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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C355 Secretly Designed(1)
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C355 Secretly Designed(1)

It's just that the lady's orders still have to be done with her, so she needs to be patient for the time being.

Retracting the impatience in the depths of her eyes, Yin Yue's expression was cold. "Miss Song, don't be anxious. My family's young miss has already made arrangements. Could it be that Miss Song did not see through the thoughts of that Wan City City Lord's daughter these few days? Yung Qian'er's thoughts?"

Hearing Yin Yue's hint, she concentrated her mind and thought carefully. Slowly, a kind of anger that was known as anger began to form in her heart!

Bitch, she actually dared to think of her Jin!

These few days, Yung Qian'er had been trying to please him in front of him. Initially, she thought that she was trying to curry favor with him because of his identity as the Heavenly Lady. Now that she thought about it, she kept asking about Jin in front of her. She spoke ill of Lan Xuehan in the open and in the dark.

The matter between her and Jin was known by everyone in the world. That Yung Qian'er clearly wanted to provoke the war between her and Lan Xuehan, and then take advantage of them!

Thinking of how she was almost used as a spear, Soong Xiaoyou's eyes lit up with a fierce flame.

Yin Yue glanced at her, her eyes were filled with disdain and contempt. Then she said coldly, "Miss Song, don't worry. Since she can use you... Why can't you use her? We'll play the game. When the time comes, someone will take the blame for us. Isn't that so?"

Soong Xiaoyou came to a realization and then asked in a sinister manner, "May I know what kind of brilliant plan Madam has?"

Yin Yue placed her hand beside her ear and muttered to herself for a long time.

Soong Xiaoyou's eyes started from shock to the last bit of bloodthirsty excitement. Her expression was like a ferocious beast that was about to be released, carrying a heart palpitating fear!

At the end, her eyes contained bloodthirstiness and the corners of her mouth curved into a sharp arc. "Madam's plan is really brilliant! This time, I will definitely make Lan Xuehan suffer a fate worse than death."

After three months of pregnancy, Lan Xuehan became more and more thin. Her pregnancy reaction was very serious. Especially these few days, she ate and vomited whatever she ate. Liuyun made the kitchen to make something different for her. Every time she only took a few bites, she would throw up.

When Liuyun saw this, she was extremely anxious. She originally wanted to tell Dongfang Jin, but she did not allow it. After all, the war was now in a tight situation. Dongfang Jin and Beiming Yu were fighting on the battlefield, so he could not afford to be distracted.

If she knew that she was in a bad situation, she was afraid that he would abandon the war and come back to guard her. Even though she was touched, this wasn't what she wanted!

In the evening, Lan Xuehan fell asleep on the soft couch.

Perhaps it was because she was pregnant, her feelings became more delicate. The sealed memories of the past were played in her mind in the form of dreams.

Her mother's blood blossomed with a beautiful color with a bang. The noble and elegant her slowly fell down. Her heart was like a tidal wave that surged towards her. She sank into it and struggled bitterly. The darkness at midnight was like an invisible hand, pinching her neck and making it difficult for her to breathe.

Pain, despair, heartbreak, hatred and helplessness interweaved into a huge net that enveloped her within. She struggled with all her might, but she could not escape no matter what.

Dongfang Jin hadn't seen her for more than twenty days. Even though there were letters coming and going every day, it was still difficult to resolve the feelings of longing. Especially after hearing Mo Lan's report, her daily situation was not good at all.

The pregnancy reaction was very serious. Even if he sent all the chefs at the border and servant girl, who was experienced in taking care of pregnant women, to serve her, it still could not change the situation.

These few times, it was as if Beiming Yu wanted to take revenge for his previous revenge. His attacks were unusually fierce. Facing Beiming Yu, even Ah Xuan was not his match, so he had to stay in the military camp and not relax at all.

After a few consecutive battles, both sides suffered heavy losses. Now, he could finally take advantage of the time when he was relaxing to go back and see her!

Before stepping into the house, Liuyun had already told him everything that had happened to her in the past few days.

However, when he saw her, he still felt a faint pain in his heart.

Lying on the soft bed, her appearance was still unparalleled, but it could still be seen that she was extremely thin, and her already small face had become even smaller. Especially at this moment, her beautiful eyebrows were tightly knitted, her eyes were tightly shut, and her forehead was covered in cold sweat.

He quickly walked forward and extended his hand to caress it, wanting to calm the sadness between her brows. In that instant, he felt that if he could make her happy for the rest of her life, he was willing to exchange everything for it!

Lan Xuehan suddenly smelled his fragrance in her sleep and slowly woke up to see him.

She thought that she was in a dream and was confused for a moment. Blinking his eyes, he wanted to see whether the person in front of him was him or not. He laughed and pressed down the picturesque jade face.

The warm and soft lips stuck to her lips with traces of coldness. At first, it was fine grinding. His wet tongue traced the shape of her lips. It was gentle and affectionate, and it brought with it an intoxicating feeling. Then, he gently bit her, causing her to feel a slight pain. She slightly frowned as she stared at him.

There was a clear smile in his clear eyes, and then he took the opportunity to put his tongue into it. He hooked up her tongue and danced with him. Then, he slowly deepened the kiss. The tip of his tongue swept through every inch of air in her mouth with a lingering taste.

After a long time, Lan Xuehan finally could not bear his soul-stirring kiss anymore. She moaned slightly, then gently pushed him, indicating for him to get up.

At this time, there was already lust in Dongfang Jin's eyes, but luckily he did not forget that she was still pregnant. Forcefully stripping her lips, a silver thread pulled between the two of them, revealing a low and flirtatious feeling.

Lan Xuehan's head was dizzy, and she could not help but think that after not seeing him for a few days, Dongfang Jin's kissing skills became better and better!

"What did I dream of just now?" Dongfang Jin seemed to have asked unintentionally.

Lan Xuehan clearly did not want to mention the past that was sealed in her dream. She just smiled and said, "It's nothing. It's just a nightmare!"

She did not want to say it, and Dongfang Jin did not want to force her. He only rubbed her face lightly, his eyes filled with pity.

His tone was light and gentle, but there was deep affection in it. "How did you become so thin? Could it be that I am not here and Liuyun is abusing you?"

Lan Xuehan laughed involuntarily, "How would she dare? She even wished that she could worship me. If you want to blame someone, you can only blame Young Master Jin's child for being too good at torturing people!"

Upon hearing this, Dongfang Jin stared at her slightly bulging stomach with an unhappy expression. His gentle voice carried an obvious threat," After he is born, you must teach him a good lesson! "

Such a childish appearance on his body, it was really against harmony, but also had a trace of funny harmony!

"Why did you suddenly come back? How's the battle up ahead?" Lan Xuehan casually asked.

Dongfang Jin did not want her to worry about these things, but when she asked, he did not have the habit of being perfunctory to her.

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