Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C348 Northern Ocean Choice(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C348 Northern Ocean Choice(2)
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C348 Northern Ocean Choice(2)

It would be fine if it was in his own place, but sometimes in an inn, even if you couldn't see it, you could imagine what it was like inside.

Sometimes, after finishing a meal. She could barely eat a little, but Dongfang Jin turned around and threw up, his face pale. Along the way, Dongfang Jin was not much better than her.

There were a few times when she could not bear to see him suffer like this, so she told him not to go through so much trouble.

However, when Dongfang Jin heard her, he only glanced at her with a look of understanding in his eyes. He asked softly, "If I see you suffer all day without showing any reaction, are you sure you won't secretly criticize me in your heart?"

When these words came out, Lan Xuehan's expression was embarrassed. Indeed, perhaps it was because she was pregnant. The usual pampered temperament of a daughter's family exploded at this moment, becoming bigger and bigger.

Dongfang Jin liked to wear white. In the past, she felt that he looked magnificent in white. He was gentle and elegant. But now, when she saw him wearing white clothes, she couldn't help but complain a few times. It was nothing more than his white clothes every day, causing her vision to be worn out.

She remembered that the first time she said it, Dongfang Jin looked at her speechlessly for a long time. His all-encompassing eyes flashed with a strange complexity. But because his clothes had always been made of cloud and satin, he needed to change the color for a moment. There was nothing to change his clothes about. At this time, Lan Xuehan could not help but say a few more words.

"You are a man. Why are you so particular about what? What clothes can't you wear? In the past, there were people who used leaves as clothes!"

Dongfang Jin's face went blank when he heard that. He was wise and talented. He had never thought that pregnancy could cause such a huge change in a person's character!

Not to mention him, even Liuyun and Mo Xing who were serving by the side were speechless. They carefully looked at the duke who was disliked by their own consorts, their eyes containing sympathy.

In their hearts, the prince had always been like a god. A white robe could topple the world, and one person could create a unique scene! Other than the few days of the wedding, they really had never seen His Royal Highness wear other colored clothes. Over time, this became His Royal Highness's unique symbol.

And in this world, only His Royal Highness could wear clothes made of cloud and brocade!

But they never would have thought that one day, this would actually become the reason why the Princess ridiculed His Royal Highness.

They could only support their foreheads deeply, then kneel down to the Princess and shout loudly: The Princess is powerful!

Even though that was the case, Dongfang Jin was also clear. Lan Xuehan was currently pregnant, and her mood was impetuous. It was inevitable that her temperament would be awkward. Furthermore, she was currently the one who was the biggest. Naturally, whatever she did would be based on her mood!

In the next few days, she instructed the servants to prepare clothes of other colors for her family's pampered princess to change her mood.

At this moment, she looked at Dongfang Jin who was wearing light green clothes. Lan Xuehan clearly thought of this as well. What Dongfang Jin said was right. If she suffered like this, Dongfang Jin did not express anything. On the contrary, if she lived a better life than her, she was afraid that she would not only pick on the flaws of Dongfang Jin's clothes.

Based on the unfairness in her heart, she was afraid that other than criticizing Dongfang Jin, she would also do something to balance her heart!

Dongfang Jin's jade face was gentle and shallow. His face that was like a poem and a painting had a doting expression. He touched her hair, then smiled and said, "Alright, you are pregnant, so naturally you are the biggest. I cannot share your suffering, so I can share it with you. Do you think what you said during the wedding was just a saying?"

The casual tone made Lan Xuehan's eyes instantly turn red, but she still refused to admit it." Is this how you calculate this kind of thing? Really. "

Dongfang Jin smiled without saying anything. How could this kind of suffering be considered bitter? To him, it was as sweet as honey. He was willing to endure it!

The group traveled for more than a month and finally arrived at Wan City.

Dongfang Jin settled Lan Xuehan at the Wan City City Lord's place, and then went to the military camp. After leaving for so long, there were naturally some people in the army who had some objections. If not for Dongfang Xuan suppressing them, perhaps Dongfang Jin's absence in the military camp would not have been able to be concealed.

He went to show his face and suppressed all the rumors and rumors.

In the tent, Mo Lan said respectfully, "Young Master, it is as you expected. Previously, the Holy Snow Country lost the war, and it was the Northern Emperor who did it on purpose."

Hearing this, Dongfang Jin pursed his red lips, and his eyes flashed with the light of destruction.

He had doubts about it earlier. That battle had gone too smoothly. Based on his understanding of Beiming Yu, it would not be like this.

Therefore, he sent someone to investigate. The result was within his expectations, but it was also a little uncomfortable. After all, Beiming Yu had casually promised such a huge favor to her, and it was for her sake!

How could he be happy with such an understanding?

For a moment, although Dongfang Jin's expression was pale because of this matter, the gloominess in his eyes was clearly visible.

On the other side, Lyi Beichen was originally patrolling the military camp. When he walked into the tent of wounded soldiers, he saw that the soldiers were wrapped in cloth and were covered in blood. For a moment, an inexplicable guilt surged in his heart.

If it wasn't for those things, they might not have been like this!

For a moment, he was in a daze and did not notice the sound behind him. It was only when the violent voice came in front of him that he came back to his senses.

"I'm talking about you. You're standing in my way. Can't you hear someone shouting behind me? Seriously, if you delay the people inside because they are in a hurry to take the medicine, can you bear the responsibility? "

Lyi Beichen frowned as he looked at the skinny young man who had just arrived on his shoulder. His bright eyes were flickering with clear anger. His handsome face was hazy with the rain in the south, and his perfect lips were as gorgeous as the sunset glow.

If it wasn't for the fact that he was dressed in men's clothing and in a place like the military camp, Lyi Beichen would have really thought that he was dressed in men's clothing!

When the soldiers beside him saw their general being insulted, they immediately shouted, "Shut up! This is our commander, Lyi Beichen General Lyi. Where did this yellow-haired brat come from? How dare he insult our general! Take him down!"

Hearing this, the people beside him immediately stepped forward. Lyi Beichen was just about to say stop, but he didn't expect this thin young man to face such a situation. He was neither humble nor humble. A trace of ridicule and disdain flashed across his face.

"Since you are the commander, you should be scolded even more. You brought these soldiers to fight a losing battle. Now that they are injured, you are still hindering their treatment. Do you think you should scold them? "

Her words caused Lyi Beichen's face to stiffen. Then, a bright light flashed in his eyes. Finally, he looked into his clear eyes. There was undisguised disdain in his eyes. His heart moved, and then he said coldly, "Take him down!"

The young man who was taken down was brought to Lyi Beichen's tent, even though he was tied up. He still had a fearless look on his face. He met Lyi Beichen's gaze fearlessly and said loudly, "Did I say something wrong? What do you mean by tying me up? I hope you, as the commander of an army, don't have such a measurement. How petty!"

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