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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C350 Mu Family's Ling Feng(2)
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C350 Mu Family's Ling Feng(2)

Lyi Beichen's expression relaxed slightly. "Doctor Wang is too serious. I am not a calculative person. It was just that the army was a mess. People like Ling Feng... This was also the first time that he had seen such a person. I wonder what the relationship between Ling Feng and Imperial Physician Wang is? "

"General, there's something you don't know. Ling Feng is this old man's disciple. This is the first time he has gone out with the army, so it's inevitable that he has yet to control his temperament! "

Lyi Beichen, the Wang Army's doctor, knew about it. His medical skills were brilliant. In the past, he was the Imperial Physician of the Imperial Physician of the Imperial Physician of the Imperial Physician Hall. He was only sent to the army to become a military physician because his character was straightforward and offended the influential people.

However, his excellent medical skills made many people want to become his disciple. It was only because he had always thought highly of himself that he had never taken in a disciple.

However, he did not expect that he was actually Wang Jun's disciple. This made him somewhat surprised.

"May I know what is so special about this young man? Doctor Wang is actually willing to accept him as his disciple?"

When Doctor Wang heard this, he bowed slightly and said, "General, you must be joking. Ling Feng's surname is actually Mu, and he is a direct descendant of the Holy Snow Country's Northern Mu family. Just because his temperament is soft, the elders of Mu family are angry that he doesn't fight. And because he liked pharmacology, he sent Ling Feng to this little old man's place. I hope he can be stained with the blood of the soldiers in the army. "

The Mu family in the North? No wonder he doesn't know the immensity of heaven and earth!

Lyi Beichen glanced at the dying young man beside him. He found it funny, but his expression was indifferent.

"Your disciple was also eager to save someone just now. There is something wrong with this general. Wang Military Physician, bring him back. This general will naturally not be calculative about this matter!"

Mu Lingfeng did not expect Lyi Beichen to speak up for him. She looked at him in surprise, and there was a trace of gratitude hidden within.

Doctor Wang thanked him repeatedly and took Mu Lingfeng away.

Before leaving, Mu Lingfeng quietly mouthed something to Lyi Beichen. Lyi Beichen naturally could tell what it was.

Thank you!

His red lips slightly hooked up, and his eyes were smiling.


On the third day after Dongfang Jin brought Lan Xuehan back, he received Emperor Wenjing's order.

"You said Soong Xiaoyou is coming to Wan City?" Lan Xuehan asked with a frown.

Dongfang Jin's jade face was relaxed, and his dark jade eyes were glowing. Then, he said softly, "According to the secret guard, Royal Father asked her to come to Wan City this time. First, he wanted her to use the name of the Goddess to pacify the people and raise the morale of the army. Second..."

Looking at Lan Xuehan, Dongfang Jin wanted to say something but stopped himself. His eyes were deep.

When Lan Xuehan saw this, her mind became clear and she coldly said," Secondly, he wants her to develop a relationship with Ah Xuan and then naturally bring the Goddess into the royal family? "

Not surprised that she could guess this point, Dongfang Jin pursed his thin lips and lightly nodded his head.

After getting confirmation, Lan Xuehan's lips slightly hooked up. Her eyes were deep and carried a bit of ridicule and ridicule.

Previously, she wanted to marry Dongfang Jin but she used her own way to punish him. She broke this fantasy. But with her eyes full of resentment before she left, she was not stupid enough to think that she really gave up.

She was afraid that she would now come to Wan City with the mentality that she would rather die than live with him.

However, it wasn't hard for her to guess Emperor Wenjing's thoughts. After all, Consort De had died in Dongfang Jin's hands. He felt guilty towards Ah Xuan. Furthermore, he knew Ah Xuan's character very well. He was devoted to the world and didn't like the throne. Therefore, he wanted to bestow the name of the Goddess, Soong Xiaoyou, to Ah Xuan. This way, it would be a great compensation to him. Secondly, he wanted to take the Goddess into the royal family to honor her.

He really had a good plan!

Dongfang Jin looked at Lan Xuehan and frowned slightly, his expression cold. He reached out and pulled her into his embrace, then lightly smiled and said, "Alright, you don't have to worry about these things. You are now pregnant, so you should rest well in Wan City. It's fine if she comes. It would be fine if she was safe and sound. If she attacks you, I will never let her live again.

As for Ling, you don't have to worry! If we could think of it, he would naturally know. Trust him. If he isn't willing, he will definitely have a bargaining chip to make Royal Father not force him!"

Lan Xuehan's mood clearly improved a lot when she heard Dongfang Jin say this. The melancholy between her brows dissipated as she reached out and hugged Dongfang Jin's slender waist. She buried her face in his arms and sniffed the cold, bamboo-like fragrance on his body. He muttered, "Dongfang Jin, if she dares to harm the child in my womb this time... Don't blame me for not showing mercy and turning her into ashes. "

She valued familial love greatly in her life. If anyone was her bottom line, then she would definitely let them pay with their lives!

Dongfang Jin exerted a little strength in his arm, and then his voice became soft and gentle, but it was full of coldness.

"For Aunt's sake, I have tolerated her again and again. If she doesn't cherish it, I won't tolerate her anymore."

When she heard him mention Mrs. Soong, his tone was not as gentle as before. Lan Xuehan was slightly puzzled and asked, "What is it? Did something happen?"

Dongfang Jin, who was questioned, hugged her tightly and said in a low voice, "Nothing, I just found some old memories!"

Hearing his sad voice, Lan Xuehan's heart inexplicably hurt, but she did not want to ask anymore. She just slightly stiffened and did not say anything.

Feeling that she was unhappy in his arms, Dongfang Jin forced a smile and said, "It's just some old memories. If you want to hear it, I can tell you. Why are you angry and depressed about your own body?"

Lan Xuehan did not raise her head and only said in a low voice, "I am not angry. I just feel that since you and I are husband and wife now. If you are unhappy about anything, tell me. We can bear it together. If you don't say it like this and bury it in your heart, I will naturally be a bit displeased! "

When Dongfang Jin heard this, a warm feeling flowed through his heart. His eyes carried a warm smile, dispelling the haze in the depths of his pupils.

"Actually, it's not a big deal. It's just that I had a guess in my early years. But in order to protect that last bit of warmth. I pretended not to know and never investigated. But now that she's targeting you, I can't just stand idly by.

I can always feel that Aunt's attitude towards me is very strange. Some things that happened when I was young, even if there were signs that pointed towards her later on... I never went to investigate. It was only when she was targeting you that I ordered Mo Lan to investigate clearly. As expected, it confirmed my guess. However, she is my aunt. If she doesn't attack you anymore... I can respect her as my elder, but if she uses her identity to threaten me... If you want to control me, don't blame her for wearing down our relationship. "

When Dongfang Jin said this, Lan Xuehan naturally understood. He had been lacking in familial love since he was young, so he naturally respected his only aunt.

But from the last time they met, she could tell. Mrs. Soong was a proud person. The gloominess in the depths of her eyes was not polished overnight, but formed from the resentment that had accumulated over time.

If she said that she had a clear face and was gentle and friendly, she would naturally not believe it.

It was just that she was Dongfang Jin's aunt that he respected, so she did not want to say anything. However, according to what Dongfang Jin said, the gloominess in Mrs. Soong's eyes probably had something to do with him.

Therefore, he had gone through a few hardships when he was young, and it was probably because of Mrs. Soong's handiwork!

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