Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C356 Secretly Plotting(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C356 Secretly Plotting(2)
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C356 Secretly Plotting(2)

Lan Xuehan told her about the situation during the past few days. She lowered her head and listened, her eyes flashing with a dark light.

Actually, it was also useless for her to ask. On one hand, it was her bosom friend and brother, and on the other hand, it was her favorite person. In the battle between the two sides, there was a responsibility and state that she had to defend.

It was true that she was important to them, but how insignificant was she to the state and subjects they protected? Furthermore, the pride of the king on them did not allow her to be involved. This was an insult to them, and also a contempt for them!

Putting aside the topic of the battlefield, Dongfang Jin personally cooked food for Lan Xuehan. Because Lan Xuehan had not seen Dongfang Jin for a long time, she also followed Dongfang Jin into the kitchen. It made Liuyun, who was beside her, smile!

Dongfang Jin smiled and looked at her crimson face, but did not expose her. She missed him, but he was also the same.

The man in front of her was dressed in white clothes that were as white as snow, and he had a proud and elegant bearing. His elegant and handsome face looked like a piece of jade that had been polished by the world. It revealed an ancient charm that had settled down. Every single move he made was like ink splashing on the mountains and rivers, and it was intoxicating. No wonder he had just arrived here a few days ago, and he had already been mesmerized by the little girl's divine soul!

Thinking of this, Lan Xuehan snorted unhappily. Her voice was clear and shallow, but how could it hide from Dongfang Jin's eyes and ears?

Raising her head to look at her, her eyebrows raised slightly, and her eyes carried a questioning look.

"What's wrong? Who told you to be unhappy?"

Some anger climbed up Lan Xuehan's beautiful brows as she looked at Dongfang Jin's devilish face. She snorted and said, "It's all because you, Young Master Wushuang, are too proud. You have only been in Wan City for a few days, haven't you? Why did you make the young miss of the city lord rush here to be a concubine? "

Hearing Lan Xuehan say this, Dongfang Jin was first stunned, and a trace of doubt flashed across his eyes. Only at the end did he remember what she meant!

He looked at her with amusement. "Even though I'm jealous, I'm sad, and I'm cute. But you're pregnant now. No matter how jealous you are, you still hurt your mind. In the end, I'm the one who's worried. Those small things are just a pastime for you to be pregnant and bored. You should think about me more when you have time. Accompany our daughter more!"

After Lan Xuehan heard that, her heart could not help but feel sweet. The meaning of his words was that he had never taken the City Lord's daughter seriously at all. Pregnant people would easily let their imagination run wild, and she was no exception.

But, "How do you know that she is a daughter? What if she was a son? Or, if it was a son, you wouldn't like our baby? " Thinking of this possibility, Lan Xuehan instinctively frowned.

Didn't the ancient people all like their sons? Why did it turn out the other way when he came here?

"It's best to have a daughter like you!" Having a daughter like her was what he had been looking forward to!

Lan Xuehan's eyebrows relaxed when she heard him, and there was a shy smile in her eyes.

Lan Xuehan ate a few more mouthfuls of Dongfang Jin's food. But her appetite was still not good. Dongfang Jin saw it and felt pain in his heart.

After dinner, he carried her to sit by the bed and said seriously, "If only he was a son this time, then this one would be good."

Seeing her being tormented like this all day long, he could not stay by her side now. Heartache and self-blame surged towards him like a tide. He truly felt that after giving birth to this one, he would not have a child anymore.

Lan Xuehan did not think that he would actually have such an idea. At the same time, she was touched and could not help but laugh, "This is something that every woman must experience. To give birth to a child for you, even if it is suffering, I am also happy."

It was said that after ten months of pregnancy, the mother and son would be connected by heart.

Every day, she could feel the baby growing bit by bit in her stomach. That subtle feeling could not be replaced by anything.

Dongfang Jin reached out and pulled her into his arms, not saying a word. However, in a place she could not see, there was a flash of light in his eyes.

There were some things that could not be avoided for her sake!

Before she went to sleep, Liuyun brought water to wash her feet. When Dongfang Jin saw it, he gestured for Liuyun to get up.

He watched as he lifted up his cloud brocade white robe and squatted beside her feet. Lan Xuehan suddenly felt a wave of dizziness. She cried out in a low voice, "Dongfang Jin, what are you doing?"

Dongfang Jin's eyes were clear and shallow, and there was some warmth in them. His white jade-like fingers reached into the washing basin to test the temperature of the water. Then, he helped her remove her shoes and socks.

When Liuyun saw this, her eyes revealed a shocked expression. She could not help but cover up the sound that she was about to cry out.

She had always known that the Royal Highness doted on the Princess and no one could compare to him. But she did not expect that he doted on her to this extent! To actually wash the Princess's feet, this kind of action was definitely unprecedented.

Not to mention the Royal Highness's status, even ordinary commoners would not have men do such a thing for their wives. But she knew the Duke's character. If she were to speak too much at this moment, she would probably be sent back tomorrow.

Suppressing the shock in her heart, Liuyun lowered her head and walked out.

Only Lan Xuehan and Dongfang Jin were left in the room. Lan Xuehan's face was red as she wanted to pull back her feet. But Dongfang Jin slightly exerted strength and grabbed her delicate and fair feet and gently put them into the water.

"Don't move!" Her voice was gentle, like a pot of wine that had been stored for many years. It was filled with an intoxicating mellow fragrance.

"Dongfang Jin, what are you doing? Stop messing around!" Lan Xuehan felt that Dongfang Jin was definitely crazy. Such actions were rare in modern times, let alone in this ancient era where men respected women.

Dongfang Jin raised his head and looked at her. His gentle eyes reflected a brilliant light. He smiled and said, "I washed my wife's feet. What do you mean by messing around?"

After saying that, his fair jade-like fingers lifted the water and slid across the back of her feet. Lan Xuehan instinctively shivered. Her face was slightly red and her eyes were bitter.

She knew Dongfang Jin's character and also knew that it was useless to say more at this moment. She could only let Dongfang Jin wash her feet. She lowered her head and looked at the peerless and elegant man squatting beside her feet.

Even though he was doing such a thing, it didn't affect his elegance at all. Her white clothes and black hair, her beautiful face like a painting, and her gentle actions made her feel as if she was going to die even if she was poor.

After washing up, when Dongfang Jin and Liuyun came in to clean up, this girl still lowered her head and did not dare to look around. After quickly tidying up everything inside, she quickly left.

Lan Xuehan looked at Dongfang Jin with a smile and said, "This is good. Your image in front of Liuyun has probably been ruined. Even I am embarrassed."

"You are my wife. It is very normal for me to do such a thing for you. Moreover, you are pregnant now. It is fine if I am not here. If I'm by your side. Of course, I'll do such a thing. Besides... I often bathe and cleanse your body. What's there to be shy about!"

The first few words that came out of her mouth touched her. She should have known that Dongfang Jin's verbal skills always made people admit defeat!

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