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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C5 Saint and Mainland
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C5 Saint and Mainland

She thought about it as she walked to the bed, and to be honest, she always thought 'transmigration' was all nonsense, just to satisfy those people's fantastic ideas.

But now, when it truly happened to her, she had a feeling of disbelief, but most of it was the joy of not dying.

Previously, as a special forces soldier, life and death were placed after the mission. But who didn't want to live well? Living to watch the mortal world flourish, looking at the clouds and clouds, enjoying the beauty of existence.

Thinking back to those who had committed suicide, they felt that they were just pitiful people who had been cursed by God, because they didn't understand the true life.

In life, even though they would encounter all types of setbacks and tribulations, however, running away was still a sign of weakness. Life itself was a song, sometimes loud and sometimes deep. Even though it changes unpredictably, the scale of the play is always in our hands. When it is high and high, we will be excited, and when it is low, we will be sad. But no matter what, we shouldn't give up our lives, because only by living can we have hope. Only by living can we find our own value in this world.

Ye Xuehan thought of Nangong Feng and Ling Mengyao at this moment. She felt that since she already had such an incredible fortuitous encounter, they would definitely be safe and sound. She thought that perhaps they were currently sizing up the ancient TV series just like her. Maybe they are also worried about her now.

The most important thing right now was to figure out exactly what era this was, and what kind of situation this place was in. Perhaps it was the habit of the special forces. In an unfamiliar environment, they would always want to know everything clearly before they could feel at ease!

She remembered the Yi that Lau Mianyue had mentioned earlier and called out to the outside of the house, "Yi, come in for a while."

After Yi heard her young mistress's voice, she quickly walked in from outside the house.

The moment she entered, Ye Xuehan knew that this woman was not simple. Looking at the temperament of a person who had a body that was open, it was not something that an ordinary person could possess, let alone servant girl.

Looking at this girl's appearance again, her eyebrows were as thin as willow trees, her eyes were like limpid autumn waters, as still as a virgin. It was like a quiet lotus blooming in a secluded valley, enchanting one's heart and soul. It gave people a feeling of tranquility that went straight into the depths of one's soul.

Ye Xuehan did not expect that this person called Yi, servant girl, had such an extraordinary appearance and temperament, but compared to Lau Mianyue, she was still a bit lacking.

When Yi saw the young miss looking at her like this, she actually felt a sense of subservience and reverence from the bottom of her heart. Facing the young miss of the past, she only thought that she was accompanying a seven year old baby. She definitely would not have such a feeling. However, the young lady now felt a kind of pressure when she looked at others quietly. It was a feeling of subservience towards the strong.

Ye Xuehan saw the slight change in Yi's eyes and knew that she must have noticed the difference in her, but so what?

"Yi, you must have guessed something, right? I was injured in the brain this time, resulting in amnesia. So I can't remember what happened in the past. I hope you can tell me some of your past memories. "Her voice was filled with the innocence of a child, but her tone was calm and steady.

Yi lowered her head and her eyelids slightly lowered as she respectfully said, "Yes, Miss. Yi will tell you what you want to know."

Ye Xuehan only secretly praised this girl's intelligence and said," You first explain to me what this dynasty is? How is the distribution? Also, who are my parents? "

Yi heard Ye Xuehan's question and was not surprised or shocked. It was as if there was nothing wrong with a seven-year-old girl asking these questions. Her expression remained the same. She said, "Miss, our continent is called Shenghe Mainland. There are many countries on this continent. However, the strongest among them are only four, namely the Linfeng Country in the east. The Kingdom is surnamed Dongfang; the Xiyue Country in the south is surnamed Nangong; and the Zihua Country in the west is surnamed Nangong. The Kingdom had the surname Xi Mo; the Holy Snow Country in the north had the surname Darknorth.

Linfeng Country's national power was the strongest, followed by Holy Snow; Xiyue was in the middle, and Zihua Country was the last.

The Zihua Country was a Womanland, and the throne was inherited by the direct descendants of the elders. Although the national strength of the four kingdoms was the weakest, it was protected by the natural barrier of Wei Hai. In addition, starting from Empress Zi Ning, who was also the current Empress' grandmother... Great changes were made, open up trade with the outside world, and pay attention to economic production... The military had been strictly regulated, increasing military strength. Now, their national strength was comparable to that of the other four nations.

Xiyue Country was in the south. The land was fertile, the air was moist, and the economic development was far better than other countries. The Holy Snow Country was located in the north. It was cold there for a long time, and there was almost no land to plow on. However, it was rich in medicinal herbs, fur, and other rare items. Lastly, the Linfeng Country, which is also the country that we are in, is the country that has merged with several countries. It also combines the strengths of a few countries, but its overall strength is far superior to other countries.

As for the patriarch and the madam, they are the masters of Liberty Villa. The patriarch, Lan Muhua, is the alliance leader of the martial arts world. The madam is known as the number one beauty in the martial arts world. "

After Ye Xuehan heard Yi's respectful reply, she looked straight at her face and said lightly," How did you know so much about it? This seems to have exceeded the scope of servant girl's knowledge, right? "

When Yi heard Ye Xuehan's interrogation, her expression did not change. She replied indifferently," Miss lost her memory. Naturally, she did not remember that Yi's father was the General Xiao Qi of Linfeng Country. However, he was framed by someone, causing the death of the entire Lin Family. However, I, the Meng Family's Patriarch, saved her. That's why I came to your side to serve you. "

Ye Xuehan understood where her aura came from. She could also tell. When Yi said that the entire door was full of death, her heart suppressed a great deal of pain. There was unwillingness, resentment, and more of helplessness and loneliness that was left alone in this world.

But she did not express anything, because in her previous life, she had seen too many of these kinds of life and death situations. From a certain point of view, other than rescuing, the special forces protected important figures of the country. In addition to maintaining political and economic stability, they also carried out assassinations and kidnappings when necessary. Dealing with some matters that the country could not resolve openly but had to resolve. So, her hands were already stained with blood, but the meaning was different.

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