Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C357 Master of the Northern Ocean(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C357 Master of the Northern Ocean(1)
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C357 Master of the Northern Ocean(1)

Dongfang Jin held Lan Xuehan in his arms. A warm and quiet atmosphere filled the room. Feeling the warmth that she had always missed, Lan Xuehan's heart was filled with peace and relaxation.

After Lan Xuehan fell asleep, Dongfang Jin's jade-like face was hidden in the light, and no one could see the obscure and dark look in his eyes.

After a long time, he closed his eyes and restrained the emotions in his eyes. He tightly hugged Lan Xuehan, with a faint stubbornness and resolution that merged with the bone blood.

He believed that he had always planned everything out. This time, there would not be any deviation!

And several dozen miles away from the Holy Snow Country's tent, Beiming Yu looked at the black robe wrapped around his body. There was not a trace of anger in the black clothed man. His eyes, which had been calm since the ancient times, were also filled with the color of wind and clouds. The dark and heavy Qi inside seemed to carry a will that could destroy the heavens and extinguish the earth. It made people look into the strange hell at first glance.

The man looked at Beiming Yu and laughed softly.

The voice was as thick as sawwood, and it made people's hearts tremble.

"You and I haven't seen each other for ten years, right? I never expected that the brat who was bullied by others back then would actually become the current overlord of a region. This seat's gaze from back then was indeed correct!"

Upon hearing this, Beiming Yu's emotions fluttered. He looked at Beiming Yu, his thin lips tightly pursed like a sharp blade.

"I have never admitted that you are my master! You and I are both clear about what happened back then. If you want to take revenge for him, feel free to come! "

The man in black laughed, but his laughter was like a ghost.

"Back then, this lord only made a deal with him. I said that after the deal is done, I have nothing to do with him anymore. He himself was useless. He died at the hands of his own son. What does it have to do with me? Furthermore, if you have the ability to ascend to the throne of the Northern Ocean, you will kill your father and brother. With this ability, it is not a waste for me to have a master-disciple relationship with you!"

Hearing these words, the corner of Beiming Yu's mouth curved up in a mocking smile.

Ah! He was merely a sacrificial lamb for the transaction between the two of them. Who had once thought of him as a single person?

Back then, when he was three years old, he had taken him away. He had been thrown into the deep mountains for several months at such a young age. He had been in cahoots with the wolf pack. Only after consuming raw meat and drinking blood did he manage to survive.

Later on, he became the living corpse that he had tested out the poison on. During that period of time, the pain of gouging out one's heart was nothing more than a thousand cuts.

This type of thing was too many to count. The only fortunate thing was that he had this talent that he had put in so much effort into. Otherwise, according to the agreement between him and Royal Father, he would have been dead a long time ago!

Although his abilities were all due to him, he had never treated him as a teacher in his heart. Perhaps, in his heart, he might not treat him as a disciple. He was probably just an ant that was lucky enough to barely survive.

That year, according to the agreement. Only after he defeated him did he know the cause and effect of it when he left.

It turned out that all of this was controlled by that so-called father of his. For the sake of not staining his hands with blood, due to the public opinion of the world, he let this black-clothed person take him away.

He originally thought that he would die outside, but he never would have thought that he would step on the flames of hell and return, reborn as a malicious spirit, and turn his vengeful blade towards them.

At that time, he didn't know why he, Royal Father, would do such a thing. Now, he understood. However, he had experienced too much. After the thousand sails were over, he had long cultivated an iron wall. These things were no longer considered to be harmful.

"May I know what brings you here, Venerable One?" If nothing had happened, would a person who had not seen him for ten years suddenly appear?

"I have come here to give you a great gift, which will be considered as a sign of our relationship as master and disciple."

Beiming Yu listened quietly. His expression did not change at all.

"Can I gift you the Zihua Country?" The man in black had a smile on his face, but there was a sharp look in his eyes. Although it was just a question, his aura was fully unleashed, and it carried an air of superiority that couldn't be disobeyed.

"Venerable One, you must be joking. There is still a monarch in the Zihua Country. Currently, I am facing Lin Feng, and I can't take care of myself. I won't be foolish enough to make enemies for the Holy Snow Country." His tone carried a bone-piercing coldness.

"Heh, you understand what I mean. After marrying Xi Moyue, the entire Zihua Country will be yours. You are born with the appearance of an emperor, just like Dongfang Jin, you are a king who has descended with your spiritual sense. The ruler of the mountains and rivers, the king of the golden age, was born between the two of you. It was a wonderful thing that he could obtain the Zihua Country without spending a single soldier. It's just marrying a woman. If it's not that woman, then who won't we marry?"

Such straightforward words made Beiming Yu's heart ache. His eyebrows were as sharp as blades as he said coldly," I thought that my private matters wouldn't be taught by the Venerable One. "

She was his reverse scale. No matter who it was, those who touched her would die!

Although Beiming Yu released all of his pressure, it did not affect the black-clothed person in the slightest.

"I heard that she is pregnant now. Recently, I have been refining medicine, and I am in need of a month's worth of placenta medicine. Do you think the placenta medicine produced by the combination of the Zi Wei lattice and the Imperial Image would be even more perfect?"

Regarding the matter of Lan Xuehan being the Heavenly Lady, Beiming Yu naturally knew about it. However, after hearing what he said, Beiming Yu's entire body was filled with a bloodthirsty aura. His eyes were deep and deep, and he looked like a devil god from the ancient times, bringing with him turbulent waves.

"If you dare touch her, Zhen will definitely tear you into pieces and burn your bones to ashes!"

Even an extraordinary expert like the black clothed man couldn't help but feel a trace of terror in his heart when he heard these words. He forcefully suppressed the slight chaos in his heart and a coarse voice sounded.

"Could it be that you have forgotten? You still have the Gu in your body, don't say kill me. Even if you attack me, you will trigger the Mother and Child Gu in your body. If you die from the pain of breaking your heart and intestines, no matter how powerful you are, you won't be able to lure out the Gu. Are you sure you want to go against me? "

Back then, he had promised that as long as he could defeat him, he would be able to leave on his own. However, why would he leave behind a hidden danger for himself? That was why he planted the Mother and Child Gu in his body for this day.

Inside his body was the Mother Gu, while inside his body was the Mother Gu. This kind of Gu hid in his body and was no different from other people. However, if he attacked him and activated the Gu, then he would have to suffer the pain of his heart breaking and his intestines breaking. Similarly, if he died, he would not suffer any losses. However, if the Gu died, then the Gu inside his body would erupt. He wasn't far from death.

How could Beiming Yu not know this? It was just that when he heard him threaten her life and the child in her womb, the hostility in his body suddenly soared. He subconsciously reacted.

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