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C351 He Recommended Himself(1)

Lan Xuehan didn't want to ask him why. She didn't want him to touch the darkness that was sealed in his heart. She tightly hugged Dongfang Jin's waist and said in a muffled voice, "Alright, I won't ask anymore. You don't need to think anymore."

How could Dongfang Jin not understand her feelings? The corner of his mouth slightly curled up, and his eyes revealed a warmth that was as warm as the sun.

Currently, Dongfang Jin was stationed outside the city, so Liuyun had been accompanying Lan Xuehan for the past three days. As the commander, he naturally could not leave the military camp without permission, so this was the first time the two of them met.

But he could not stay long either, but he would return in the evening.

Lan Xuehan originally also wanted to go to the military camp to accompany him, but now she was not in good health and did not have any official position in the military. If she went, it would cause gossip.

She was not afraid of people's words, but Dongfang Jin was the commander of the army now. She naturally could not be willful and cause trouble for him.

She had no choice but to stay in Wan City peacefully. Dongfang Jin had arranged a lot of hidden guard for her. Liuyun. And follow her all day. It was clearly only two months, but Liuyun was so nervous that it was as if she was about to give in. She did not let anything happen to her. She was already bored to begin with, but now she was even more bored and panicked.

She counted the days, but she hadn't seen Dongfang Jin for two days. Lan Xuehan was really bored to the point of panicking. Just as she was thinking about whether she should go to the Wan City for a walk. Su Qingyi suddenly came. She remembered her brother's words and the news that Soong Xiaoyou was about to come to the Wan City. Lan Xuehan was also in a dilemma for a moment.

Looking at the girl in front of her, it must have been more than three months since she last saw her. Her appearance was still the same, but the space between her brows was hard to conceal her gloominess.

Su Qingyi looked at her abdomen and smiled as she said, "Han, congratulations!"

"What is there to congratulate? It's only been two months and Dongfang Jin ordered Liuyun to follow me all day long. If I don't want to do it, I won't do it either. He himself has been busy for several days, but he still can't see me. I'm going to suffocate to death!"

It was rare to see Lan Xuehan complaining and Su Qingyi could not help but laugh," Jin is still afraid that you would have some accident. To be honest, I have never seen Jin care so much about a person. This time around, in order to go to Green City to pick you up, he really spent a lot of money. He only managed to delay Beiming Yu's footsteps by destroying all the hidden forces at the border. He had risked the world just to meet you in Green City. This friendship was truly enviable. "

Thinking of her own matter, Su Qingyi's eyes revealed a trace of sadness.

When Lan Xuehan heard her say this, a trace of doubt slipped through her heart.

"You are saying that Dongfang Jin lost the hidden guard at the border? Did he order people to block the Holy Snow Country's grain? And then? "

Su Qingyi knew that Lan Xuehan had never treated her as an outsider. When she asked, she subconsciously said it.

"Then Prince Ann and I led troops to attack Lyi Beichen. Jin and the Northern Emperor of Hell confronted each other. They fought for a few days and barely managed to stall for time."

Listening to Su Qingyi's words, Lan Xuehan's heart was moved and filled with anger. It was hard to describe the mixed feelings of all kinds of emotions.

Others did not understand Beiming Yu but she had been with him for a few years. How could she not know his means?

Previously, he had fought Dongfang Jin for more than a month, so he naturally knew how they fought. When Dongfang Jin suddenly changed his plan, he would naturally investigate the reason why he was so cautious.

Then, the news of her pregnancy naturally could not be hidden from him!

They had agreed not to interfere in their matters, but he still did it. He was afraid that he didn't want to be in a place where the flames of war were still burning while he was carrying a child, which was why he took the opportunity to fulfill Dongfang Jin's plan of going to Qingcheng. Thinking of this, her eyes became slightly sore, and her throat tightened.

It wasn't because of love, but because she was touched!

Su Qingyi did not understand why Lan Xuehan had such an expression when she said those words. She asked doubtfully, "Xuehan, what happened to you? Why do you guys care so much about this matter one by one? Is there anything wrong with it?"

One by one?

" Who else? "

"Of course it's Jin! Before I came to find you, he told me. He told me to tell you about this matter. Originally, I was mocking him for using this to claim credit from you! But seeing his deep expression, I didn't dare to say anything. I didn't expect you to have the same expression now. Why? Is there something wrong with this matter?"

Hearing this, Lan Xuehan immediately understood. It seemed like Dongfang Jin already knew about the matter that Beiming Yu deliberately did, but with his character, he naturally wouldn't tell her about this matter, so he asked Qingyi to tell her about it.

Lan Xuehan knew in her heart that although Dongfang Jin liked to be jealous, he would not lose his elegance. Beiming Yu had promised such a big favor. Even if he did not agree in his heart, he would not hide it from her!

However, although he was touched, he was touched. She naturally wouldn't erase everything Dongfang Jin had done for her because of this matter. It didn't matter whether she was selfish or cold by nature.

Her feelings had always been clear. Beiming Yu was her friend. A close friend. For him, she could risk her life, no matter what. But Dongfang Jin was her god, her everything. She could abandon everything for Dongfang Jin, including her bottom line and morality.

Perhaps, this was love!

"There's nothing wrong with it. I'm just touched by everything she did for me! Right, Qingyi. Before I came, your brother looked for me. He hoped that I could persuade you. Your father and he are very worried about you."

Su Qingyi's expression darkened when she heard this. Then, she lowered her head and remained silent.

Lan Xuehan felt a kind of sadness and indescribable sadness from her body. When she looked at this proud woman, she did not know what to say for a moment.

After a long time, Su Qingyi's slightly hoarse voice sounded, "Xuehan, do you know? I really love him. For him, I can give up everything. I thought that as long as I do a little more, I will be able to move him. One day, his gaze would stop on me, but I realized that no matter how much I did, it was just a joke in his eyes.

I really don't know if I can still persevere. I... "Before she could finish speaking, Su Qingyi choked.

Hearing her words, Lan Xuehan's heart was also stifled. But when she thought that Soong Xiaoyou came with Emperor Wenjing's secret decree, she instinctively did not want Soong Xiaoyou to marry Dongfang Xuan.

In her heart, Ah Xuan was a man who was as free as the wind. He was born to write about his life and was born to be carefree and unrestrained. He shouldn't become a sacrifice under the imperial power, and he shouldn't waste his life with someone like Soong Xiaoyou.

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