Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C7 The Qi of Ziwei
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Black-bellied Prince's Spoil/C7 The Qi of Ziwei
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C7 The Qi of Ziwei

In the room of the Lan's couple, Lau Mianyue was snuggling in Lan Muhua's arms. The two of them were standing in front of the window. Lan Muhua's eyes were long and deep, but Lau Mianyue was full of worry and sadness.

Because the two of them simultaneously remembered that day when Han was born, a sage-like white-haired old man came to the mansion. Although the old man looked like he was over fifty years old, his entire body exuded the aura of an expert from the outside world. His high-spirited eyes were filled with a sharp and undeniable expert aura.

However, when the old man arrived, he congratulated Lan Muhua, who was anxiously waiting outside the delivery room. "Alliance Master Lan, congratulations on being so happy!" When Lan Muhua heard this, his handsome face said in surprise, "Sir, how did you know that my wife was born with a girl?"

As soon as he finished speaking, there was a sharp and congratulatory voice from the midwife in the room. "Congratulations, Family Head. I am happy that my daughter is safe and sound." He did not care about his surprise just now. He pushed open the door and ran to his wife and daughter. He was only short of using his minor skills.

"Yue Er, how is it? Are you alright? You scared me to death. You have suffered for our child. "Lan Muhua's eyes were filled with weakness as he looked at his beloved wife whose forehead was drenched in sweat. His face was as pale as a sheet of paper, and his heart was filled with pain.

"I'm fine. Muhua, how is our daughter?" Lau Mianyue anxiously asked, her weak voice was weak and weak.

The midwife carried the child to the front of the bed, and Lan Muhua reached out to catch it. He had never kidnapped such a small person before. His small eyes had not opened yet. His big mouth was slightly open, and his fair and tender face was like tofu. His small body made him afraid that he would hurt her if he used too much strength. He had yet to recover from his shock. This was his daughter. It was the crystallization of his and Lau Mianyue's love.

"Patriarch Lan, this old man observed the heavenly phenomena at night and discovered that purple energy was rising in the east. After many calculations, this old man finally found the source of the purple energy. It was born from the fate seed of my daughter, so she must be extraordinary in this life. I want to take her as my disciple and teach her everything I've learned in my life. So that she can complete the Purple Mild Mandate..." The white-haired old man said to Lan Muhua in a serious and sincere manner.

Lan Muhua didn't care about the Purple Subtle Mission. He only wanted to remember his only daughter. The daughter of the pampered wife, who was almost dead, was about to leave. She shook her head and said, "Sir, I don't want my daughter to be rich and powerful in the future. I just want her to be safe and happy for the rest of her life. Therefore, regarding the matter of her becoming your disciple, this Lan will have no choice but to obey. I hope that you will forgive me." After saying that, he stood up and handed his daughter to the midwife beside him. He cupped his fists and bowed to the old man.

When the old man saw Lan Muhua behaving in such a manner, he couldn't force him. He shook his head helplessly and said, "The Heaven's Will can't be achieved. It's the heaven's will to send a goddess to the world. Her life was destined to be extraordinary. The separation of the four kingdoms. The rise of the storm in Shenghe Mainland had an inseparable connection with her. You were originally people of the temple hall, so how could you not know about the Imperial Palace? How could you not understand the power of the world? Fine, if you do not believe me now, I will not disturb you. However, when she was seven years old, her life would definitely be in danger. When she woke up, her temperament would change greatly. This is the final time. I will naturally appear and ask your daughter if she is willing to take me as her master. "

When Lan Muhua heard these words, his heart was already surging with waves. He was surprised by what the old man in front of him knew. He was also worried about his seven year old prophecy. Fortunately, what he said later was safe and sound.

He replied, "If what you said is true, my daughter will have a great calamity when she is seven years old. When that time comes, when you appear, I will definitely not stop you. Besides, my daughter is already seven years old, so I will naturally not force my own will onto my daughter. My wife and I will respect my daughter's decision."

After hearing his answer, the old man smiled. His sharp eyes were filled with certainty. He quickly walked out. Before he left, Lan Muhua asked urgently, "Sir, can I tell you your name?" The old man said with a calm voice, "Don't worry, you will know when we meet again."

Lau Mianyue lay weakly on the bed and quietly listened to their conversation. Her face was full of sorrow and her figure was like a weak willow. Her white inner clothes made her extremely exhausted, but when she found out that her daughter was seven years old, she felt even more sad and worried.

