Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C359 Gentle Love(1)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C359 Gentle Love(1)
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C359 Gentle Love(1)

The warm sunlight shone on Lan Xuehan's fair and beautiful face. Dongfang Jin held his head up and quietly looked at the woman who was buried in front of his chest. His clear and limpid eyes were filled with a gentle expression. His picturesque face carried an intoxicating yearning.

Suddenly, Lan Xuehan frowned slightly. Dongfang Jin immediately nervously stretched out his slender fingers and placed them on her wrist. After confirming that her pulse was stable, he relaxed his expression.

He looked at her lovingly, the light in his eyes disappearing.

Although she did not have nightmares last night, the pregnant woman did not sleep well at all. A slight movement could wake her up. She slept until midnight last night. Her legs suddenly cramped up. She woke up from the pain in an instant. She broke out in cold sweat and her face turned pale. His heart ached as he operated his martial arts to help massage her for the entire night. It was not easy for her to fall asleep.

Recalling the situation last night, Dongfang Jin's expression changed as he thought of her habits. She had always been free and easy, so when she slept, she did not have the habit of letting her servants keep vigil.

Last night, he was here, but what about the night before when he was not here? She was in so much pain, did she just endure it like this? When he thought of this, Dongfang Jin deeply felt that this child really didn't come at the right time. If it was earlier, he would have arranged everything to guard her by her side no matter what.

However, it was at this time. The war was in a stalemate, and he didn't even have time to spare. Even if he could abandon his responsibility and stay by her side, she might not be willing to.

Sometimes, she lived a more rational life than he did!

Looking at her sleeping face, Dongfang Jin helplessly sighed. He gently kissed her forehead, then gently put on his clothes and got off the bed with his hands and feet.

Lan Xuehan felt the movement and closed her eyes. She reached out and grabbed his white brocade sleeve and softly said, "What are you doing?"

Dongfang Jin did not think that he would be so careful and wake her up! Her jade-like eyes flashed with slight annoyance, and then she turned around to stroke her hair.

His gentle voice was as gentle as the spring breeze in March. "I will get up and prepare breakfast for you. It is still early. You can sleep for a while more."

Lan Xuehan heard him and slightly curled her lips. She asked warmly, "I want to eat porridge and a few appetizing dishes."

"Okay. I'll do it for you now. You can sleep for a while more. You did not rest well last night and it is still early now."

Liuyun who was waiting outside looked at the rising sun and was slightly speechless.

It was really early now!

After Dongfang Jin finished packing, he went to the kitchen. When he stepped out of the door, he motioned for Liuyun to follow him.

After he was so far away from the room, he confirmed that he would not disturb the people inside. Dongfang Jin then gently ordered, "During these days when This King is not around, arrange for the female doctor to take turns keeping vigil outside. The Princess is pregnant, and she does not sleep well at night. Now her legs will cramp. Later on, her legs will be slightly swollen. You must massage her regularly. This King has already ordered people to deliver the Heavenly Fragrance Pill. When she leaves, she will also prescribe a prescription for the placenta. Once a day.

When the wangfei takes medicine, she is afraid of suffering, so she must prepare candies and so on. Usually, as long as she did not worry about her mind, she could do whatever she wanted. Don't limit her too much. Also, the Princess didn't like sweet food. She liked spicy food. This king has already ordered people to bring the cook from Drunken Fragrance Restaurant and the cook from the Duke's Mansion over. Every day, they have to prepare ready-made food, ready at all times.

Furthermore, in the future, there will be people who are not good enough to come and pay their respects to the Princess. She directly replied. It was not suitable for her to hurt her mind right now. Do you understand?"

Liuyun had followed Dongfang Jin for so long, and this was the first time she had heard Dongfang Jin say so much to her. His words were filled with love for her princess.

Heavenly Fragrance Pill? A life-saving pill that was hard to ask for even ten million gold coins was used to give the princess an abortion just like that? There were also bits and pieces of details. If it wasn't for his deep love, how could he be so considerate?

Liuyun suppressed the shock in her heart and hurriedly bowed her head and said, "This servant understands. Your Highness rest assured. This servant will definitely take good care of the Princess!"

When Dongfang Jin heard this, he replied faintly and waved his hand, "Go! Lightly move your hands and feet. Don't wake her up."

Actually, whoever took care of her was better off taking care of herself!

Unfortunately, luck was not on his side. Even if he was talented, he could not control the situation in the world!

After being busy for a long time, he finally completed Lan Xuehan's request. A bowl of porridge and a few side dishes were just a few side dishes, but they were filled with a certain person's exquisite elegance.

Lan Xuehan still wanted to continue sleeping, but Dongfang Jin took care of her body. He forcefully dug her out from under the blanket, helped her dress and wash up, and carried her to the table.

Lan Xuehan smelled the fragrance and lazily opened her eyes. She looked at the gluttonous porridge in front of her and lazily enjoyed Dongfang Jin's service.

Perhaps it was because she had not seen Dongfang Jin for a long time and missed his cooking even more! Lan Xuehan ate very smoothly this time. After Lan Xuehan finished eating, Dongfang Jin directly fed her chopsticks before starting to eat by himself.

Thinking of Dongfang Jin's outrageous mysophobia when they first met, Lan Xuehan was stunned. Her eyes flashed but she didn't say anything.

After the meal, Lan Xuehan lazily snuggled in his arms and asked casually, "When are you leaving?"

She knew that Dongfang Jin had a heavy responsibility now. It was already very difficult to leave. It would be impossible for him to stay for a long time. From last night until now, it was already their extravagant request.

Dongfang Jin pursed his thin red lips and was silent for a moment. "I'll be leaving in a while!"

After saying that, he looked up at her. With a flip of his white sleeves, Lan Xuehan had already firmly landed in his arms. Holding Lan Xuehan, Dongfang Jin's reluctance to part began to grow even more crazily.

Taking a deep breath, a deep voice that was like a zither rang out, "I really want to bring you along with me!"

Lan Xuehan also did not want to separate. In the past, she had not tasted love, so she came and went as free as the wind. But now, the net of love was broken, and even a short moment of separation felt so unbearable.

"Alright, don't say silly things, lest you make your son laugh." Lan Xuehan suppressed her reluctance to part and lightly laughed.

Dongfang Jin heard her and his slender jade-like hand gently covered Lan Xuehan's slightly lower abdomen. His voice was laced with danger.

"Daddy is leaving, you have to be obedient. Don't torment your mother. Otherwise, when you come out, you will have a good look on your face. Do you understand?"

Looking at his solemn expression, Lan Xuehan felt that Dongfang Jin actually had such a childish side to him. Slapping off his hand, she couldn't help but laugh and say, "All children have feelings. Now that you are telling him these things... When he is born, he will definitely not easily get close to you."

A trace of charm and tsundere appeared on Dongfang Jin's jade face. He snorted and said, "There is no need for him to get close to me. When he comes out, I will only get close to you."

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