Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C358 The Master of the Northern Ocean(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C358 The Master of the Northern Ocean(2)
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C358 The Master of the Northern Ocean(2)

Now that he realized it, he didn't regret it. However, he was worried about her. He knew this man in front of him. He had been like this since he was young. Ten years had passed, but he had not changed at all.

His martial arts cultivation had been the same as his many years ago, but now, his aura was completely gone. He was afraid that he had already reached the realm of returning to his original state. The most important thing was that he was most proficient in Gu Poison Formation, and he was even proficient in the Constellation Fate Theory.

He had once sent people to investigate him, but there were no results. But from his words, it seemed like he knew them like the back of his hand. In the face of such a person, he could not forgive himself for putting Lan Xuehan in such a dangerous situation because of him.

But if he wanted him to marry Xi Moyue, his heart would be filled with resistance.

Traces of bitterness were like vines wrapping around his heart. His entire heart felt like it was being roasted on fire, burning and in pain.

After a long time, Beiming Yu's hoarse voice sounded, "Give me time to think about it."

"How long?" This young man was his proudest work, so when facing him, he never let his guard down.

"One month!" He was currently in a stalemate with Dongfang Jin. If news of him marrying Xi Moyue suddenly spread, it would definitely cause the people in the world to discuss it, and the morale of the army would also be unstable.

Therefore, in one month's time. He would have time to calm down, and he would also have time to make arrangements.

The black-clothed man obviously had his own plans. Furthermore, he wasn't afraid that Beiming Yu would have some kind of scheme. He said straightforwardly, "Okay, just one month!"


Lyi Beichen was lying alone by a small lake. He held a wine cup in his hand and looked at the sky full of stars.

Now that the war was in a stalemate, his sister was pregnant again. Actually, he really wanted to go and see her, but he also knew that it was just wishful thinking.

If he went and was discovered by someone, it would be bad for both of them.

She had once said that soldiers existed to protect the country. There was righteousness above, and there was responsibility below. As a soldier, he must abandon his cowardice and cowardice. Be brave to face death and blood. He had to look at the bigger picture. He couldn't ignore his own responsibilities and moral principles just because of his personal feelings. People could live freely, but they couldn't have no bottom line.

He had always remembered her words. Back then, he had grown from a weak child stepping on fresh blood step by step to a marshal who now held great power. He had done so in order to possess her temperament and make her proud of him.

But now, the sword in his hand was facing her! This sword used to be arrogant and invincible in the past, but now, even the hand that was holding it was trembling.

However, she saved his life, and His Majesty owed him a debt of gratitude.

Ever since he followed His Majesty, although he had started to look after her a little more because of his sister. But later on, His Majesty had truly been good to him. A letter from a person in positions of power, no matter how hard it was, was hard to come by? His Majesty did not hesitate to give it to him! Such a favor, he could only repay it by wrapping his horse around his corpse.

Furthermore, he was the official of the Holy Snow Country. As a soldier, he felt the righteousness of the country more deeply than anyone else. Even though he could not bear it, when he stepped onto the battlefield, he could only remember one thing. He was a soldier, a soldier that thousands of people in Holy Snow Country had placed their hopes on!

He swallowed a mouthful of strong wine, the spiciness rushing into his eyes. He opened his eyes wide and looked at the sky full of stars, letting go of his thoughts!

Under the silent night, moonlight poured down, illuminating the surface of the lake until it was a stretch of bright white.

Suddenly, Lyi Beichen felt an unusual movement in the air. He suddenly turned around and hid himself in the grass beside him. His sharp eyes scanned the source of the sound, and his mind kept searching for the person who would appear here.

Not long later, he saw the person he often saw these days, Mu Lingfeng!

Seeing that it was this kid, Lyi Beichen subconsciously relaxed his vigilance.

Ever since he helped this kid last time, Mu Lingfeng had always been grateful to him. Killing enemies on the battlefield was a life and death battle, so it was common for him to receive some minor injuries.

But ever since he got to know Mu Lingfeng, every time he received some minor injuries, he would be like a woman twittering about. He was very proactive when applying medicine and frying medicine. He often guarded by his side and waited on him.

Last time, he was seriously injured. He did not expect that this brat would take out all of his treasured treasures. Later on, he heard from Doctor Wang that this herb was a treasure of Mu family. This kid had been hiding it like a treasure, just to save his life one day. He didn't expect that he would take it out just like that. It really shocked him!

He did not know what he was thinking at that time, but he simply felt it. He was the third person who treated him so well besides his sister and His Majesty!

However, looking at this brat's wretched appearance, he was really curious about what he wanted to do.

Under the moonlight that was like a veil, the surface of the lake rippled. The swaying water droplets carried a dreamy color. The white reflection was fascinating. Mu Lingfeng, who was by the lake, cautiously looked around. Seeing that there was no one around, she gently untied her belt.

Her clothes were taken off, but the exposed body made Lyi Beichen suffocate. The moonlight was like a veil, lightly draped over her body. Her smooth and fair skin had a jade-like luster, and her figure was slender and well-proportioned.

He... was actually a woman?!

When he thought of this, for some reason, a trace of joy appeared in Lyi Beichen's heart, and a faint warmth flowed through his heart.

Mu Lingfeng had already entered the water. She was soaking in the lake and looked at the reflection on the surface of the lake. Her eyes flashed a trace of darkness that did not match her usual playful innocence. She then closed her eyes and hid the rolling emotions inside.

Lyi Beichen looked around and found that it was still safe. Then he looked away. He quietly stayed there and carefully observed his surroundings.

Was she a woman, or was she a woman who did not know martial arts? If he appeared at this moment, it would inevitably make her feel awkward. However, in this desolate wilderness in the middle of the night, he would not be at ease even if she were to be left alone here.

He would just be her guard once, and that would be considered as repaying her gift of medicine.

However, as a girl, why would she come to the army?

When he thought about how Doctor Wang had said that she was a direct descendant of the Mu family in the Northern Region, Lyi Beichen felt that this was probably another matter of a wealthy and powerful family. Didn't he also experience this kind of situation? If it wasn't for his elder sister, he was afraid that he would have been accompanying his mother in hell by now. How could he still have such glory and glory?

Unfortunately, from the looks of it, she shouldn't be as lucky as him! Otherwise, she wouldn't have been forced into a helpless situation. On this extremely dangerous battlefield, she would use men's clothing to show off to others every single day!

Lyi Beichen was full of sympathy and pity for Mu Lingfeng. He could not explain his feelings. He had always been cautious. However, this Mu Lingfeng was the third person who was so good to him. He only treated her as a friend to protect her.

It was just that he never knew where the love came from. He didn't know how deep it was!

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