Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C349 Mu Family's Ling Feng(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C349 Mu Family's Ling Feng(1)
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C349 Mu Family's Ling Feng(1)

Lyi Beichen looked at the young man's arrogant face. It was rare that he didn't have any anger in his heart. He just quietly wiped his sword with the cloth in his hand. His face was reflected on the sharp edge of the blade. It was cold and clear.

The young man argued for a while and found that Lyi Beichen did not care about him at all. There was a stiff awkwardness in the tent. Seeing him gently wipe his sword, the young man silently swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Why did he forget? It was said that this young general was famous for his bloodthirstiness and ruthlessness. He was impulsive for a moment and only cared about the smoothness of his mouth, but he forgot that his nature was bloodthirstiness.

Now he was wiping his sword. Could it be that he was doing it to make it easier for him to slash himself?

Thinking of this, his expression became even more stiff. A hint of fear faintly surfaced in his arrogant eyes, and he silently moved his feet towards the door.

Although Lyi Beichen was wiping his sword, his attention was still on him! The corner of his eye caught his light moving footsteps. Occasionally, there were a few sounds of someone swallowing saliva in the quiet and silent air. All of this showed that he had used a good deterrent tactic.

The sword was as fast as the wind. With a swoosh, it flashed in front of the young man's eyes.

He watched the sword light flash towards him, and his eyes were tightly shut. His heart almost jumped to his throat. In the end, he even cursed all eighteen generations of Lyi Beichen's ancestors.

How could he be like this? He killed people just like that, he didn't even have the chance to beg for mercy!

After a long time, the young man realized that he didn't feel any pain on his body. Instead, the rope tied to him fell. He opened his eyes doubtfully. At this moment, he heard Lyi Beichen laugh.

"Ha! I thought he was someone who was not afraid of death. I didn't expect him to be so timid. Since that's the case, I'm curious if you are brave enough to borrow from the heavens and dare to insult me. "

After the youth opened his eyes, he discovered that the sword strike just now was just Lyi Beichen untying the rope for him, and he didn't have any intention of killing him.

The fear of life and death that he had just experienced had not dissipated yet. Now that he was mocked by Lyi Beichen in such a way, the young man immediately burst into tears.

That cry was heart-wrenching. It was as if his own ancestral grave had been dug up. It was filled with resentment that soared to the sky. Tears and snot flowed out. As he cried, he pointed at Lyi Beichen. He choked on his words and stuttered, "I... I was just afraid that you would delay... delaying the treatment of the soldiers, that's all. That's why... I defended those soldiers. You... You actually threatened me like this... Threatening me, you are truly... not worthy of being the commander of an army! "

Lyi Beichen originally only wanted to scare him, but he did not expect that this young man would actually be so frightened. At this moment, he looked at ___ who was covered in snot and tears. There was a look of confusion in his eyes. He slowly walked to the young man's side. He frowned and looked at him with deep hatred.

He had been through the polishing of fate since he was a child. After being humiliated, he knew that tears could only make others bully him even more. Later on, when he met his sister, he put all his heart into learning martial arts and entered the military camp. After several life and death struggles, he had always been bleeding and not crying.

Moreover, when he was in the army when he was young, he was always surrounded by tough and unyielding men. Where had he met a thin and weak young man who looked like a woman?

He frowned and could not help but poke his shoulder. Then, he said stiffly, "Alright, stop crying. I'm just trying to scare you. I'm not really going to do anything to you! "

Then he knew that this youth's tears were simply like money. Once Lyi Beichen finished speaking, he leaned over and cried even louder.

... "" Lyi Beichen was so angry that he pursed his lips and stared at him.

If he cried hysterically like this, the people outside would definitely think that he had done something to him! When he thought of this, Lyi Beichen's face stiffened. Then, he raised his voice and said, "Alright, stop crying!"

This shout was effective indeed. The youth was so frightened that he stopped crying. He only looked at Lyi Beichen with an aggrieved face.

The young man's eyes were clear after crying. They were like a drizzle falling from the sky, carrying a clear and misty feeling that he had never seen before.

For a moment, he was in a daze!

The youth looked at Lyi Beichen and saw his stunned appearance. After that, he said with grievance, "Are you serious? Are you really not going to kill me?"

The choking voice carried a strong nasal sound, and it immediately woke Lyi Beichen up. Panic flashed across his eyes, and his heart sank. He was actually looking at ___ with a dazed expression. He was really sick.

Even so, a trace of redness still quietly crept up his ears.

He covered his mouth and coughed lightly to hide his embarrassment. Then, he pretended to be calm and said, "Of course!"

The tip of the young man's brows raised when he heard the guarantee, and a crafty expression flashed through his eyes. After that, he said fiercely, "Really! If I had known earlier, I wouldn't have cried so loudly."

... "" When he heard this, Lyi Beichen instantly didn't know whether to laugh or cry. It was the first time he'd seen someone flip out faster than flipping a book.

"Who are you? A soldier? What's your name? Do you know that your words just now are enough to punish you for looking down on the Marshal and shaking the morale of the army? "

The eyes of the young man who was asked for his name flashed. After which, he forcefully maintained his expression and said," I was just in a hurry to apply medicine to the soldiers inside earlier, but you were blocking the door. I only said a few words in a moment of urgency! Could it be that you can blame me? "

Lyi Beichen looked at his stubborn face and did not expose it. He only looked into the distance and sighed softly with a slightly dark expression." What you said is also correct! "

His voice was too soft. Even though the young man was very close to him, he did not hear what he said clearly. He subconsciously let out an "Ah."

He woke Lyi Beichen up and covered the expression in his eyes. Then he said seriously, "It's just that in the military camp, victory or defeat is a common thing. Not to mention, this time it was His Majesty who personally led the army. If anyone were to listen to your slanderous words just now, even ten lives would not be enough for you to be killed. "

The young man was also a clever one. Looking at Lyi Beichen's expression, he knew that he definitely wasn't lying to him. When he thought about his arrogant words just now, cold sweat immediately broke out on his back.

Just as he was about to say something, a voice suddenly came from outside the door. "General, Doctor Wang requests an audience!"

Lyi Beichen had just said to let him in when he heard the person beside him mutter in a low voice with fear, "It's over, it's over. Master must have cursed me to death!"

His eyes flashed and he asked softly, "So you are Dr. Wang's disciple!" No wonder he did not have the aura of a soldier, nor did he have the courage of a man. Tears came whenever he wanted.

Without waiting for the young man to answer, the Wang Military Physician came in and glared at him. Then, he bowed respectfully to Lyi Beichen and said, "Greetings, General. Just now, Ling Feng was mischievous and mischievous, and his words and actions offended you. However, please consider him young and ignorant, and take him lightly! "

Ling Feng, so his name was Ling Feng! It is really appropriate and not suitable at the same time!

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