Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C352 Mao Recommended Himself(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C352 Mao Recommended Himself(2)
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C352 Mao Recommended Himself(2)

Su Qingyi was very suitable for him in any way. Thinking of this, Lan Xuehan opened her mouth to advise her.

"Qingyi, Ah Xuan's Royal Mother just passed away and there is a conflict between us again. So it was inevitable for her temperament to change greatly. But I know him. No matter what, the resoluteness and kindness in his bones will not change. You just need to give him some time and let him slowly let go. He will see that you are good.

Besides, I just received the news. Soong Xiaoyou had come to Wan City under the orders of the Emperor. Furthermore, she had come for Ah Xuan. You don't want Ah Xuan to spend the rest of his life with her, do you?"

Su Qingyi clearly did not know about Soong Xiaoyou's matter and heard her say this. Her eyes flashed and the corner of her mouth was tightly pursed. Then, she clenched her fist tightly.

"Yes, Xuehan, you are right! I understand. I have persisted for so many years. It was not easy for me to get along with him day and night, so I naturally cannot give up easily. For him, I worked hard to become like him. I haven't let him see my strengths yet. How can I give up now?"

Besides, she didn't want Dongfang Xuan to be with that hypocritical, evil woman.

Lan Xuehan saw this and smiled as she encouraged," Don't worry, we are your strong backing. "

Putting aside this topic, the two of them continued to talk about other things. Just as they were happily chatting, Liuyun came to report that the City Lord's daughter wanted to see her.

Lan Xuehan frowned slightly and asked in puzzlement, "What does she want to see me for?" But because she was currently in Wan City, she could not reject people outside the door, so she let Liuyun bring her in.

Looking at the woman walking towards her, her face was like a peach blossom. Wearing a white pink dress, her entire person was lovable and cute. Her features were beautiful and her figure was willowy. She was also not a bad beauty!

However, Lan Xuehan looked at her face and vaguely felt that it was somewhat familiar, but she could not recall where she had seen it before.

Yung Qian'er walked forward and bowed to Lan Xuehan. Her gestures revealed the temperament of a young lady and she said in a crisp voice, "Greeting Princess Xu, the Princess is blessed and safe!"

"Get up! May I know what matter this young miss has to discuss with this Princess?" Lan Xuehan's expression was languid, and there was a noble look between her brows.

"Reporting to the Princess, this subject's daughter is the daughter of the official of Wan City, Rong Batian, Yung Qian'er. Hearing that the Princess had come to Wan City to recuperate, this subject wanted to come and pay her a visit. She did not lose her manners!" Yung Qian'er lowered her brows and nodded.

But Lan Xuehan's eyes were filled with playfulness. Did she not lose her manners? He had been here for five or six days and he had not seen her come to pay him a visit. But now, he was discussing manners with her!

What was the intention of this City Lord's Miss?

But wasn't Rong Batian Yung Zixuan's third uncle?

"I wonder what relationship does young lady Rong have with the richest man in Linfeng Country, the Rong family?" Lan Xuehan asked casually.

When Yung Qian'er heard Lan Xuehan's question, there was a proud expression on her face, "Reporting to the Princess, father is the third son of the Rong family! Could it be that the Princess has a relationship with the Rong family?"

No wonder, she said that Yung Qian'er looked so familiar between her brows. So it was Yung Zixuan's cousin!

"No, I just feel that there are fewer people with the surname Rong and just casually asked!" She still did not know what this woman wanted to do! So naturally, she would not say that she knew Yung Zixuan.

Yung Qian'er was here to pull some more nonsense and Lan Xuehan was lazily perfunctory.

After a while, Yung Qian'er finally began her purpose of coming here.

"I heard that the wangfei is pregnant now and Qian'er congratulates the wangfei! It is just that the wangfei did not think about it. I heard that the wangfei is pregnant now and Qian'er congratulates the wangfei! But did the wangfei think about it? Prince Xu is a celestial being, and also the direct son of the Emperor. Now that the consort is unable to move, should she consider for the sake of Prince Xu? After all, His Highness was busy right now, and if there was no one around to take care of him, that's not right. "

When these words came out, Lan Xuehan immediately smiled.

So this was the reason why she came here. She recommended herself and took advantage of the fact that she was pregnant to rush over to be Dongfang Jin's concubine?

"Miss Rong's words are very reasonable. This consort has been thinking about this problem recently, but..."

Before Lan Xuehan finished speaking, Yung Qian'er's face was filled with joy as she urgently said, "The wangfei is really magnanimous and is the model of women at that time!"

After saying that, she gently and shyly bowed, "Younger sister is not talented, but she is willing to follow elder sister around!"

When Liuyun and Su Qingyi by the side saw this, their faces were filled with disdain.

They had never seen such a shameless person who even had the title of a young lady from a big family. He was actually rushing to become someone's concubine! At this moment, he even called her elder sister and sister. If Xuehan agreed to call her younger sister, wouldn't that make her wish come true?

Su Qingyi coldly snorted and said sarcastically, "This miss has guarded the border for many years. Although I know that this place is open to the public, but this is the first time I have seen someone rushing to be a concubine! Miss Rong is really a good tutor!"

Yung Qian'er had always been arrogant. Her unique identity made her never encounter any disrespect from others. Originally, bowing to Lan Xuehan, a lowly commoner's daughter, was already the limit of her tolerance. How could she swallow this insult when she was ridiculed by a nobody beside her?

Furthermore, seeing that she was dressed in plain clothes, it was likely that she was just a maid!

"How dare you! What is your identity? You actually dare to speak rudely to this young lady? Xiang-er, slap me! "

The maidservant behind responded, then walked out. But before she could do anything, Su Qingyi moved.

She moved very quickly and in the blink of an eye, the master and servant's faces were swollen.

Su Qingyi coldly snorted, and the nobility between her brows was fully displayed. "This young lady is the heir of the King Qing's mansion, who do you think you are? You dare to shout at me?"

Yung Qian'er of the King Qing's mansion naturally knew about it. This was a true family of food, a noble family amongst the nobility!

It was all her fault for wearing ordinary clothes, causing her to take a wrong look. But what he said just now, if she really wanted to pursue this matter, perhaps it would not be as simple as these two slaps.

Her face stiffened, and just as she was about to say something to make up for it... She heard Lan Xuehan, who had not spoken at the side, laugh coldly. Then, she gently placed the teacup in her hand.

But this action caused a trace of coldness to arise in Yung Qian'er's heart.

Lan Xuehan's eyes were sharp and the sarcasm at the corner of her mouth was obvious, "This wangfei has not finished speaking yet! Miss Rong rushed over to acknowledge older sister and younger sister. It really made this wangfei deeply understand a sentence!

Indeed, when water reaches clarity, there is no fish. When people are despicable, they are invincible!

What this wangfei wanted to say was that back then, Dongfang Jin had promised this wangfei in front of all the envoys and officials of the four countries in the Chenggan Palace. This is the only wife I have in my life, and I will never take in concubines! Could it be that Miss Rong has never heard of it?"

His tone was light and emotionless. However, Yung Qian'er could hear the endless coldness and bone-piercing coldness inside.

She had naturally heard of it, but when she saw his celestial appearance, her heart completely fell into his hands. That kind of peerless elegance, that picturesque appearance, and the number one Four Young Masters that everyone in the world admired.

How could she avoid such an honor?

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