Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C354 The Heart of the Thief will Never Give Up(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C354 The Heart of the Thief will Never Give Up(2)
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C354 The Heart of the Thief will Never Give Up(2)

"It's nothing. I was just touched by the enthusiasm of the people outside! In fact, it's that simple for the people. No matter who holds the power, it doesn't matter. As long as they can bring them a comfortable life, they will be satisfied."

Liuyun followed the line of sight of her own princess and looked at Soong Xiaoyou's reliance. She said with some resentment and injustice in her heart, "Actually in this servant's opinion, Princess Ronghua, this heavenly lady, is not worthy of her name. She had been arrogant since she was young and relied on her close relationship with the Royal Highness. She thought that Princess Xu's position must be hers. Thus, all these years, the young ladies of the aristocratic families that appeared beside the Royal Highness were secretly taken care of by her.

The prince seemed gentle, but his heart was actually cold and thin. He did not like these things to begin with, so he turned a blind eye to what Princess Ronghua did. Let her do as she pleased. Also, the maidservants by Princess Ronghua's side were often changing because if these maidservants did not have the slightest intention, they would change. They would be killed as they pleased. Such ruthlessness, treating human lives like grass, calling her a goddess. This servant does not believe that it represents the welfare of all the people in the world."

Seeing Lan Xuehan's indifferent expression, Liuyun continued, "Actually if you say that the Princess is the Heavenly Lady, this servant will definitely believe you. The Princess is a good person and her teacher is from the Skysnow Mountain. Her heart is tied to the people in the world. Only such a disposition can be called the Heavenly Lady!"

Lan Xuehan understood in her heart that very few people knew about the matter of the Goddess. Liuyun was one of them. So her words were true.

She actually did not care about the reputation of this so-called "Heavenly Lady." After all, there was only one set of right and wrong in her heart. It wasn't something that could be easily twisted with just a title. Moreover, this kind of reputation and misfortune were interdependent. As far as she knew, ever since Soong Xiaoyou's identity was revealed, she had suffered countless assassinations.

If not for Emperor Wenjing sending the royal family's hidden guard to secretly protect her, coupled with the Lan family's men of sacrifice and her own powerful martial arts, she would have died many times already.

Although she didn't care about her reputation, she had never forgotten what she had done to her parents for the sake of the Heavenly Daughter's fate.

Now that the Lan family was protecting her, it was inconvenient for her to be entangled in all sorts of matters. However, one day, she would take back what she owed!

Soong Xiaoyou came to the Wan City. In order to express her respect for the Heavenly Lady, the Wan City's City Lord wanted to hold a big feast to welcome her.

However, Soong Xiaoyou rejected the offer because the war was tight and it was inappropriate for her to be extravagant.

When this matter was spread, the surrounding people praised her for looking up to the heavens and showing empathy to the people.

When Lan Xuehan heard this news, she recalled the situation when she went to the disaster relief camp with Soong Xiaoyou.

Her starry eyes were deep, and her sharp eyes were sharp and sharp.

It seemed that the people of Lan family were also following her this time!

But it was also true that Soong Xiaoyou was the trump card that they had spent so much effort to nurture. If they gave up so easily, it would not be in line with Yin Qianying's usual style.

Standing by the window, Lan Xuehan gently stroked her lower abdomen and the corner of her mouth was tightly pursed. For some reason, she had been feeling uneasy recently and felt as if something was about to happen.

Now that the war was about to break out and Soong Xiaoyou came to Wan City at such a crucial time, she had to be on guard.

However, the most important thing now was the child in her womb. It was easy for her to lose her vital essence due to worry and worry. This was the biggest taboo for pregnant women.

Dongfang Jin was afraid that if he wasn't by his side, Liuyun and the servants wouldn't be able to serve him well. Therefore, he listed all the things that the pregnant woman needed to pay attention to on a few sheets of paper and let Liuyun and the others remember them all. Therefore, when she slightly frowned, Liuyun and the others panicked.

She slightly relaxed her mind and suppressed the anxiety in her heart. Recalling the letters from Zi Feng and the rest a few days ago, according to the original plan, they had successfully arrived at the Zihua Country now, because it was Prince Chen's personal visit. So naturally, the one who received them was the crown prince of a kingdom, Xi Moyue.

With this, the internal and external problems caused the war in Green City to become less tense.

Now, it would depend on what kind of storm Feng and Yao could stir between the aristocratic families and Lan family behind Xi Moyue!

The Wan City in Wan City near the Holy Snow Country was still cold to the bone. There was no warmth at all. She had been pregnant for more than three months, even though Dongfang Jin took care of her carefully. Unfortunately, her body was so delicate that even now, her lower abdomen only showed a bit of a pregnant look.

Soong Xiaoyou was very quiet when she came to Wan City. For the past half a month. She had shown her face everywhere in Wan City. Other than comforting the people, she had never come to find trouble with her. This was probably because of Dongfang Jin.

However, it had been more than twenty days since she last saw him. They were very close, but they could only send letters to each other every day to relieve their longing for him.

It wasn't that she didn't want to go and find Dongfang Jin, but Dongfang Jin didn't want her to go to the military camp. She was afraid that he would offend the fetus Qi.

For the sake of the child, she also knew that she could suppress the impulse in her heart. After receiving a letter from Feng the day before, they had successfully stirred up the estrangement between the forces behind Xi Moyue and the Lan family. The crisis of Green City had temporarily been resolved.

Although Dongfang Jin didn't want her to know about the situation outside, she still got the news from Liuyun.

After the last battle, Beiming Yu had gone all out in the last two battles. This was also the reason why Dongfang Jin couldn't escape. She understood that Beiming Yu was a natural born king, and he didn't care about power. But he loved the people. With responsibilities on his shoulders, he would hold a sharp sword in his hand and cut down the path of a king. The last time was only when he thought about it and then went crazy. After he woke up, he was still the cold-hearted young emperor who controlled the country.

At the relay station in Wan City, there was an exquisite courtyard. Surrounding it were hidden extreme secret guard, which made this place as impregnable as an impregnable fortress.

Soong Xiaoyou stared at Yin Yue in front of her with an unhappy expression. "I have been in Wan City for half a month. Other than asking me to go and pay my respects to the lowly civilian soldiers every day, you also want me to pay my respects. There was no movement at all. Didn't you say that you came to Wan City to deal with Lan Xuehan? But until now, I haven't even seen her face. I heard that she is pregnant. Every day, Jin serves delicious food and drinks. On the other hand, I have to pretend to be a snake with those lowly peasants. Is this what you meant by 'deal'? I don't think so!"

If not for her persuasion, how could she be so patient?

That slut actually had Jin's child! Even her hope of marrying Jin had been cut off by her. What right did she have to bear Jin's child? What right did she have to have ___'s child?

When she thought of this, Soong Xiaoyou's beautiful face twisted ferociously. In the depths of her eyes, there was a raging fire of jealousy, like a vicious poisonous snake that made people shiver in fear.

Yin Yue faced Soong Xiaoyou's questioning and her expression was the same as usual but there was a flash of hesitation in her eyes.

She was arranged by the young miss to be by Soong Xiaoyou's side. These days, she could be considered to have seen her clearly. On the surface, it was an elegant and proper manner of a noble young mistress, bringing along the compassion of the goddess. However, in the dark, she was a vicious and selfish woman, cruel and merciless. No wonder Prince Xu did not like such a woman!

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