Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C353 Unwilling to Give up His Evil Intentions(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C353 Unwilling to Give up His Evil Intentions(1)
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C353 Unwilling to Give up His Evil Intentions(1)

Furthermore, she claimed to be of noble birth and was many times better than Lan Xuehan. At the border of Wan City, she was the only son of her father. Furthermore, she was protected by the ancestor of the richest family in Linfeng Country, the Rong family. In addition, she was extremely beautiful. Her talent was unparalleled, and she had been pampered since she was a child.

Since the dawn of time, there had been countless handsome men who had proposed marriage to her father. However, she had a proud disposition. Not a single one of them was worthy of her attention. She had heard about the reputation of the Four Young Masters in the world since she remembered it. It was Young Master Wushuang, who was wearing a white robe that could topple the world. The black clothes was Prince Beiming who occupied the nine heavens, and the incomparably handsome Prince Chen was a dragon and a phoenix. There was also the carefree and elegant Prince Ann.

In her heart, only a dragon and phoenix, who were renowned throughout the world and admired by all, was the best candidate for the husband in her heart.

Fortunately, the great battle this time. Prince Xu had come to Wan City. That day, she only had a glimpse of him, and he had fallen in love with her!

That kind of beautiful face that was as beautiful as a painting seemed to have occupied the entire world, causing her to be infatuated with him. He was like an immortal from the nine heavens that had never entered the mortal world. Every single move he made was the most beautiful in the world, not to mention that his talent was the best. Wisdom was close to a demon.

How could she not be moved by such a perfect him? How could she not be jealous of Lan Xuehan who had him?

She had long received the news that Lan Xuehan had been in Wan City for five days. She had been enduring it all this time, because she wanted to figure out the situation before making a move. Fortunately, she had heard the news of Lan Xuehan's pregnancy. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for her.

That was why she paid a visit today and recommended herself as a pillow!

But she did not expect Lan Xuehan to be so difficult to deal with. How could she not know the oath Prince Xu had sworn to his wife in his lifetime? That was why she had chosen to start with Lan Xuehan. After all, no woman would be willing to carry an exclusive husband to take concubines. The scolding of a jealous woman. Furthermore, she was pregnant now and could not serve His Highness. If she were to surrender now, it would definitely make her less vigilant.

No matter what, as long as she entered the Duke Xu Palace, she would definitely have the confidence to use her beauty to make Prince Xu fall in love with her in the future!

However, she never expected Lan Xuehan to be so straightforward, not even tactful, and not allow Prince Xu to take concubines.

Not only did it cause all of her thoughts to die in her womb, it also caused her to be slapped and humiliated for nothing.

Yung Qian'er bit her white lips, feeling wronged, her beautiful eyes were filled with tears, "Could it be that the Princess did not learn the 'Woman's Ring'? Furthermore, what kind of person was Prince Xu? Not to mention the reputation he received from all the people in the world, just the fact that he was the only son of the Emperor meant that he would not only have one woman in the future.

Rather than spending so much effort to scheme against others in the future, it would be better to take control of everything as soon as possible. The Princess is so smart, she should understand what the Princess means, right?"

Hearing this, Lan Xuehan's lips slightly raised, but her eyes were filled with coldness." Whether he is Young Master Wushuang or Prince Xu, it doesn't matter. In my place, he can only be my husband. Since I have given him everything I have, he must also give me everything he has.

I have left home since I was a child. In the past eight years in Skysnow Mountain, I have roamed the martial world for a few years. I learned to rule the country and rule the world, but I have never read the Woman's Ring. Therefore, Miss Rong must have found the wrong person today. For the sake of your father, quickly disappear from my sight."

When Yung Qian'er heard Lan Xuehan's words, traces of coldness appeared under the grievance in her eyes. She pursed the corner of her lips and almost crushed the handkerchief in her hand.

Taking a deep breath, she suppressed the unwillingness in her eyes and then gracefully said goodbye, "Today I am intruding, please forgive me, Princess! This servant will take her leave and come again another day to pay a visit!"

After Yung Qian'er left, Su Qingyi's brows slightly knitted, "Xuehan, you should teach this kind of shameless woman a lesson. How can you let her off so easily?"

Come again another day to pay a visit? It was obvious that she was unwilling to give up!

"I have some friendship with the Rong family. Today, I will treat it as giving you all face." After all, she had a close relationship with Yung Zixuan. The Rong family's Patriarch and her father could be considered good friends. Looking at the friendship between them, she decided to let it go for the time being.

Su Qingyi knew that Lan Xuehan had a lot of friends so she did not ask any further and just casually said, "This woman is able to adapt to circumstances and is very scheming. Your body is not in good condition now so it is better to be more cautious!"

Knowing that Su Qingyi was doing it for her own good, Lan Xuehan smiled and replied, "Alright, I understand. You can rest assured that with such a role, if I fall into her hands, wouldn't that make people laugh at me? Right now, you should be worrying about yourself. "

" Now that the war is in a tight situation, even if I have the heart to spend it, I'm afraid I won't be able to fulfill my wish! "

Lan Xuehan's eyes darkened when she heard this and casually sighed, "I wonder when this battle will end!"

Even if she could not do anything now, she could not help but not care about them.

Su Qingyi lightly sighed and slowly said, "Actually this battle has already dragged on for long enough. For hundreds of years. The entire Shenghe Mainland has been torn apart. There are four countries that are fighting and there are hidden families that are secretly mediating. On the surface, it was peaceful, but inside, it was full of holes. The war for the person in positions of power was about the general trend of the world, but the people were the ones suffering. I followed my father to guard the border. The people there were mixed up, and the people did not have a good life. Day after day, the flames of war were separated, and there was not a single peaceful land.

This time, I hope that this war will be broken first and then established, and we can give the people of the world a true peaceful and prosperous era!"

Lan Xuehan understood what she meant. She had been roaming the world all these years. She had seen the Zhu family eat their fill of food. The Humble Class did not eat their fill of food and did not even have clothes to cover their bodies. The number of corrupt officials was too many to count. The flames of war around the four kingdoms were separated. This kind of darkness was like pus that was slowly corroding every part of the continent.

The person in positions of power only thought about how to expand its territory, but it did not care about the lives of the civilians. This war was the trend of the world, and it was the result of hundreds of years of hard work. Fortunately, no matter who the two of them were, they could bring hope for rebirth to the world!

The next day, Soong Xiaoyou came. Lan Xuehan sat in the private room of the restaurant and looked at the people in the city welcoming her. Her face was filled with joy from bathing in the grace of the goddess. Lan Xuehan saw this and lightly smiled.

Liuyun was originally obeying the orders of the Royal Highness to not let the Princess run around. But she was unable to withstand the Princess's soft and hard attacks and still agreed to let her come out and walk around. She had been on tenterhooks ever since she came out, afraid that something unexpected would happen and offend the Princess.

At this moment, sitting in the private room, her mood eased up slightly. Hearing the Princess's soft laughter, she could not tell whether she was happy or angry, so she asked puzzledly: "Princess, what's wrong? Is there anything wrong with it?"

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