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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C6 It Suddenly Became Clear
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C6 It Suddenly Became Clear

She looked directly at Yi and lightly asked, "Since my father is only the alliance leader of the martial arts world, how can he interfere in the matters of the Imperial Court and save your life? Don't think that I am seven years old and that you are fooling me. "

When Yi heard this, her body slipped and she knelt in front of Ye Xuehan's bed. With a slightly anxious expression, she explained, "Heaven and earth can see that Yi definitely does not have the intention to fool the young miss. Every word that Yi said was true. If the young miss did not believe, you can go and ask the family head. However, Yi really did not know how the family head saved Yi. She asked the young miss to believe in Yi. "

Ye Xuehan heard her explanation and looked at her changed expression. Then she remembered that Yi would not be stupid enough to lie to her under Lan Muhua and his wife's eyes because it was very easy for her to ask for proof.

In that case, Lan Muhua and his wife's identity was definitely not simple. How could the alliance leader of the martial arts world, who was located far away from the Pugilistic World, influence the decision of an emperor?

Furthermore, since Yi's father was a general, the crimes he committed would definitely endanger the country. That was why he would make the Supreme One kill him and destroy his entire family. If that was the case, then why would the Emperor let such a big fish escape from the net survive in the world? It was impossible that the Emperor did not understand the principle of 'uprooting the roots'. The only explanation was that her father was definitely not as simple as he appeared to be.

She understood this point and lowered her head to look at Yi. Her lips parted slightly and slowly said, "I believe you. You can go out first. I want to rest. I will call you if there is anything."

Yi heard Ye Xuehan's instructions and stood up. She said while leaning her body, "Many thanks to young miss for believing Yi. Yi is outside the door. If young miss has something to say, just tell Yi."

Ye Xuehan indicated that Yi knew and Yi left to help Ye Xuehan close the door.

Ye Xuehan sat quietly by the bed and her eyes stared at the wide world outside the window. Her eyes revealed a rare solemness and confusion as if she was lost in the fog and could not find the way back.

She was a genius girl in her previous life and had a prominent family background. She was the descendant of a prestigious family. But she was trained by her mother as a boy to protect herself, shooting and shooting. Apart from these etiquette and culture, there were also many other things that couldn't be missed. It was impossible to say that she didn't hate her mother, but what she wanted more was her mother's affirmation and praise.

So no matter how hard it was, she gritted her teeth and endured it. The thought of not letting her mother down was to keep her going. But every time she was scolded by her mother, her father would always accompany her when she was sad. Comforting her, encouraging her, and telling her that she was her greatest pride. She felt that although she was bitter, she was very happy.

But when she was sixteen, everything was destroyed. All the happiness disappeared along with her mother's death and her hatred for her father. She ran away from home because of hatred. She drifted alone outside and got to know Kelly, the man who was like a friend and a teacher. She gave her a new life and allowed her to join 'Ling Feng'.

At this moment, she thought of Nangong Feng, that handsome and evil man. Because the two families had similar family backgrounds, she had known Nangong Feng since she was young. It could be said that Nangong Feng had accompanied her from the beginning. He had witnessed everything about her, whether it was outstanding or hardworking. The weeping, hesitating, or cowardly Ye Xuehan did not hide anything from Nangong Feng.

She felt that in a person's life, not only could they love someone, they could also put it in their heart. In fact, there was such a kind of friend, such a kind of friendship. It had nothing to do with Feng Yue, it was just that he had always kept it in his heart. When he thought about it, he felt warm in his heart. He could show it in front of him without hiding anything. Nangong Feng was undoubtedly the person in her heart who had nothing to do with Feng Yue.

As for Ling Mengyao, it could be said to be a joke and arrangement of fate! She was only sixteen years old at that time. After experiencing that experience, she had wandered outside. However, on the heavenly bridge, she saw Ling Mengyao who was throwing money away. Her mind was mixed with mockery and despair towards the world. The passers-by who passed by looked at her as if they were crazy and cursed at her. She did not care at all. Her lonely figure seemed to be the only one left in the world.

She walked up to her and said with a frivolous expression, "Beauty, it's not exciting to spend money like this. Let's go. I'll take you to play a more exciting way to spend money. " When Ling Mengyao heard her words, she stopped what she was doing. She turned around and looked at her.

When Ling Mengyao turned around. Ye Xuehan looked at the woman in front of her. Her phoenix eyes were filled with rebellious colors. Deep in her eyes was a pool of unsolvable worry, and there was a frivolous and evil smile on her lips. Her excellent figure added a noble and elegant temperament. No matter how one looked at it, she did not look like a crazy person. At most, he was a person with a story.

She knew that the woman in front of her most likely thought of her as a crazy person, but so what? She did not wait for Ling Mengyao to reply and reached out to grab Ling Mengyao. She carried the box with the one dollar note under her feet and rushed into the nearby bank. Ignoring the different gazes of others, she exchanged all the notes into coins. Two girls around 16 or 17 years old carried a bag of coins and went to the suburbs.

She brought Ling Mengyao to a ruins in the outskirts. The ruins were on top of a mountain. The surrounding forest was surrounded, and it looked like a broken temple that no one cared about. Ye Xuehan bent down and grabbed a handful of coins with her left hand. She threw the coins one by one towards the run-down temple with her right hand. The clashing sound between the coins and the mottled old wall was exceptionally clear in the silent wilderness, like a beautiful symphony of fate.

Ling Mengyao copied her actions and threw coins at the ruined temple. The two girls threw the coin for an entire afternoon, and sweat soaked the bangs on their foreheads. Their clothes were wet, and their elegance and nobility were completely exhausted. They only stopped when the last coin was thrown.

Ye Xuehan smiled proudly and said to Ling Mengyao, "How is it? My idea is not bad, right? Could it be that it can be more vented than the splurging of money on the heavenly bridge?" When Ling Mengyao heard this, she nodded her head and said, "Indeed, it is much better than throwing money like that."

She did not ask why the other party did that, nor did she ask what they had experienced. She also did not ask for his name and contact details. The two of them stayed at the top of the mountain until late at night, then they would be able to run until they finally met in the army. Only then did they understand each other's names.

Later on, she majored in military deployment and melee defense attacks, while Ling Mengyao majored in computer programming and blasting. Both of them were selected to 'Ling Feng' because of their excellence. From then on, they knew each other. Six years of wind and rain, six years of life and death. Calamity and fortune together made them understand and trust each other more. They became the so-called best friends of their best friends.

Ye Xuehan felt that she had never lived well in the 22 years of her previous life. She had been struggling in oppression and hatred, shuttling through the rain of bullets and guns, and wandering on the edge of death. She suppressed her own personality and hid herself in the dark.

Therefore, since she had been reborn, she wanted to live out herself in this life. She had lived a carefree life. In the Pugilistic World, she wanted to experience a life of pleasure, love, revenge, and a life of riding a horse and swinging a whip. Now that she had a new parent, she wanted to have a happy life. She wanted to make up for it and enjoy the family and warmth that she had never experienced in her previous life.

However, she understood the law of survival in this world, the law of the jungle, survival of the fittest. That was why she needed to become strong, to be able to truly be unrestrained, to truly protect her own things.

She understood and lowered her head, muttering to herself with a smile, "Feng, Mengyao, I believe that you will be like me in this world, looking for a new life and everything new. I will definitely find you. Wait for me!"

She withdrew her gaze from the window and twisted her body. She felt tired and laid down to rest.

She had a dream. In the dream, she, Feng and Mengyao rode their horses, raised their whips, and ran outside the blockade. The afterglow of the setting sun fell on everyone, giving her the freedom and warmth she had always longed for.

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