Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C360 Gentle Love(2)
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C360 Gentle Love(2)
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C360 Gentle Love(2)

As he spoke, he slowly approached Lan Xuehan's ear. The warm breath hit Lan Xuehan's skin and a blush instantly climbed onto Lan Xuehan's delicate face.

Dongfang Jin originally did not want to make things difficult for himself, but seeing such a good color in the world, his powerful self-control instantly collapsed. He turned his head over to Lan Xuehan and kissed the red lips that he had longed for a long time.

In the past, he did not feel anything when his heart was clear and he did not feel anything, but ever since he had tasted the most wonderful thing in the human world, his indifference and alienation had completely disappeared. His delicate body was in his arms, soft and soft, and coupled with the fact that she was the woman he loved the most... How could he resist such a thing?

In addition, the two of them had been separated for two months. Now, she was pregnant again. It had been more than four or five months. This kind of torture was really a challenge to him.

Slowly, Dongfang Jin was no longer satisfied with this kiss. His fair fingers rested on her sensitive waist. The blue belt was suddenly pulled, and Luo Qun immediately spread out. Lan Xuehan was shocked and recovered from the fantasy sea of love that he had created.

She hurriedly grabbed his hand and said, "Don't! Child!"

When Dongfang Jin heard this, all of his desire ceased. He buried his face in Lan Xuehan's shoulder blade in annoyance and calmed his disorderly breathing.

Lan Xuehan was afraid that she would provoke him, so she wanted to stand up and stay away from him. However, Dongfang Jin exerted strength in his arms and said hoarsely, "Don't move."

When she heard this, Lan Xuehan was also afraid that not noticing would aggravate him even more. She blushed and hid in his arms, not daring to move anymore. After a long while, Dongfang Jin finally calmed himself down and tidied Lan Xuehan up.

His black jade-like eyes carried a bit of desire and dissatisfaction as he stared straight at Lan Xuehan. "You want to compensate me!"

These four words scared Lan Xuehan until her legs went soft. Was he going to leave the accounts until after autumn?

Thinking of Dongfang Jin's reckless behavior, Lan Xuehan decisively did not speak.

When Dongfang Jin saw this, his eyes slightly narrowed, and a trace of danger flashed across the depths of his deep eyes. "The first three months and the next three months of pregnancy cannot be accomplished, but if I am a little more careful in the middle of the three months... It is still possible. It's still early. Why don't we give it a try? "

When Lan Xuehan heard him, she first looked at him in disbelief. She said shyly and angrily," Dongfang Jin, why are you thinking about these things in the future? You still have the name of a young master. As the saying goes, a young master should not be the Yunyue Tsinghua of Feng Jiyue Xiu. Is Mount Yu open and open, and the sun rises ten thousand feet in the sky? Look at you. If you let the world know your true colors, you will be the son and daughter of the Yun Yue Tsinghua University, the Yun Yue Tsinghua University of the Yun Yue Tsinghua University. You, Young Master Wushuang, won't be able to save your face."

Lan Xuehan's education did not affect Dongfang Jin at all. He had a charming smile on his face, and there was a hint of evil between his brows.

After listening to her, Dongfang Jin raised his pretty eyebrows. He lowered his head and pecked her lips, and said in an intoxicating manner, "A warm and soft jade is in my arms. Even the young master who has disappeared in the wind and rain is still a person of the mortal world. As long as it's you, I will give up this young master's name. So what if the people respect him? "

Such a charming face made Lan Xuehan slightly intoxicated. The soft and delicate push him lightly and said, "Okay okay okay okay, whatever you say is right!"

Such a bewitching monster was born to harm people.

Seeing Lan Xuehan's rosy and shy face, Dongfang Jin tactfully did not continue to harm her. Otherwise, in the end, he would still be the one feeling aggrieved.

Changing the topic, Dongfang Jin casually played with Lan Xuehan's black hair. He seemed to have said unintentionally, "The world is already in chaos. The various powers that entered the trap are all secretly stirring up trouble. But now, I only want you to give birth to our child safely. And I can stay by your side."

Although his words were tactful, Lan Xuehan was still keenly aware of the meaning in his words.

"What do you want to do?" After asking, Lan Xuehan pursed her lips tightly and did not speak anymore.

She had long decided not to get involved in the war between them. Now with this question, wouldn't it indirectly affect Dongfang Jin's decision?

Dongfang Jin took a look at her restrained expression and understood what she was thinking. The expression in his eyes darkened. His eyes flashed slightly, and then he tightly hugged Lan Xuehan.

"Lan Xuehan, no matter what happens, you have to believe me. Okay? We have already entered into this chaotic world. Even I am unable to control everything. I don't fear the accusations of the world, but in my heart, you are more important than the world!"

His tone was gentle, but it made Lan Xuehan's heart tremble. She buried her head in Dongfang Jin's arms. She said softly, "Dongfang Jin, I forced it. You don't have to worry about me. I understand that Yu also has his own pride. I definitely hope to have a battle of kings with you. I travel the martial arts world and learn the Dao of the world. I know that the situation is like this. You... Such a situation was caused by me. I shouldn't have let you pay for my choice. Just do as you planned."

Behind them were tens of thousands of citizens, carrying the hopes and future of countless people on their shoulders. She had long understood this point!

When the time came, life would come!

Hearing Lan Xuehan say this, Dongfang Jin felt slightly relieved. He had always only cared about her, but he was biased towards her who valued relationships and loyalty. He cared about every friend. No matter how unhappy he was, he did not have the slightest intention of trapping her in his own world.

Now that the situation had turned out this way, there were some things that were caused by fate. He also wanted to make clear her intentions, so that there wouldn't be any discord between the two of them.

"Dongfang Jin, I really hope this war will end sooner."

Lan Xuehan's muttering fell into Dongfang Jin's ears. A trace of darkness flashed in his eyes as he tightly hugged her.

"I will!"

If it was according to his plan, all of this would end very quickly. After all, he really couldn't bear for her to still suffer with him while she was carrying a child.

Time passed by quickly. After Dongfang Jin left... Lan Xuehan felt inexplicably flustered. Instinctively, she felt that something bad would happen, but Liuyun smiled and said, "It is probably because the Princess is thinking about the Royal Highness. Now that the Royal Highness has just left, the Princess is probably not used to it for a while!"

Liuyun's teasing made Lan Xuehan's heart relax a little. She secretly laughed that it was probably because she was pregnant that she was exceptionally sensitive.

"Oh, that's right, the Princess. His Royal Highness left Mo Xing behind when he left this time. He went out of the city to pick up the chef and thought that he should be back at night!"

"Pick up Chef? What Chef?" Lan Xuehan asked in puzzlement.

Liuyun's face was full of envy. "His Royal Highness is worried about Princess Fei. He saw that Princess Fei was very unhappy because she was pregnant. He ordered the cooks and chefs of Drunken Fragrance Restaurant to serve him. They travelled through the night and arrived at the same time. However, it's chaotic outside now and it's not easy to get in and out of the city. Therefore, Mo Xing went to pick them up."

Lan Xuehan did not expect Dongfang Jin to make such an arrangement, and a warm feeling immediately flowed into her heart. After all, the war was currently very busy, and he had a lot of things to attend to every day, so he still had to worry about these things.

It really touched her!

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