Lan Muhua watched as the white-haired old man left, and when he turned around, he saw that his wife's expression was blurred. He knew that she was definitely worried about what they had just said. He hurriedly took a step forward and sat beside the bed. He gently hugged Lau Mianyue and said, "Yue Er, if this child really is like what that old man said, bringing along a slight purple aura and descending into the world, then you and I both know that she will not be ordinary for the rest of her life. Although we hope that she will be able to live a peaceful life and live happily with love and hatred, living freely and freely for the rest of her life, there are some things that are destined to happen... The Hundred Cycles of Reincarnation cannot escape. We can only face it. "

"If she really wants to step into the inner courtyard of the palace in the future, I will tell her everything. Don't worry, I believe in our daughter! "

Lau Mianyue heard Lan Muhua's comforting words and said while sobbing, "Muhua, I am afraid that my daughter will be contaminated by the dirty water! We spent a lot of effort to settle down in the martial arts world because we want to live happily and happily together. I don't want my daughter to care about the rise and fall of the four kingdoms or the turbulence of the continent. I just want her to be safe for the rest of her life." As she spoke, tears rolled down her white jade-like cheeks like broken pearls.

"Yue Er, don't cry first! Perhaps that old man misjudged Constellation. Besides, there are still seven years left. Who knows what will happen in the future! Let's not scare ourselves first, okay? Stop crying, you're making my heart ache."

Lau Mianyue's tears were Lan Muhua's soft spot. Once she cried, the wild and unruly Lan Muhua immediately panicked, so he quickly comforted his wife. He did not hesitate to slander that sad old man behind his back, just to comfort his wife and not be sad anymore.

Lau Mianyue just quietly cried in Lan Muhua's arms, but after a while, she fainted because she could not support her physical strength and became weak after giving birth.

This scared Lan Muhua to death. He shook the person in his arms and anxiously shouted, "Yue Er, how are you? Someone come, quickly call the doctor!"

The doctor who was on standby at the side heard Lan Muhua's shout and rushed to Lau Mianyue's bed with the suitcase. He respectfully said," Family Head, move aside first. Let me take Madam's pulse first. "

Lan Muhua quickly moved aside, but his gaze was anxious as he looked at the unconscious Lau Mianyue. After a while, the doctor got up and bowed to Lan Muhua and said, "Family Head, don't be anxious. Madam was only weak after giving birth, and her physical strength was insufficient to cause her to faint. After I prescribe a few medicine to supplement Madam's health, she will be fine after taking it. "

When Lan Muhua heard this, his heart, which was hanging in the air, finally settled down.

Now, seven years had passed, and it was really as the old man had said. After the calamity of life and death, his temperament changed greatly. This way, the day of separation was right before his eyes.

Lau Mianyue and Lan Muhua's hearts were filled with infinite emotions and sorrows. Their daughter was now moving towards the path that the old man had mentioned. They were powerless to change it, and could only support it.

"Muhua, this is the only thing we can do. Right? " Lau Mianyue wrapped her arms around Lan Muhua's strong waist and said sadly while snuggling in his arms.

Lan Muhua hugged her and the clear words fell into her ears, "Yue Er, we have been holding onto the mentality of being lucky for the past seven years. But in the end, it was just as the old man had said, Han faced a great calamity when she was seven years old. After she woke up, her temperament changed greatly. In the past, although Han was intelligent and clever, she had a spoiled and willful personality. Even though we have many restrictions, her nature did not change. But after she woke up this time, her entire person changed. Her eyes are calm and wise, her natural aura of nobility. It was obvious. Yue Er, isn't this enough for us to let her fly far away? The heavens have decided that we can only support and pray."

" Muhua, I can't bear to part with it! That is my daughter who has been pregnant for ten months. How can I bear to see her enter the palace and waste her time?" As he spoke, tears flowed down from his eyes again.

Lan Muhua held her shoulders and used his white jade-like fingers to gently wipe away the tears on her face.

He said gently, "Yue Er, don't be sad, okay? We should trust our daughter, right?"

Lau Mianyue was probably tired from crying. She let Lan Muhua wipe away her tears. She sobbed and said firmly, "Yes, we should trust our daughter. Alright, I will go and see if Han is awake! She hasn't had her meal yet... "

Lan Muhua watched his wife walk out of the room and muttered," In the end, she still came. It's fate! Forget it, we can't avoid trouble. When she reaches the end, we should tell her all the facts. "

After a while, Lau Mianyue's gentle and delicate voice sounded outside the door, "Han, have you not woken up yet?" Yi respectfully replied, "Madam, the young miss is still resting and has not woken up yet."

After Lau Mianyue heard it, she lowered her voice and instructed Yi, "Yi, go and get some water for Han first. I will go in and call her."

Yi replied, "Yes," and left.

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