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C4 Rebirth

"It hurts more than a gunshot wound! The surroundings were still so noisy. Did they not know that the patient needed silence? " This was the only feeling Ye Xuehan had at this moment.

The pain caused her to slowly regain her consciousness amidst the intertwining sounds of scolding and crying. She tried her best to open her eyes, wanting to see the current situation.

She remembered that when the explosion happened, Feng anxiously pounced towards her, and Mengyao was still by her side.

She wanted to know if they were okay, because they were her best friends, family that was worth using her entire life to cherish. It was her salvation in the night.

But when she opened her eyes, she heard someone happily shout, "Family Head, Miss is awake, Miss is awake!"

She thought that it was the maid who told Ye Haotian and was just about to ask about the situation of the people who came. Her usually calm and collected heart was in a mess at this moment. Who was the person who came?

The person's black clothes flew in the air and his figure was like a jade tree. His slender figure made the black clothes exude an extraordinary aura. However, the majesty of the person in positions of power made him seem more like a mortal. His face was like a jade crown, his eyebrows were sharp, and his eyes were like stars. His ink-black hair was split into two, and his front was tied up by a jade crown. The back was naturally placed, and it was floating in the air as he walked. Even though she looked at Feng's monstrous face every day, at this moment, she could not help but be shocked by the appearance and temperament of the person who came.

Only, the unconcealed worry in her eyes made him appear even more popular, unlike the Exiled Immortal who looked down on the mortal world from the clouds.

Before she could speak, the person who came said anxiously, "Han, how are you? And that discomfort? Does your head still hurt? Why are you so careless? You almost scared your father and mother to death! "The voice that spoke was as clear and melodious as the sound of spring water dripping onto jade.

As soon as he finished speaking, a beautiful woman pushed him away. Sitting on the bed and holding Ye Xuehan's hand, she sobbed and said, "Han, you scared your mother to death. You finally woke up. If something were to happen to you, what would mother do?"

Hearing the soft and gentle voice of the woman with choking sobs, Ye Xuehan was completely stunned. What? When faced with this situation, she felt helpless. At this moment, the calmness and calmness that she had always been proud of had completely disappeared.

She only wanted to ask, How did an explosion blow up a father and mother? Moreover, they all looked like deities.

She pretended to be calm and closed her eyes, thinking that she might still be dreaming if she didn't wake up. When she opened her eyes, she turned her head to look at the furnishings in the room. She saw that the red Nanmu was made into a round table and placed in the middle of the room. There was a pot of Junzi Orchid in front of the wooden window. The blurry yellow bronze mirror reflected the people in the room. One by one, the ancient servant girl was dressed like manservant. The bed she was sleeping on was also made of wood. However, the silk fabric on it was smooth and soft, and the embroidery was exquisite and unique. It showed that this family was either rich or powerful. The pair of 'Divine Immortal parents' were still looking at her worriedly.

Lan Muhua saw that his beloved daughter had finally woken up, but he was still shocked and in a state of disbelief. He couldn't help but think in his heart, Little Han couldn't have broken her brain, right? What should he do? "

Thinking of this, he quickly called manservant, who was beside him," Quickly go and call a doctor! What are you all doing here? Didn't you see that the young lady had woken up? Why aren't you going to deliver the meal? Ask the kitchen to prepare more of Miss's favorite food. Hurry up and go!"

Servant girl, who was waiting at the side, manservant heard the orders of the family head. He quickly went to do the things that he instructed and did not dare to delay even a moment.

After Lan Muhua waited for servant girl and manservant left. He hugged his wife and said, "Yue Er, Xiao Han couldn't have broken her brain, right? Why didn't she say anything after she woke up? Why did she have such an expression? "

Lau Mianyue, who was worried about her daughter, heard her husband's guess and her beautiful eyes turned red again. Her eyes were filled with tears, which made her look even more delicate.

At this moment, Ye Xuehan had already accepted the fact that she was wearing it. Moreover, it was the daughter of this husband and wife. Also, the personality of this husband and wife was really strange.

This understanding made her inexplicably happy. Then, she opened her mouth and said, "I am not stupid. I just can't remember what happened in the past."

When Lau Mianyue heard her daughter say 'amnesia', she thought that her daughter did not know her. She turned around and hugged Lan Muhua's waist. She threw herself into his arms and cried, " Muhua, what should we do? Han doesn't know us anymore? She doesn't remember that we are her father and mother! "

Lan Muhua only thought that it was fortunate that he only had amnesia and didn't have a broken brain. But when he heard his wife cry so miserably, he hurriedly comforted her, "Yue'er, Little Han only lost her memory. It's already fortunate that she fell off the horse and didn't leave behind any other side effects. She is only seven years old this year, and she still has a long life! Don't worry too much. Quick, wipe away your tears. Let's go out first and let Little Han have a good rest! "

Lau Mianyue heard Lan Muhua's words and felt that this kind of situation was really Bodhisattva's blessing. She also let go of the matter of her daughter's amnesia. She used the sleeve of the blue chiffon cloth to gently wipe away the tears on her face.

She turned to Ye Xuehan who was looking at them and said softly, "Han, mom and dad go out and prepare some food that you usually love to eat. You rest well first and we will come to see you later. servant girl, who was serving beside you, was just outside the door. If there is anything, just ask her to come and tell Mother!"

Ye Xuehan only thought about what Lan Muhua just said, 'She is only seven years old this year.' Doesn't that mean that the original owner of this body is a seven year old little girl?

She nodded blankly, indicating that she had heard Lau Mianyue's instructions. Lau Mianyue and Lan Muhua looked at their beloved daughter and felt an indescribable bitterness in their hearts. They felt that their daughter had woken up much quieter this time and had changed a lot.

There was an unexplainable and profound look in her eyes. However, it was this profound look that made them feel that there was an additional temperament on their daughter's body. It was a natural and luxurious temperament.

They did not think too much about it. Lan Muhua walked out with Lau Mianyue in his arms. Just as they closed the door, Ye Xuehan jumped down from the bed and ran to the bronze mirror to look at this' herself '.

She saw that the little person in the mirror was wearing a white shirt with a thick layer of white cloth wrapped around her forehead. Her eyebrows were curved like a divine stroke and her pair of extremely beautiful eyes were below. It was as if she was wearing a sky full of stars, and under her nose was a rose petal like lips.

Although she was still young, it was not hard to tell what kind of devastatingly beautiful face she would have in the future, and what kind of peerless beauty she would have.

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