majesty is currently in war and the people are not able to live well. When she heard about the situation of the people these days, Xiaoyou was really worried for them. She was worried for your majesty. She could not sleep at home and could not eat. After thinking about it, Xiaoyou wanted to ask His Majesty for an Imperial Decree. To Wan City.

Firstly, in the name of the Goddess, we encourage our handsome soldiers to kill the enemies bravely and comfort our heroic deeds. Secondly, for the peace of the hearts of the people, we pray for the good fortune of the heavens and let the people at the border know His Majesty's prosperity and benefit the four seas!"

These words were really beautiful, with tears streaming down his face and his voice brimming with emotion. But who was Emperor Wenjing? How many storms had he experienced? How could he be bewitched by Soong Xiaoyou's words?

His deep eyes looked at her for a long time before he opened his mouth and said, "It's also good that you have such intentions! Zhen will approve, but there are some things that you should consider clearly. Also, Prince Ann has been at the border for a long time. Remember to help Zhen care about Prince Ann! Do you understand?"

Soong Xiaoyou's body stiffen. Could it be that His Majesty wants to give her to King Ann?

Thinking about how she and Dongfang Jin were no longer possible, Soong Xiaoyou felt that this possibility was extremely high. But now, she also had no other choice. She could only take one step at a time!

"Thank you, Your Majesty. Xiaoyou will remember it!" Soong Xiaoyou bowed and left.

Emperor Wenjing looked at her back and his eyes were cold.

How could he not understand Soong Xiaoyou's thoughts? But he wanted to make use of this to remind Third Brother not to put all of his attention on Lan Xuehan.

Furthermore, he also wanted to facilitate the marriage between Fourth Brother and Soong Xiaoyou. First of all, it could be considered as compensation to Fourth Brother. Secondly, the Heavenly Maiden must be the daughter-in-law of the royal family, or else people with ulterior motives would definitely cause trouble!

Yin Qianying had already been in the Zihua Country's military camp for a few days. She originally wanted to find some unhappiness for Lan Xuehan here. But at this moment, she received an even more joyous news.

Lan Yuhua saw Yin Qianying looking at the letter in her hand and smiled very happily. He could not help but ask with concern, "What news made you so happy?"

Yin Qianying raised her head and looked at him. "The heavens are really helping me! I have received the news that Lan Xuehan is already pregnant. Furthermore, she is about to head to Wan City. Most importantly, I didn't expect that the young Asura General of Holy Snow Country would be the younger brother that Lan Xuehan adopted. This is going to be a good show!"

Upon hearing this, Lan Yuhua understood what she meant.

"You want to make a move on that general?"

Yin Qianying smiled and shook her head. "No, no, I don't want to attack that little general. Dongfang Jin wants to attack that little general!"

After saying that, she could not help but laugh again, but the smile in her eyes made people shiver.

Lan Yuhua raised his eyebrows and understood what she meant.

It seemed that Lan Xuehan really needed a pain this time!

In fact, Yin Qianying had not said that she had fallen into a trap this time. She had already set up a trap for a long time. Now, she could finally withdraw the net!

This time, she must make sure that Lan Xuehan could not turn the tables!

After Dongfang Jin had set up everything here, he only had a month's time. Furthermore, he had to bring Lan Xuehan along this time, so he decided to set off and return.

However, fortunately, he had ordered Liuyun to come earlier. On the day before they left, Liuyun finally arrived. Seeing her own princess getting pregnant, Liuyun was extremely happy.

She was very careful in every aspect, and everything was ready. This made Dongfang Jin less worried!

When he left the previous day, Su Qinglan suddenly came to look for Lan Xuehan. Seeing that he wanted to say something but hesitated, and chose another time when Dongfang Jin was not around, Lan Xuehan immediately understood.

"You are here for Qingyi's matter, right?"

Su Qinglan, who had been exposed, no longer hesitated. He nodded.

"That's right. You are indeed here for my disappointing sister. I hope you can persuade her when you go to Wan City this time! I understand. She likes Prince Ann, but he doesn't like her. As her elder brother, I won't stop her from pursuing happiness. But I hope you can persuade her!"

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