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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C347 Northern Ocean's Choice(1)
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C347 Northern Ocean's Choice(1)

When Lan Xuehan heard this, she recalled the scene she had encountered at the border. Anger and pain immediately arose in her heart. She was furious that Ah Xuan's heart was hard and cold today, and she felt sorry for Qingyi's infatuation for love.

"Alright, I understand. If there is a chance, I will guide her. I will be going to Green City this time, and I will need you to take care of me. Soldiers, I hope you can take care of me!"

To be honest, the crisis of Li City had been resolved. It was not a big deal for her to leave the city now, but she was still the soldier that she had brought along. It was not her style to carry the burden along the way, so she felt a little guilty in her heart.

If Dongfang Jin had not arranged everything properly and her body did not allow it, she would not have left at this time.

Su Qinglan understood her meaning and laughed heartily. "You don't have to worry about it. Follow Jin's plan. There won't be any major problems on our side. Besides, there are so many geniuses of Shenghe Mainland gathered here. I'm worried that you'll be safe if you go there!"

Lan Xuehan raised her eyebrows and thought about his words. She smiled and did not say anything.

In fact, she deeply felt that the few people here combined were not as smart as Dongfang Jin, that monstrous genius. However, it was obvious that if she said those words, she would inevitably be attacked. As a pregnant woman, she didn't just need to accumulate virtue in her mouth. Therefore, it was better not to say anything.


At the junction between Darknorth and Linfeng Country, Lyi Beichen's respectful face carried a trace of anger as he stared at this man whom he regarded as his faith. His voice was low and cold, carrying a trace of hostility that had yet to dissipate!

"Your Majesty, why did you do this? We can clearly block the army of Linfeng Country, but why do we have to pretend to retreat and lose?"

He was a general, and he had to protect the soldiers on the battlefield. However, his majesty's actions were incomprehensible to him.

Since the start of the war, Dongfang Jin and his majesty had been evenly matched, and the casualties were half. But a month ago, Dongfang Jin suddenly used a trick and plotted against them together with Dongfang Xuan.

In the battlefield, any scheme could only be considered to be fair in war, if their skills were not as good as theirs. If they lost, it would be the same as losing. Lyi Beichen was not a narrow-minded person.

However, what made him unwilling was that His Majesty had already received the news of the spies and secretly arranged a plan to deal with them. However, the night before the battle, His Majesty ordered to change the battle plan.

When he received the order, he could not believe it. Because even he could see that there was something wrong with this, let alone the wise and wise him.

But when he asked him, he only lightly said, "Go and carry it out!"

He originally thought that His Majesty had a backup plan, but he did not expect that they would end up with a crushing defeat and retreat a few miles!

Fortunately, only a few of his trusted aides knew about this matter. Otherwise, it was enough to cause the morale of the army to be unstable and the hearts of the people to be shaken.

However, he had to have a reason. Otherwise, he would not be able to convince himself in his heart, much less face his brothers who had followed him through life and death together with him!

Facing his respectful questioning, Beiming Yu's expression was cold and hard, without the slightest ripple. Closing his eyes, his cold and hard lips tightly pursed. After a long time, his cold voice was mixed with a trace of silent sourness.

"She is pregnant. Dongfang Jin can let her stay in that fiery battlefield, but Zhen cannot tolerate the slightest bit of danger from her!"

When these words came out, there was some shock in Lyi Beichen's eyes. He then remained silent, but there was an indescribable complexity in his eyes.

How could he not understand what His Majesty meant? His sister was pregnant, but now, she was leading an army to defend against the Zihua Country in Li City. They all knew her sister's character. In her heart... Faith and morality were more important than anything else. Even if she was pregnant now, she could not possibly abandon hundreds of thousands of soldiers and go back to rear an infant.

Thus, the reason why the local army suddenly changed the course of battle was clear to them. It must be because Dongfang Jin wanted to see his sister in a hurry, so he wanted to use a trick to stall them. And His Majesty naturally thought of this point. So he pushed the boat along with the current. He gave Dongfang Jin this chance.

Given Dongfang Jin's character, he would definitely give them a clear explanation for this trip. After that, he would bring his sister out of the battlefield and return to recuperate.

After understanding all of this, he suddenly felt that these people had gone crazy!

Dongfang Jin knew that he had left the camp on such an unacceptable reason. If he was discovered, then he would be betrayed by his family, and the people's hearts would be turned upside down.

And His Majesty also clearly knew that if someone knew that he used such an absurd reason to cause our army to lose in the end, then rumors would spread in the army, and the people's hearts would be unstable.

But even so, they still did it!

One was for love, and the other was for fulfillment!

And even though he clearly knew that he would let down his brothers who followed him like this, he was still secretly delighted in his heart. He was secretly delighted that she was pregnant, and secretly delighted that her life was not in danger.

Such an absurd fate, who would be the one to suffer the calamity?


Dongfang Jin brought Lan Xuehan back to Wan City. Before this, he had already asked Emperor Wenjing for an Imperial Decree that he would be in charge of all the troops outside the city.

This kind of power was already far above that of the Crown Prince, but Emperor Wenjing agreed without any hesitation.

This was because he understood that the current Dongfang Jin was no longer someone he could control. Apart from the effort on the surface, he was afraid that his own hidden power had already far surpassed his.

If he didn't agree, the one who would lose face at that time would be him instead!

Dongfang Jin, on the other hand, had a lot of forces in the capital, and Lan Xuehan was pregnant. If the Lan family attacked her at this moment, Mo Xing and the others wouldn't be able to stop them. Secondly, they did not want to suffer the pain of longing with Lan Xuehan, so they went to Wan City. If she didn't participate in the battle, she could just stay in the city and nurture her child.

Furthermore, Lan Xuehan had made a name for herself after the battle in the Li City. Now that everyone in the world knew that she was a god of war, no one would discuss anything when she went there. Instead, it could be used to boost morale!

After walking for a month, they finally arrived at Wan City. However, along the way, Lan Xuehan's pregnancy reaction was even more severe. Her already slender body was becoming thinner and thinner.

Even if Dongfang Jin gave her a pill worth ten million gold to treat her pregnancy, her condition was not any better.

And now, in order to let her eat more, Dongfang Jin would stop at every place to borrow an inn or his own secret place to personally cook for her.

Regarding this, Lan Xuehan's heart was naturally moved beyond words.

She knew that Dongfang Jin had a mysophobia. Usually, even when cooking, the servants would clean up the kitchen in advance so that it would be spotless. That was why he would lower himself to cook it for once.

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